Mother -in -law and daughter -in -law are pregnant at the same time, and the mother -in -law responded domineering

"How can you get pregnant at this time? You should go to the hospital to kill the children." When the mother -in -law knew that the daughter -in -law was excited, "Do you have always been looking forward to a grandson? I just accompanied my wife to the hospital for examination.She has been pregnant for three months, and you will be a grandma soon. Why don’t we let us ask for a child? "Husband Xiao Gang asked with a puzzlement, and then asked," WhyDidn’t this child come? I have been married to Xiao Gang for so many years, and now the economic situation has finally stabilized. We have the ability to ask for children. "" In this case, I will no longer hide you. I just measured in the morning.I am pregnant. According to the tradition of our family, my son is more important than grandson, do you understand? Xiaoli, you go to kill the child today. "The mother -in -law finally said the reason," Are you crazy? Why do you sacrifice me?Children, all your children? That’s the idea of your family, it has nothing to do with me. "Xiaoli listened to her mother -in -law’s words, and she didn’t fight in her heart, but her mother -in -law said with joy:" I’m so age nowIt’s big, it’s hard to conceive a child, unlike your young people, you can do it when you want it. And I have helped you find someone to check it before, and the results show that you are pregnant with a girl and girl’s financial burden."Xiaoli was completely speechless and refuted:" Although the girl may bring some economic burdens after being born, for me, whether the boy or a girl is my beloved baby. I will never allow anyone to hurt her to hurt her.Have you considered it? You and your father -in -law are not young. Once your child is born, can you afford it? What would neighbors think of you? "Instead of my mother, I persuaded my wife, "My dear, you still follow my mother’s suggestion. This child is a gift that God has given us. We must take good care of my mother. In case your belly is really a girlWhat we lose will be far beyond the income. I will accompany you to deal with this problem. We are still young and will have a boy sooner or later. And, if my mother can give us a younger brother, how beautiful it will be!We will raise him to grow up, and he will be filial to us. "The mother -in -law immediately persuaded:" Xiaoli, you have to understand my painstaking, I just want to leave you a companion, I will leave with your father -in -law in the future,You will also have someone who can discuss it. "" Mom, you don’t need to discuss with her, I will support your decision. I understand your decision, I will try my best to take care of you and my brother. Xiaoli, if you disagree, I doIt will make you understand the love of my biological child, and I will not let a little uncle who has no blood relationship replaced him. I am not a selfless person and will not sacrifice myself for others.Try to communicate with you well, but you … don’t say, son, son, you have to teach this unobstructed person, I advise you to do a little bit, hurry up with me to solve the child’s problem, and then come back to come back.Take good care of my mother. If you dare not agree, I will hit you with a slap. At this time, my daughter’s parents come in. "Do you dare to try to my daughter, do you think me and her father are bullying?I will hit you first. If you don’t immediately apologize to my daughter, I will let you kneel on the ground today."Why do you hit my son for no reason? He is your son -in -law. As the saying goes, the son -in -law is like half a son. I advise you not to cross the boundary. If it is not because you have money, I have returned.It’s not my opponent. I thought you were a honest person and loved me sincerely, so he married you regardless of the opposition at home. When you got married, your mother made it difficult to me, not to say that we are not in line, or it is or that it is, or it is or that it is or that it is that we are not in harmony.The fault is wrong, let my parents spend 300,000 to crack, and finally let my family send a house and a motorcycle. And your family didn’t give me anything. I was angry every time I mentioned this. Later, I heard that I heard thatThose who are not all made up for you, the purpose is to lie to our money. We have been holding up in the past, just for you to be better to my daughter, but I did not expect you to do such a crazy thing. I think divorce is still divorced.Divorce is divorced. I used to think you would be afraid of us, but this was not the case. At first I married your daughter, and I thought that our family could live a wealthy life, but you are so stingy. A few days ago, my wifeI like a car worth more than 200,000, but you are unwilling to pay for it. This really makes me angry. I have not had time to find you to settle accounts, you dare to come to hit me. If you are caused by your behavior,My