Mrs. Deu Zhu: Tilan can’t have children, why is there still pregnancy?Thanks to the life of the mirage

In "Mrs. Dendu’s Mrs.", the bumpy fate of Tramids finally ushered in a big fortune in life. Bi Hong poisoned to murder Emperor Xu, but let Fang Jianming poison.Tilan vomited suddenly.I thought she was scared by the tragic situation of Bihong’s suicide.Surprisingly, Di Xu had no joy on his face and chose to leave quietly.

Everyone was surprised that Terran had a pregnancy, because Terran had drank a lot of cold medicines and had a disease leak, and the medical officer told everyone that Tilan could not be pregnant in his life.Emperor Xu changed his attitude, and was afraid that Tralan would resent himself. Fortunately, Terran was sensible, and there was no blame. The relationship between the two rose. If there was no poisoning incident, the child’s arrival may be.Make Di Xu happy.

Now that Chaotang is turbulent, Jianming has been poisoned again, and it won’t be long after he may live. Coupled with Tilan’s pregnancy, Di Xu has become the six gods for a while. He finds that he can’t protect him.EssenceHowever, Terran is really a big event, and it also makes people feel a little bit confusing. Isn’t Tiran have no fertility? Why is there a sudden pregnancy?Could it be related to mirage?

At first, Terran had a leak and a lot of blood. The medical officer was helpless, and the decision of the oil was exhausted.Lan, maybe Ti Lan was killed that night, maybe many audiences are also very strange. Why only the blood of the mirage can save Tilan. Don’t forget.His good medicine was given to the mirage, and then he was fortunate to recover his life.

That kind of good medicine is amazing. Almost all the diseases can be cured. After drinking the medicine, the blood naturally changed, so that the same reason can be saved.Fate can naturally help Tralan to maintain his body quickly. After all, good medicine in the blood still exists.Tilan cannot have birth, but it still has 1%possibility. It is also because of this possibility. Coupled with the medicine’s bloody medicine, it is naturally simple to get pregnant.

Not to mention that Terran was with Di Xu every day. In order to raise her body, Di Xu was either taking care of it or taking her to make a hot spring.It’s just that this child is not at the time. Di Xu is very good, and he can’t protect himself. How can he protect your beloved woman?Besides, Terran has been threatened by the wicked, which means that there are many details in the palace, and dare to threaten the concubine, which is enough to prove how big the person’s courage is.

Therefore, only what Di Xu can do is to ban Tramo’s feet. Only by letting others know that Tilan is useless, they will not continue to threaten Tilan. In this way, the children in the stomach can temporarily be safe.But Di Xu didn’t know how painful Tilan’s heart was. This child was originally the crystallization of their love, but Di Xu’s attitude made Tilan a little bit confusing. In addition to these days when she was banned, Di Xu also blocked it.The mirage is a concubine, do you want to abandon your own rhythm?

Tilan’s mind is sensitive. Although she likes mirage, the two will serve with one husband and will eventually be jealous. I hope that Di Xun will unlock Tilan’s knot early and don’t make any disaster.

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