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Mung beans have high nutritional value and are good health.

Li Shizhen, a medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, said in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" that mung beans are "good valley of the world", indicating that the effect and use of mung beans in people’s lives are very extensive and huge.

Each 100g of mung beans contains 23.8 grams of protein, which is 2-3 times that of wheat and rice. The protein in mung beans contains 8 amino acids required by the human body.If you make millet porridge, with mung beans, it not only has amino acid complementarity, but also clear heat and heat.2. Mung beans are rich in cellulose, 100g, accounting for 3-4g, and low fat content, mainly unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid.Mung bean vitamin B, vitamin E, and a variety of mineral elements.

Mung beans are rich in cellulose, with 100g of 3-4g, and low fat content, mainly unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid.Mung bean vitamin B, vitamin E, and a variety of mineral elements.Among them, there are biological activity substances.These nutrients are higher than ordinary ingredients, especially pork, beef, chicken and fish.Therefore, mung beans are "pearls" in bean species.

In addition to the above nutrients, in addition to the above nutrients, it also contains rich inorganic salts and vitamins.On a hot summer, with mung bean soup as a drink, you can replenish the lost nutrients in time to achieve the effect of relieve heat and heat.Second, the benefits of eating mung beans 1. Clear heat and reduce fire and mung beans are sweet and cool.Especially in the summer, under high temperature operation, sweat loss is lost, and the electrolyte in the body is damaged. Drinking a bowl of mung bean soup can not only clear the heat and quench thirst.At the same time, replenish inorganic salts and electrolytes.

Magnificent Mail beans:

Mung bean porridge

100 grams of mung bean until the bean skin is cracked, add 50 grams of japonica rice, cook the same porridge, add an appropriate amount of sugar to season.There are clear heat and detoxification, quenching thirst and removing annoyances, and moisture and swelling. It is suitable for summer heat and thirst, high fever and thirst, unfavorable urination, food poisoning, and preventing heat stroke.

Brown sugar mung bean paste

100 grams of mung beans, cook until it is extremely rotten, season with an appropriate amount of brown sugar.There are clear heat to relieve heat, remove annoyance and quench thirst, eliminate heat poison, eliminate swelling, and use the effects of urination. It can be eaten frequently in summer.You can also cure children’s sores and heat stroke.

Pork ribs of mung bean sea porridge

Materials: mung beans, pigs, kelp


1. Pork ribs, add ginger wine, salt, oil, pepper, and soy sauce for 15 minutes

2. After washing the kelp with flowing water, cut into small pieces

3. After washing mung beans and rice, put it in the pot together and cook until the mung beans and rice are blooming into porridge

4. Pour into the ribs, cook for ten minutes, pour in the kelp, cook for ten minutes on low heat, add some salt to season

Pueraous papaya konjac porridge

Ingredients: mung beans, pueraria, papaya, yam, konjac, wolfberry


1. Wash the mung beans, pueraria, papaya.Soak the water for half an hour, add an appropriate amount of water, then boil the heat, and then turn to low heat.

2. When the rice soup becomes sticky, add the yam of washing and cutting.

3. Mung beans bloom, add the washed lily when the yam is crispy, then turn the heat, let the rice soup boil for two minutes, put a few pipes of wolfberry, cook for a while, then turn off the heat

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