My daughter wants to live with her boyfriend, and I have to say that this mother will educate her children.#… …

The daughter revealed to her mother the idea of living with her boyfriend.The mother’s answer is very clever.

This mother’s education method is very good.Xiaojuan talked about her love for more than a year, and her boyfriend made a request for cohabitation.Xiaojuan thought that she should tell her parents first, so she told her mother after returning home.Mother said to her gently: "Xiao Yang is good, but you can’t live together. Before marriage, cohabitation will bring a lot of uncertain factors."

My mother told Xiaojuan that after living together, girls usually face three bad consequences.

· First, if you live together without getting married, the future in -laws may not pay so much attention to you.The concept of our generation is to do the right thing at the right time.If you break this law, what is the difference between marriage?If you do what you do before marriage, they will think that you are already their daughter -in -law, and then the wedding various gifts can be omitted.After listening, Xiaojuan said that if they do not respect me, I would definitely not agree.Mother answered.

· Second, if you live together, it is equivalent to entering the marriage state in advance.However, at this time you are not the real husband and wife, and there is no restriction on marriage.If you have contradictions or encounter difficulties, the nature of a person is to evade responsibility and will not bear responsibility.

· The third point is also very important. If you live together, will your boyfriend still marry you in a hurry?And he didn’t expect marriage so much.Before you get married, everything has variables.After living together, your shortcomings will gradually be exposed.After there is no freshness, he may find various reasons and ask you to wait for a few years to get married.How many five years can a girl have?

Mother will tell Xiaojuan’s heart -up facts: After living together, girls may face many embarrassing situations, such as the reduction of the gifts, even if they are not given, and the wedding is simple or not.Various gifts can also be omitted. The most embarrassing is accidental pregnancy.If the man is irresponsible, the woman will be very passive.If the man is irresponsible, the woman can only wrong themselves to talk about marriage and even ask each other.At that time, the man would think that marrying her had given her face. Can she still ask for it?Therefore, girls must self -respect and love, and do not let herself be embarrassed and passive.Do you think this mother’s words make sense?Do you agree?

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