My father has occupied her daughter for 10 years, and she does not let go after marriage.

On September 11, 1995, a pale woman walked into the Police Station of Jinsang County, Hubei.

Facing the police’s inquiry, the woman’s emotions were particularly excited to sue her biological father. The father who was not as good as the beast had been detained, violated, and threatened.

Whether it is family or relatives and friends, or people in the same village, they are extremely afraid of the girl’s father.

He is paranoid and cruel, scolds his family, and treats outsiders who offend him a little, and will be brutally retaliated.

The woman who called the police was Wang Ying, 32 years old, and was from Meijiang Village, Jintang County, Hubei.

His father, Wang Daqi, was 56 years old.

In 1965, Wang Daqi married the woman in the village next door with the matchmaker. The relationship between the couple was just married. After the marriage, there were four children, three girls, and the youngest one was the son. Wang Ying was the eldest daughter.

After the younger son was born in 1980, Wang Daqi became more and more impatient.

With the increase of age and the four children, the wife who was only 40 years old had no charm, and the whole person was sharpened by life.

As long as Wang Daqi has money in his hand, he often goes to be happy, but the money he earns cannot support him more frequently.

The energy of helpless venting makes Wang Daqi, who is in the middle of the age, becomes irritable.

On March 10, 1985, Wang Ying couldn’t forget his life.

That year, Wang Ying happened to be an adult. The 18 -year -old girl was full of vibrant youth.

Wang Daqi looked at the youthful and beautiful eldest daughter. The long -back pressure evil thoughts were like the open Pandora Box, which could no longer be suppressed.

At about 10 pm on March 10th, Wang Daqi asked Wang Ying to help the chickens at home to prepare for food, drove his wife and several other children to the house, and locked the door from the outside.

Wang Daqi has always been a masculinity. He said at home. If the family had any bumps against him, he would be beaten. No one dares to violate his order.

Wang Ying heard that her father asked her to prepare feed for the chickens. Because she was instructed to the habit, Wang Ying didn’t think much, and walked into a small warehouse for the feed alone.

Wang Daqi saw her eldest daughter enter the small warehouse, took the opportunity to close the door, and suddenly rushed up, pressed Wang Ying on the ground like a beast.

Regardless of his daughter’s resistance, he forcibly violated it.

In fact, Wang Ying actually knew that his father was happy to be happy. Every time he had money in his hands, he would not return to night, but she never thought about it. His father would have a lot of money to her. After all, the tiger poison was still stillConsisite.

What made Wang Ying unexpected was that that night was just the beginning of her future suffering.

After Wang Ying returned to the room from the warehouse, she kept crying. Her mother repeatedly asked, only to know her daughter’s encounter.

For her daughter, her mother had the courage to blame Wang Daqi. As a result, Wang Daqi not only had no guilt, but also thought that his majesty was provoked and hit his wife fiercely.

Wang Daqi’s father learned that his son was so ridiculous and angry.

Wang Daqi’s mother died of illness in his early years. His father had never married again. He grew up by pulling Wang Daqi. He never thought about his child. One day he would become such a beast.How long does it take to play with people.

Facing the death of the old father, Wang Daqi did not feel sad. He had to do the funeral for his father, and then used the money he followed by the folks to continue to find joy.

That is, from that day, as long as Wang Daqi comes with interest, he will call Wang Ying over to accompany him. If Wang Ying disagrees, Wang Daqi will fight her first, and then forcibly occur.

Faced with such unmanned father, Wang Ying lived in pain every day, because there was no culture, and she was unwilling to spread such a scandal, which made her do not know how she should be separated from such nightmares.

Wang Ying tried to escape. As a result, Wang Daqi chased after holding the firewood knife at home. After catching up with Wang Ying, he beaten, then closed her, and threatened, if you dare to run, I will take your motherkilled.

Because Wang Daqi knows that Wang Ying cares most in this family is his mother.

Wang Daqi always felt that he was the king of the family. If he was in his own, his family had to obey unconditionally. Whoever dared to stop him would be beaten.

