My girlfriend was pregnant with my husband’s child, begging me to divorce my husband, I can’t leave

Reader letter:

Muzi Li:

After graduating from college, I returned to my growth city after graduating from college. The following year, my husband and I were free to fall in love and get married; and my girlfriend stayed in school cities. After half a year of marriage, my girlfriend was also married.However, she married a confusion.

The marriage of her girlfriend was unhappy at all because her marriage was full of family violence.Therefore, she was disintegrated for less than a year for her marriage.

Later, when she saw her girlfriend poor, she asked her to heal the city in my life and support her relationship. She found her a job that was more relaxed, although she didn’t make much money.

During this period, girlfriends will naturally go to our house.

I really don’t know when she and my husband hooked up, but after she was pregnant, she said to me shamelessly: I am pregnant with your husband’s child, please divorce you and your husband.

After this incident was exposed, I naturally did not support my husband. My husband’s attitude: It was your girlfriend first talked to me; I don’t want to divorce you.

Actually, my husband’s behavior has made me feel sick. The reason why I choose not to divorce is that she doesn’t want to make my girlfriend succeed, because she is even more disgusting.

Therefore, my feedback on my girlfriend is: you either quickly deal with the child and get out of my life; you either insist on giving birth to the child, don’t expect to get a penny from us.

Seeing that I was unwilling to divorce, my girlfriend had dealt with the child and returned to her parents.

Three months later, I divorced my husband.

Muzi Li Biao’s post -language:

It is necessary to admit that your girlfriend is indeed weak and needs a man to protect, otherwise, she would not be able to marry a mixed.

The cognition of your girlfriend: The other party is savage, but it should not be brutal to your wife, but your girlfriend is missed.

After the divorce, you saw her pitiful, you took her, and found her job.It stands to say that she should be grateful for you.I believe: at the beginning, she did appreciate you, but after a long time, her mentality changed, from gratitude to jealousy.

And your husband is a person with low self -control and feels that your girlfriend is delivered to the door. Why can’t you steal food?

Although your husband has never thought about divorce, there will be such an idea: After you discovered this, if you forcibly divorce and the marriage with your girlfriend will be reorganized, it will be considered the second result.

Unexpectedly: you have no divorce, but forcing your girlfriend to get out of the time.

However, your husband did not expect that after your girlfriend succeeded, you will be divorced.

Perhaps your husband will feel at this moment that you are playing with you. The key is that he made a mistake first.

You are a very important woman. I believe that life after divorce will not be bad.

Here, I hope you can meet a good person and finally find your happiness.

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