Must -read for husband and wife: Precautions for the same room during pregnancy

Marriage requires x, harmonious X’s emotional lubricant during life, but in October, the birth of many sexual blessings has to be stopped!

So, can husband and wife be in the same room during pregnancy?

The answer is: Yes

Early pregnancy

Try to avoid or reduce the same room 3 months before pregnancy.Because at this time, it is a period of miscarriage, especially pregnant women with high risk of abortion.During the early pregnancy, the placenta and your uterine wall are not too close. If the same room is improper, it may cause uterine contraction and abortion.

Mid -pregnancy

At this stage, the placenta has basically formed, and the pregnancy is relatively stable; the early pregnancy response in the early pregnancy has passed, and the X desire of pregnant women has gradually recovered or even increases. At this timedevelopment.

Studies have shown that: staying in the same room during pregnancy, the husband and wife have better feelings, pregnant women are in a better mood, and the physical and mental comfort of pregnant women can help the fetus healthy.The children born are also smarter.

However, X life is not a lot of goodness. It must be arranged reasonably. Pay attention to the posture and frequency to avoid adverse effects on the fetus. It is advisable to be 1-2 times a week.

Late pregnancy

After 8 months of pregnancy, the fetus grows rapidly, and the uterus has increased significantly, which is very sensitive to the stimulus of the outside world.

In our country, couples in the third trimester are advocated to stop the same room as much as possible to avoid accidents.

On the other hand, with the increase of the pregnancy weeks, the body size of pregnant women has gradually changed, the activities are restricted, the movement is inconvenient, and the back pain and fatigue are also prone to occur. Therefore, it is best to avoid the same room.

After 36 weeks of pregnancy

At this time, the same room should be prohibited, because with the gradual arrival of the delivery date, the fetus moves down. If the same room is in the same room, the palace mouth will be opened, which can easily cause bacterial infections, cause the risk of intrauterine infection, premature fetal membrane, or even premature birth.

So, for the health of the fetus in the abdomen, you must pay attention to these!

1. Be sure to use a gentle and scientific posture: If the posture is wrong or the action is too large, it is also easy to hurt the baby.

2. Be sure to control the same room time: too long time will disturb women’s heart rate and reduce women’s physical resistance, which is also very unfavorable to babies.

3. After the end, you must do a good job of "postpot": The post -show here is health measures, such as: cleaning and paying attention to hygiene, paying attention to keeping warm, paying attention to nutritional supplements, etc.

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