Three months later, Wang Ying was pregnant.

Wang Ying begged his father to let him go to the hospital for surgery, but was rejected.

During the pregnancy, Wang Daqi still ignored Wang Ying’s body and constantly violated her daughter.

Wang Ying had a sudden birth of prematurely when she was 7 months pregnant. Wang Daqi ignored her daughter’s life, and had always strictly claimed that she had no money in the family. She could not afford a doctor.

Therefore, because Wang Ying did not get timely rescue and gave birth to a dead baby, Wang Daqi buried the baby to a small forest outside the village, as if nothing happened.

Wang Ying’s body has just experienced premature birth and is particularly weak. She needs to rest for a while to recover.

Wang Daqi, who was unable to find fun on the eldest daughter, locked his eyes on the second daughter.

At that time, the second daughter Wang Yue was less than 17 years old a month, but this did not escape Wang Daqi’s beast behavior.

During Wang Ying’s body, Wang Yue became a substitute for her sister and was always insulted by her father.

It didn’t take long for Wang Yue to be pregnant. Wang Ying couldn’t bear to watch her sister continue to be destroyed by the beastly father. She advised her sister to find a way to escape. If she could run out, it was best not to come back in this life.

After Wang Yue was drunk and fell asleep, Wang Yue stole 20 dollars on his father’s body and ran to work in Chongqing by car to get rid of the destroyer of his father’s father.

Wang Ying did not dare to run away or commit suicide, because Wang Daqi often threatened her in her ear. If she dared to run, he killed her mother, and the mother was the last warmth in Wang Ying’s heart.

After Wang Yue ran away, Wang Daqi vented his anger and desire to Wang Ying’s body and continued to torture her.

It didn’t take long for Wang Ying to get pregnant again, but this time she did not tell Wang Daqi, but secretly ran to the small clinic in the town to have a flow surgery.

Seeing this, my mother would be mad sooner or later, so she found her object. The young man was Zhang Liang’s name of the neighboring village.

Wang Daqi is a master who sees money. If it wasn’t because he had no money, he would go out to find all kinds of women.

In 1989, Wang Ying and Zhang Liang got married. Wang Ying and his mother finally relieved, thinking that Wang Daqi would not be entangled again.

However, no one expected that Wang Daqi was so shameless.

After Wang Yinggang and Zhang Liang got married for less than a month, Wang Daqi came to the door. The threat of the words asked Wang Ying to go home with him, saying that her mother was sick.

Wang Ying did not dare to refuse his father’s order. Who knew what he would do, and was worried that Wang Daqi had made trouble in her in -laws, and then Wang Ying followed Wang Daqi back to home.

As soon as I went home, Wang Daqi couldn’t wait to destroy Wang Ying, and then said to her fiercely, "You can only accompany your husband for four days every month, and the rest must be called."

In the world, there is no windy wall. As Wang Ying’s pillow, Zhang Liang naturally found that his wife and Wang Daqi were wrong.

Under Zhang Liang’s bitter begging, Wang Ying told her husband’s passage. After Zhang Liang learned that Wang Daqi’s evil behavior, he found him.

As a result, Wang Daqi directly holding a kitchen knife on Zhang Liang’s neck, and threatened: "If you dare to care about me and Wang Ying, I will kill your family."

Zhang Liang has seen such a fierce person, coupled with his timidity and cowardly, for the safety of his family, he can only swallow his voice, and let Wang Daqi continue to bully Wang Ying.

In 1992, Wang Ying and Zhang Liang fled and ran to work in Hefei, Anhui Province.

After Wang Daqi learned that Wang Ying escaped, he went to Zhang Liang’s house directly with a kitchen knife, and asked Zhang Liang’s parents to call Zhang Liang and let them return, otherwise he would kill Zhang Liang’s parents.

Zhang Liang’s parents were afraid that Wang Daqi would be a muddy man, and he was afraid that he had done something to do. Then he called Zhang Liang.

