Most mothers will be tortured by these three cases during pregnancy.

Seeing some pregnant women on the road, they felt that their faces were filled with happy smiles. They had the love of maternal love and particularly beautiful, but these were all superficial. Only women who had had children knew the taste of this.

Although many mothers say that when the child is naughty or disobedient, he can’t wait to stuff him back to his stomach. The child is not easy to bring after birth. After the child is born, there is a pig teammate to share it, but when the mother is in the belly,At that time, in many cases, they can only face it alone.

Many people say that pregnancy is a matter of two people. Mother Jing said that she had only two people when she was pregnant. So after fertilization, everything was just the mother to bear it.

Just like "Best Singing" Wang Yuan sang: There is no real feeling in this world!And what kind of suffering is our pregnant mother during pregnancy?There are three main types:

A netizen said: I knew that I started to vomit, nausea, tired, and no strength within a few days of pregnancy; I did n’t want to eat it, I had to eat it, I was uncomfortable after eating.I ca n’t eat much; a small fetus turned a mother who was eating into anorexia.

People said that they heard that they vomited. The mother heard the people next to him that the trotters or meat were immediately retched immediately, and the effect was amazing.

Mother Jing was okay. In the early pregnancy, she was just a bit unwilling to eat, and she didn’t vomit. It was a bit of retching when smelling the smell of oil fume. The overall was okay.However, most of the friends around Jing Jing kept spitting in the early pregnancy.The cause of vomiting in early pregnancy may make mothers who are tortured by pregnancy and torture will be more comfortable.

Pregnancy vomiting is mainly related to the rise of HCG in the blood of pregnant women (velvetic membrane promoter gonadotropin).The increase in this amount also shows that the fetus has been fixed in the uterus. This hormone is one of the signals of the fetal health.

Of course, some mothers do not vomit nor do they mean unhealthy. Just as some mothers feel painful when they draw blood, and some mothers feel like they are not painful, which is related to the sensitivity of high HGC.

A mother said: After pregnancy, I fell asleep every night after pregnancy. I couldn’t sleep in bed, listened to music, counted sheep, and fell asleep when I was tired, but I was woken up by urine.Repeat several times.One night has passed again, and the day when the child is born is one step closer, I can only think so.

Almost every pregnancy mother will have sleep trouble. Mother Jing sherself went to bed before she went to bed. Every day she felt that she would sleep quickly when she had time, but she was often awakened by eczema after pregnancy.One night, I got up and cooked some honeysuckle water to wipe myself. The sound was a bit loud. I didn’t want to be said by the pig teammate: Don’t quarrel with me ………………………..n’t it give the pig teammate a Foshan no foot.

During pregnancy, because of high hormones, they are generally afraid of heat. They feel upset and irritable, so they will be thirsty at night, upset, and affect sleep.

In addition, when the stomach is large, it is not comfortable to compress the nerves and muscles, it will be painful and uncomfortable.

The expansion of the uterus compressed the bladder of the urine, which caused the bladder space to have little space left, and a little urine was anxious to go to the toilet.Every night, I sleep for a while, go to the toilet, and go to the cycle of the toilet for a while until it is dawn.

I was worried about whether it would be ectopic pregnancy, I was worried that the baby had no fetal heart and had fetal buds in the early pregnancy; to do NT about 13 weeks, I was worried that the baby’s Tang family could not be scheduled.There are deformities.

After finally, I was worried about whether my fetal position was positive and could I give birth.

At the time of fast due date, wondering if he can be born as scheduled, will he delay all kinds of worries in advance?

At this time, pig teammates often feel that women are inexplicable, and it is difficult to understand our worry.

But fortunately, these three things really make the mother feel uncomfortable, but it will also show that the baby reminds my mother from time to time that I am healthy and you don’t have to worry.

Topic: What uncomfortable symptoms do you have during pregnancy?

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