Mom is pregnant

Shang High Experimental Primary School Yan Yangtian

Mom is pregnant!This is really a big event for me!Because, this means: I want to be a sister!

Since my mother is pregnant, my life has undergone tremendous changes.I used to be a little princess at home, living with clothes to reach out to live.But since my mother is pregnant, my status has fallen directly from the little princess to the little princess to a hard -working maid.My mother threw all what she had to do to me: washing dishes, drying clothes, collecting clothes, stacking clothes … even the hard work of using a vacuum cleaner to suck the ground!Holding a heavy vacuum cleaner to run, do you say that you are tired?

Mom’s life has also changed dramatically.She was a strong woman who went to work, did housework, managed to practice piano, and taught me to work.But since her belly bulges and grows day by day, she can not care about me.And her mood is also uncertain, sometimes her face turned faster than turning the book.I don’t know when her taste has changed.One day in the middle of the night, my mother awakened me: "Every day, I’m so hungry!" I slept in the bed and motionless.When my mother couldn’t see the softness, I came to hard, dragged me up, and pushed me to the kitchen."Well ….. this person ….." I stumbled to cook noodles.I was hazy when I was sleeping, and I almost burned the pot.After cooking, my mother was delicious.You know, she said before that I cooked the noodles and tasteless, not delicious.This time she ate a sophisticated light.

Dad’s life is not small.He used to be a broom before he did not help, and he was just a workaholic!But since his mother has a baby in his belly, he will massage his mother’s feet even if he goes home at 11 o’clock every day to prevent his mother from sleeping.He is better for my mother to compare with me!I’m jealous!

Since her mother is pregnant, she has become the "baby" of our family!But she is just a treasure box, the baby in her belly!It was because of this baby that I realized the sense of responsibility of being my sister.I vowed that I would be a good sister who had been in the hall, got down the kitchen, and made a role model.You are waiting!

(Teacher’s comment: With the release of the two -child policy, more and more mothers are pregnant, and the mother of the classmates is one of them. In the article "Mom is pregnant" in Tiantian, we read the warmth and read out.I feel happy, read happiness, this is probably the appearance of a happy family. Everyday classmates closely surround the topic, and write the changes brought to me, mother and dad from three different angles. The content is specific to it.The language is vivid and lively, and it is very interesting to read.)

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