Mr. Dong Guo: "Huaicai is like pregnant"!

Recently, I heard a friend around me complaining that my work was unsatisfactory, my career was not good, and my life was not easy. I was not filled with the soul chicken soup. I wanted to find a story of a historic celebrity unknown.It may not be as good as us.

Hope to encourage everyone.

I was originally a strong history program. Today, I will be hot, make a trailer, tell one of the small stories, and want to listen to the full version. I will send it to more than ten minutes of strong history programs in the past two days.

Speaking of Sima Qian’s "Historical Records" once talked about a person. When Emperor Wudi, there was a Jingdi Kyoto from Qiti as Mr. Dong Guo.

This is not Mr. Dong Guo, who is a hungry wolf in the fable story written by the Ming Dynasty.

At that time, there were no imperial examinations, and it was difficult to think of people.Mr. Dong Guo did not meet. Changan drifted for several years and did not find a job opportunity. After the entanglement was used up early, he could only sleep on the road.I was begging, and the clothes and shoes were dilapidated, almost a stray man.

For ordinary people, I have been rolling back to my hometown for a long time.But he doesn’t, he insists that the mirror will always reflect, it is gold that will always shine!

Once it was snowing, he was shivered by frozen.After the snow, the shoes had no bottom, and the feet stepped on the snow completely.Everyone who saw him laughed at him, "Just like this, give up quickly, don’t be as shameful as Hua Zi."

But he said, "Who can wear shoes in the snow, let people look at the shoes on the top, and the foot of the shoes is actually the feet of human beings?" This means that I am not a mediocre person you see.

You must have confidence in yourself, but you must fully understand your ability. If you do n’t have a low eye, you will be paranoid.Mr. Dong Guo is considered to know himself, he is just waiting for a chance.

The lucky goddess will only throw olive branches to those who are prepared.

The opportunity is really so quiet!

One day, led the army to attack the Huns. In one fell swoop, the Huns were forced to be far away. General Wei Qingda, who "Moan Wuwang,", led the army to triumph.It happened that Wei Qing came out of the palace door. At that time, Mr. Dong Guo happened to be on the bus as Fang Shi.The public car is equivalent to the official vehicle center.

Don’t look at the full meal for a few days. When I heard that the car and horses, the heroic general was General Wei.There is something to say. "

Inside Wei Qing car, hey?The full empire really hasn’t encountered the driving of the generals who dare to stop the general. This voice makes it difficult for you to ignore it!Then let the waiter not stop, listen to what people like!

Mr. Dong Guo got up and didn’t panic. He whispered by the car and said, "I heard that Mrs. Wang was loved by the emperor, but the family was poor. Now the generals get gold.Happy. This is the so -called clever and convenient strategy. "

General Wei did not see that he would lead troops to fight. It was really unknown to the humanity, but when he heard it, he also felt that he also thanked: "Fortunately, I told me this convenient strategy, and I must follow the advice."

Immediately, General Wei used 500 pounds of gold as a gift to Mrs. Wang’s parents.

Mrs. Wang was very happy to tell Emperor Wu.If you are good for your family who loves the widow, that is, it is good for the widow, and even praise Wei Youth to do things.

However, he thought about it, and Wei Qing did not know how many pounds, a few pounds, and a few pounds.

Then he asked Wei Qing to say, "General Generals does not know how to do it." Asked Wei Qing where he got his strategy.Wei Qing had to answer truthfully, "Mr. Dong Guo, who was waiting for the difference."

Emperor Hanwu felt that, um, this should not be a general difference.At that time, Emperor Wu was also young, and seemed to be thirsty. He even used bamboo to refer to the originator of the comic dialogue world with dozens of pounds.Then I saw it.

After chatting for a while, I found that don’t look at the tattering of it, the mouth is good to answer the answer clearly, there is something in my stomach, and the talent is not restricted to the talent.Two thousand stones of Lulu, equivalent to the director of the Public Security Department of a province.

In this way, when Mr. Dong Guo entered the palace, he was like a beggar.But after coming out, wearing Qingyu, people and horses follow!

Although he has been cold -eyed, he is still very polite to thank those who have helped him.At that time, the person who laughed at him who had left him left was a bad attitude.Mr. Dong Guo really has outstanding ability, glory all the way, and well -known contemporary.

In this regard, Sima Qian also said with emotion: This is the so -called person wearing rough clothing, but in his arms with treasures!

When he was poor, everyone ignored him; when he was expensive, he scrambled to attach him.As the saying goes: "Xiangma missed the good horse because of his appearance, and the priest missed talents due to his poor appearance." Is this kind of scene?

So what do you tell us about this true story?

If you believe in yourself, don’t get discouraged, don’t give up easily. You have a way to get pregnant. After a long time, if you can’t hide it, the opportunity is here to catch it!

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