My father "occupied" daughter for 8 years!Dental beasts until she became pregnant!The knife chopped the old father to force him to commit suicide

—— 【· Foreword ·】 –

Father and daughter were originally the purest and closest relationship between men and women in the world.

However, you may not think that fatherly love will become so cruel in psychological abnormal beasts.In 1999, the media had exposed a man. In order to vent his evil desire, he infringed his biological daughter for nearly 8 years.

What is even more shocking is that during this period, Grandpa Grandpa tried to save the girl, but was injured by this unmanned guy with a knife, and was forced to die.

Regardless of humanity, what is the extinction of human nature?All of this starts with the year when the girl is 8 years old.

—— 【· Men’s prestige and blessing ·】 – »»

The man who infringed his daughter was Li Wenzhong.Ironically, the character of his person is very different from the name.

Li Wenzhong is a well -known lazy man. Even so, he could ask a daughter -in -law.

Wife Liao Fuzhen is a simple rural woman.Contrary to Li Wenzhong, she can work hard and work hard.The finances at home are basically taken care of by Liao Fuzhen.

In principle, Li Wenzhong should be grateful to Dade and respect his wife.However, he is a rogue that is only in his nest.At home, he often beat his wife to vent his dissatisfaction.What’s more, when he did a farm work, he interrupted Liao Fuzhen’s hand with a wooden stick.

Under the violent beating again and again, his wife Liao Fuzhen was discouraged.But everything in the family still has to be maintained by herself. In order to survive, she has to endure this pain.

However, her concession caused Li Wenzhong to intensify.

This time, he was going to settle his wife to death.Liao Fuzhen was almost thrown into the biogas.Liao Fuzhen, who was afraid of, would never dare to live with the guy of this person.

Under Liao Fuzhen’s reason, she finally went through the divorce procedures with Li Wenzhong.She thought she could have a high care and live a stable life in the future.However, he did not expect that the husband even changed the versed object to his own biological flesh.

—— [· Nine -year -old daughter was tragic hand -poisoned hand ·] —— »

Liao Fuzhen and Li Wenzhong have only one daughter.After she left, only the elderly parents and nine -year -old daughter were left at home.Li Wenzhong, who had no venting object, stared at his daughter Lingling.

His parents did not know the character of his son.To this end, when Li Wenzhong proposed to take away his nine -year -old daughter, Lingling’s grandfather resolutely disagreed with Li Wenzhong.

But Li Wenzhong has no humanity, and even the most basic filial piety is ignored.Facing his father’s obstruction, he even picked up a bright knife.He cut off a finger directly and threatened Grandpa Ling Ling: Dare to stop his life.

The angry grandfather watched his granddaughter being pulled by the filial son, but he was powerless.In the end, he died angrily.

Lingling, who was taken away, opened her 8 -year purgatory life.

When he was taken away by his father, Lingling was just 8 years old.At this age, he hasn’t even come to menstruation, but Lingling’s father does not matter.He has obscenned Lingling almost every day.

Gradually, Lingling felt that her lower body was very uncomfortable, but she couldn’t escape from this magic cave. At this time, only the father and daughter left at home, and Li Wenzhong sealed all the exports of the family with wooden bars.

Li Wenzhong is a ruthless role that people are afraid of in the village, so there are few people near his family.In this way, Ling Ling has not even been in his early days.

While raping his daughter, he continued to abuse.Lingling like his wife before.Lingling’s head was scarred.

As I get older, Lingling understands the terrible behavior of this behavior.Try to refuse his father’s violation.

Once, Ling Ling couldn’t help but die during the violence.In the anger, Li Wenzhong even brutally cut the girl’s skull with a knife, and Ling Ling’s body suddenly became ascended.

In this way, Lingling, who was frightened, had to continue to obey his father’s mercy.

Later, such a torture became worse, and the perverted Li Wenzhong regarded his daughter as a tool for venting dissatisfaction.In order to better control his daughter, he also forced Lingling: not allowed to communicate with anyone.In case someone knows the sins in his home from Lingling’s mouth.

Lonely and helpless Lingling is eager for the rescue of others in such purgatory.Li Wenzhong’s wife Liao Fuzhen has returned to see her daughter many times since divorce.

Li Wenzhong had a ghost in his heart, and he didn’t dare to let Liao Fuzhen take away Lingling. Whenever Liao Fuzhen appeared in Li Wenzhong’s house, he lifted a kitchen knife to intimidate Liao Fuzhen.

After many frightening, Liao Fuzhen had to give up in order to protect himself.No one in the villagers dares to go idle.The isolated Li Wenzhong became more and more unscrupulous, and he was heavier.

Lingling, who has endured seven years of non -human benefits, has grown into a big girl.After preliminary awareness of men and women, Lingling gradually understood how terrible his father had committed himself.

If it is said that Lingling, who was once ignorant, suffering was a numbness.Then, after initial adolescence consciousness, Lingling had more resentment to her father.She understood what her father was doing to herself, but she was helpless.

When is this day?

—— 【· Daughter pregnancy brewing adult Lun tragedy ·】 —— »

Lingling’s organs have matured. Soon, she unexpectedly found that she was pregnant with the child of her biological father!She was completely panicked.And Li Wenzhong also found the girl’s wrong. He was afraid that his daughter would have a prison disaster.

In a hurry, he decided to "drive away" the child who should not be born with violence.

He didn’t know where to get some fetal medicines, and he forcibly fed it regardless of his daughter’s life safety.What’s more cruel is that he hit his daughter’s big belly with a stick, trying to hit his daughter’s abortion.Lingling struggled painfully, and he covered Ling Ling’s nose nose with something.Li Wenzhong’s means are simply indexed.

Even so, the fetus in Lingling’s belly was still unhappy, which was urgent to break Li Wenzhong.After all, the paper could not be covered, and Lingling’s mother knew it soon.

—— [· Mother and daughter, despair of suicide ·] – »

Once, when Liao Fuzhen went to send things, he accidentally found that his daughter’s belly became bigger.An ominous hunch impacted her heart.

After learning that Li Wenzhong was harming his daughter’s atrocities, Liao Fuzhen, who was sad and indignant.The mother and daughter decided to die to get rid of the demon Li Wenzhong.

They came to the railway and lay down without hesitation.

Fortunately, the people passing by found the mother and daughter who committed suicide, and pulled them back from the Ghost Gate.

This incident was gradually known for outsiders. In the unanimous discussion of everyone, the police finally arrested Li Wenzhong.

The most direct evidence is the child in Lingling’s belly.After the comparison of DNA, the police determined Li Wenzhong’s criminal facts.When he heard such a smell, the people around him gritted his teeth.Li Wenzhong’s violent acts ignored people, and the society was extremely harmful.Such a scum must accept the punishment.

In the end, the court judged that the defendant Li Wenzhong was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Lingling and her mother finally escaped the palm of the devil Li Wenzhong. This incident has left too much trauma in their hearts, maybe only time can be calmed down.


In this case, the reason why Li Wenzhong is not a fight is inseparable from the weakness of legal awareness.Liao Fuzhen chose to commit suicide after discovering her husband’s atrocities on her daughter instead of being held accountable.This is indeed intriguing.

This is not to preach the victim’s crime, but to alert everyone: after suffering, you must have legal awareness and learn to protect yourself with legal weapons.

It seems that the law of law in rural areas is still worthy of attention.

What do you have about this case?

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