Ms. Tian, a 67 -year -old Ms. Tian, naturally pregnancy and gave birth to a female heavenly gift. Breast milk was fed one and a half years.

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In 2019, a lady of a surnamed Tian in Zaozhuang, Shandong, gave birth to her third daughter with a 67 -year -old age naturally pregnant.

It turned out that the child was not deliberately asking for the old couple, but that Ms. Tian was not very comfortable after Ms. Tian was menopausal, so she was conditioned by traditional Chinese medicine. I did not expect that the menstruation came after conditioning.The menstruation of the body will ovulate, and there are no contraceptive measures. I did not expect to be pregnant.

Ms. Tian’s husband is a retired lawyer, and Ms. Tian is a medical staff. The pension of the two adds up to more than 10,000 yuan. Both their sons and daughters have grown up.

The two had no burden. Since the child came to the side of the two, he decided to give birth to the child.

At that time, the two made this decision and were strongly opposed by their sons and daughters. When the old couple had children in the hospital, they did not see the eldest daughter and son appearing.

1. God’s sister

When I had a child in the hospital before, the god -free brother and sister did not appear, but when the Tianci was slowly a few months, my brother and sister often went home to see my parents and sisters.

Now God ’s feelings are the same as Mirry’ s oil. Every time I see my sister, my sister is hugged, and there are delicious people who are delicious.With heaven.

The sister opened a stall herself. Godci often played in her sister’s stall. The sister would also teach the heavenly cognitive speech and toys, which is a bit like the second mother of God.It seems that cute children are the best blending agent for family.

Second, God’s father

Before the dad of God, he was a lawyer before retiring. After the birth of heavenly, he became a dad. He often went out to play with Tianci. When he went out to play outside, most of them were holding or carrying them.EssenceGod -free dad even said that he wanted to buy a RV and took his daughter out to play. Don’t let your daughter grow up to regret.

Third, the mother -in -law Ms. Tian

When I was not pregnant, my blood pressure was a bit high, but the blood pressure was normal after pregnancy. When I was pregnant, my heart was not very good, but there was no problem with my heart after giving birth to Tianci.

Seeing Ms. Tian’s skin tone and status do not look like an old man in his 60s, but like an old man in his forties and 50s, Tianci’s father said: After his wife was born, he was younger than ten or twenty years old.A lot of it.

And Tianci does not like to drink milk powder, so Ms. Tian has been breastfeeding to one and a half years old, which means that after giving birth, her physique is really better.Miao Fang can not be obtained by anyone.

Fourth, smart, cute and healthy Little Ceremony

(1) Good language development

According to Dad: Xiaotianci will unconsciously call his father in 4 months, and in a small video sent by Sister Tianci, you can see that the one -and -a -half -year -old Tianci speaking is very clear, and it will clearly say "Eggplant, sister, aunt, goodbye, brother "and other simple words show that the child’s language development is relatively normal.

(2) Body height and weight standard

Xiaotianci does not seem to be much different from one and a half years old. It will not be too thin or too fat. It is a relatively standard height and weight. I mentioned in an interview with reporters before.The weight is not much different from ordinary children, and it also shows that raising is better.

(2) Smart little Godci

God’s imitation ability is very strong. When you see the aunt’s gone in the mouth of the sister’s stall, he will imitate his sister’s goodbye to the aunt, and even send the aunt outside the door, indicating that the child’s brain development is not too big.The imitation ability is also very strong.

The sister gave her a Tuka of the eggplant and told her that it was eggplant. She also said that the eggplant was also very good and clearly, indicating that the cognitive ability and intellectual development were normal.

(4) Normal development of large movements

Xiaotianci can walk steadily when he is one year old and three months old. Such a large -scale development level is actually at the average level.

Some young mothers have children, and even at the age of one year, they may not be able to learn to walk.But Xiaotianci is very stable. When walking, he can hear the instructions of others. For example, if he holds something to let her sister, she will walk over and hand it to her sister.It is normal.

Many of us will get married very late now, and we are always worried that there will be problems with children born in older women.The birth of Xiao Tianci tells us that there is no problem with the mother’s inspection, and it can also give birth to a smart and healthy child.So now the state liberalize the second child. If the conditions at home are okay, you will have a second child!

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