After Zhang Liang and Wang Ying knew about the matter, they were also worried about the safety of their loved ones. The two had to return to their hometown. Zhang Liang went through the divorce procedures with Wang Ying under the persecution of his parents.

As soon as Wang Ying arrived home, Wang Daqi couldn’t wait to humiliate it.

Since then, Wang Daqi’s care of Wang Ying has become more strict, and he has occupied him firmly.

Wang Ying’s family has a weak legal consciousness and never thought about reporting to the police. Besides, many people have a consciousness of "family ugliness".

Many people in the village know what Wang Daqi does, but most people are holding more things as much as one thing, and they are afraid to provoke the muddy people like Wang Daqi and make their family restless, so no one dares to control it.

In 1994, Wang Ying was forced to live in his livelihood. After receiving his father’s consent, he found a restaurant to brush the plate in a county. He could earn 500 yuan a month.

There is a good business for meals. I have been busy in the store so that the guests are finished very late. Seeing that the night is late, the boss of the meal is afraid that Wang Ying will not be safe to go home alone.Late, go home the next day.

But that night, Wang Daqi never waited for Wang Ying to go home and rode directly to the restaurant where Wang Ying worked in the county seat, forcibly pulled Wang Ying home, and beaten her again on the road.

The next day, the restaurant owner took Wang Ying to ask Wang Ying and his father what was going on in the afternoon.

Wang Ying didn’t want to say, and did not want to say, but under the question of repeatedly, she still told everything.

Wang Ying’s encounter shocked the boss, and there were such inferiority in the world.

The boss is a person who has seen the world. He persuaded Wang Ying to report to the police before he could get rid of it.

Wang Ying shook her head helplessly. If she called the police, the whole family would suffer, and the owner of the restaurant could not do more.

Half a month later, Wang Ying changed his job and still lived in the deep water.

On the morning of September 11, 1995, when Wang Ying bought things in the county, he met the hotel owner again.

The boss was very concerned about Wang Ying and asked about her and his father. Wang Ying cried and said, he hasn’t let me go, I really don’t know what to do.

At that time, Wang Ying was 32 years old.

Wang Daqi abandoned her daughter when she was old. When she was rich, she would go to a young woman than him, but she was not rich in hand, and he would continue to torture Wang Ying.

Wang Daqi is 56 years old and is still hungry in the color. The boss is very sympathetic to Wang Ying and persuaded her to call the police. Wang Ying was still worried that the family was led by and hesitated to the police.

The boss patiently persuaded, clearing the advantages and disadvantages, and promising to accompany her to call the police, which gave Wang Yingmo a big encouragement.

Wang Ying’s patience has already reached the limit. She struggled for a long time and finally decided to call the police.

Wang Ying returned home and asked her mother and younger brother and sister to hide. Then, accompanied by the owner of the hotel, she bravely entered the door of the police station.

After the police handling the case heard that Wang Ying’s encounter, he immediately arranged the police forces and arrested Wang Daqi.

In the face of the interrogation, Wang Daqi still died and did not admit it. He also argued: "Wang Ying is not my biological, I am like this."

The police asked: "Isn’t Wang Ying be born? Isn’t the second daughter biological?"

"Why do you start with her?"

Wang Daqi no longer quibbled. He acknowledged his crimes and explained: "It’s because of poor, there is no money in his hands, and the women outside can’t find the daughter."

Wang Daqi was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Jinsang County Court.

This devil father finally got the punishment he deserved.

We can’t imagine how Wang Ying survived the ten years of darkness.

If Wang Daqi first violence, the family members bravely chose to call the police, maybe things will not develop to such a point.

In the face of insult, the more patience, the more they will indulge the arrogance of the perpetrators.

People like Wang Daqi were shameless and were a father. In the prison, lonely for the rest of his life was the best punishment for him.

If you encounter illegal crimes in your life or suffer from personal threats, you need to report to the police for help. If you are more afraid, the more arrogant of the perpetrators.

If you are strong, he will be weak, and if you are weak, he will be strong.Learn to protect yourself with law.

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