My brother -in -law and I were pregnant at the same time and raised their fetuses at home. My mother -in -law suddenly said to me: Do you kill it?

I grew up raised by my father since I was a child. When my mother was 5 years old because I was sick for too long, I died without money.I heard my uncle said that before my mother had died, my dad would not do a lot of things. Later, after my mother left, he took care of me alone and learned a lot of things.Over the years, my dad has lived hard. In order to feed me, give me reading, and do all kinds of hard work.Because he would not have too much technology, he was tired of work. Because of this, he was ill and often uncomfortable.

Although the conditions at home are not good, my father also gave me 80,000 yuan dowry when I got married. Among them, 30,000 yuan was a gift from my husband’s house. I am grateful to me to give me so many dowry.Knowing that this is his long -spent money.The husband’s family is not very good, but better than my family.He has a younger brother who is three years younger than him, and they have a good relationship.The husband’s house is the two -story building in the countryside. When we got married, we did not buy a house. It was simply decorating the old house as a wedding room.After we got married, we lived with my in -laws.

One year after getting married, I gave birth to a daughter.My mother -in -law is very good to me and my children. I am also glad that I have such a mother -in -law because I have a girl.Later, when my daughter was 3 years old, I went to work.My mother -in -law was at home to help watch the child.Later, when her daughter was 4 years old, her uncle got married.The woman’s family conditions are very good, accompanied by the house and a car.It didn’t take long to tell us that his wife was pregnant shortly after getting married, and soon I found that I was pregnant.After going to the hospital for examination, I expected that the birth date and my brother -in -law were less than 20 days. My husband and I were waiting for the child’s birth, thinking about some things after the child was born.

After having a child, my brother -in -law raised a fetus at home. I did n’t stick to work a few months ago. Because one more child has a greater pressure on life, I want to make more money. I ca n’t go to work.When both of us are pregnant, the mother -in -law is even more busy.In addition to taking care of us, we have to do housework.However, I didn’t have much discomfort. My brother -in -law was often uncomfortable for the first child, and my mother -in -law was very worried about her.I am more normal, and I can do it myself.

In the third month after pregnancy, my mother -in -law cleaned in the room that day, and suddenly called me into my heart. I didn’t know what she wanted to say to me.After I entered the house, my mother -in -law suddenly said, "Xiaoyun, you still hit the child for a while, and then you will be pregnant in two years. See you now that both of you are pregnant. I can’t take care of it alone.There are no parents to help in your family. I have let me take care of me alone. You already have a child, so you don’t worry. "

I was stunned when I heard it. I didn’t expect my mother -in -law to say that!Is it because I have a child and let me flow off the children in my stomach?Is this what a mother -in -law said?She can take care of me, I didn’t want her to take care of me!The big deal is that I will live back to my mother’s house, and I will not flow off the child. The child is mine. Would you like to be the master!


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