My mother -in -law forced to go to her daughter -in -law for 8 years, and daughter -in -law and boyfriend were pregnant in two months.

My husband and I have been together for eight years and have not been able to have children during the period.My mother -in -law always thinks that I am not filial, and I ca n’t give birth to my grandson. I have a bad attitude towards me.In the face of the all -in -law of my mother -in -law, my heart collapsed and felt that I was a loser.Although my husband appreciates my difficulties, he can do nothing.Every word he said was particularly harsh in the mother -in -law’s ears.I realize that if I want to support it in this relationship, maybe only leave.

In the end, after a quarrel, I expressed my heart fiercely to my mother -in -law.I said that I have been full of her blow and non -difficulty, and I want to leave this house to pursue my own happiness.After listening to, her mother -in -law was furious and said that my descendants were not worthy of her baby son at all.Although my husband was reluctant to leave, he could not do it in the face of her mother -in -law’s anger.I know that this relationship is destined to end with parting.

After the divorce, I returned to my parents alone and lived a life that was no longer controlled.In contrast, this life makes me feel much easier.Half a year later, I met my current boyfriend, and he was tolerant and understood everything about me, which made my life re -ignite hope.After a few months, I accidentally found that I was pregnant.I don’t know if I should be happy or sad, I understand that this will definitely become the fuse of starting a family dispute.

Sure enough, after hearing about this, my mother -in -law accused me of being an unknown little man, in order to seize another man and even the child can take it as an excuse.My husband contacted me, hoping to meet with the child.When meeting, each other’s mood was very complicated.The husband said that his mother -in -law’s attitude made it difficult for him to face, and he could not accept a child he was looking out.After listening, I felt that my husband’s attitude was so ridiculous. In the past eight years, I have been working hard to want a child, but now he said that he would give up, how could I agree.

Our difference soon became a pair of pairs.I said I would never give up this child, if he didn’t want to divorce.The husband was shocked after listening, saying that I didn’t look like the person he knew.I sneered and said, that weak woman no longer exists.Today I have my own life and pursuit, and I will not be controlled by anyone’s words.

This abortion made me recognize my mother -in -law.She is a typical control mad, and always thinks that everyone’s life should be decided by her.And her husband was just a spoiled child in front of her, letting her set her own life.Now that I have left this house, I really have my own self.I will not be affected by anyone’s thoughts. This child will grow up by myself.

My mother -in -law seemed to realize her excessive move. She actually came to my parents’ home to apologize, hoping that I could change my mind.I looked at my mother -in -law coldly, saying that the hardships of these eight years have made me hate her, and my child will not have her grandmother.After listening, my mother -in -law was so angry that I would pay the price for today’s words.I didn’t take it for granted, and said to my mother -in -law that her threat was invalid, and the life I wanted was no longer involved with her.

After my mother -in -law left, I lived unusually calm.Occasionally, husbands will also come to visit, and the relationship between each other is not as tight.He also seemed to realize that my departure is the best result for everyone.In today’s life, I have a small family that really belongs to myself, and some people give me unconditional support and tolerance by me.This is enough.

Two years later, I gave birth to a son.The mother -in -law seemed to gradually let go of her prejudices. She actually came to visit her grandson, and her attitude relieved much.Seeing this, her husband joked that her mother -in -law was finally old and knew it should be tolerant.After listening, I said with a smile that the change of her mother -in -law did not originate from time, but because she realized that she was no longer compromised. This grandson may not be able to see it in this life.The husband laughed after listening, and the atmosphere between us seemed to return to that year.

The appearance of these two children has made my life complete.Although the marriage did not come to the end, I knew I had no regrets.The forgiveness of my mother -in -law also made me feel that the relationship between us seemed to be too embarrassing.Occasionally gathering together, we can talk about a few words in harmony, which is enough.If there is no life, what we can do will continue to move forward in the future.All this is the only gain in my eight years.Life is so enough.

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