mother is in a bad health and affects my brother’s growth. I will never let you go. I am really confused and I will marry a man who depends on my mother. On the first day of marriage, you forced me to sign a marriage.After the agreement, I also took my salary card and deposit. The excuse was to keep it for me, but I actually took it myself. Last time, I bought a set of clothes for my mother as a birthday gift. Your motherI made a bad words to me, saying that I was a filial person who was filial piety, and gave the money you earned to my mother’s house. No matter what my mother said, she is your elder after all, you should respect her opinion.Speaking of old things, the past has passed. Now that you obey your mother’s words, let’s separate. Give you a week and move away from my home as soon as possible. Xiaoli took his parents away.We realized that we made a mistake, we are sorry to Xiaoli, we should not let her kill the child. I went to the doctor to check it. The doctor said that I was not pregnant. We told Xiaoli the good news as soon as possible.Now she can choose to leave the child, and there will be no controversy anymore. No, this child must be killed, we will not stay. The day after tomorrow, you and Xiaoli go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for procedures. Please return wherever you come fromGo, our family does not welcome your mother -in -law. I can’t divorce, divorce me and my mother, there is no place to live, what does you have to live in and have something to do with me? There are two days, if you don’t move awayRatch you in person, it is you who will be shameful at that time. We will never move away.This house is the property co -owned by our husband and wife. Why can’t I stay?If you want to divorce, then this house must be divided into half of me. If you don’t want to give the house, give me money.Otherwise, I will not agree with divorce.You are just a greedy person. If you want to occupy our house, this is simply dreaming.Please don’t forget that the name of our old couple on the real estate certificate of this house has nothing to do with you.We originally planned to give you a reward after my daughter gave birth to a child. I did not expect that you and your mother would do such a shameless thing.Fortunately, this house has not been transferred to you yet, otherwise your conspiracy will succeed.Dear wife, after all, we are husband and wife. Do you have to watch your parents bully me together now?Don’t you want this child either?I now agree that you will leave him, provided that you want to transfer the house to me.When your mother and son bully me together, I have seen your cruel behavior, which makes me feel heartache.Once, your mother took away my new cosmetics, and I just wanted to get it back.Your mother rolled on the ground, and even hit himself.After you came back, he beaten me without any reason. Instead of stopping you, your mother not only did not stop you, but helped you hit me together, saying that I should be hit, and even say that I want to kill me and find you a better person for you.marry you.If it wasn’t for the neighbors to knock on the door, your mother might not stop.My poor daughter, how much pain have you suffered over the years, why don’t you ask your parents for help?Parents are always your strongest backing.From today, no one can hurt you anymore.We have been married in the years, and you have enjoyed my property, and even the house is provided by me.Now you still have a face to grab real estate, and tomorrow I will go through the divorce procedures. I never want to see you a cold -blooded woman.You actually want to drive your mother -in -law out of the house, aren’t you afraid of being spurred?God knows what you did.Looking at my body is not afraid of the shadow oblique, the immoral things you do, you don’t need to say more, everyone knows it.Dear, can we not divorce?Without you, how will I live?I promise you that I will obey all your decisions in the future.I will also send my mother back to my hometown, and I will never pick her up again.Mother -in -law, father -in -law, please forgive me, I dare not.Don’t think I don’t know your plan. You want to wait until I have giving birth to a child, let my parents take the house to you, and then you can bully our children arbitrarily.Are you still a man?How can we treat them so lowly?Three legs in the world are hard to find, but women with two legs can be seen everywhere.Divorce tomorrow, the mother -in -law will find a better mother for you, why can’t you understand?Our life is relying on Xiaoli. Without him, how will we live?Who do housework?Who comes out of living expenses?You quickly apologize to me, ask them for forgiveness, and let us start again.You can say such things, I am tired of entanglement with you.I will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to find you tomorrow morning. If you don’t go, I will have to take legal action.

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