My pregnancy diary | Can I still use electric blankets and warm baby when I am pregnant?How can expectant mothers keep warm?

Recently, the weather has become colder and colder. I have had to frost, and now I have to put on autumn pants.

However, after all, before the heating at this time, before the heating, the home was the coldest time. My daughter and I would take out the electric blanket and turn on the electric blanket at night.

But now, for expectant mothers, can I continue to use electric blankets to warm up?How can I keep warm?

It is not recommended to use electric blankets for a long time.

What you need to know is that high temperatures are likely to endanger the health of the fetus, affect the normal development of the fetus, and even cause the fetus in crisis such as hypoxia and respiratory distress.

If the home is really too cold, the expectant mothers can open the electric blanket before going to bed, and turn off the electric blanket when they are going to bed. At this time, the bed and the quilt are very warm.It’s right.

It depends on where the warm baby treasure is used.

If the expectant mother only uses the warm baby to stay away from the abdomen such as feet and legs, then there is no problem using warm baby heating.It must be noted that the warm baby should not be used in the abdomen of the expectant mother, so as not to hurt the babies in the belly too much.

In my opinion, there is no problem with the use of little sun.

But there are two points to pay attention:

First, the expectant mother should keep a distance from the little sun, so as to avoid the high temperature of the small sun cause adverse effects on the development of the fetus;

Second, the indoor temperature must be controlled by using the small sun. It is best to control the indoor temperature between 24-26 degrees Celsius, and it should not be too high.

In the cold winter, taking a hot bath is extremely comfortable.But for expectant mothers, there are some details when taking a bath:

First, the water temperature should not be too high, it is enough to control about 38 degrees Celsius. The reason is also the threat of the health of the fetus and expectant mothers at high temperature;

Second, try to choose shower as much as possible to avoid taking baths, bathing, etc. to ensure the hygiene of private parts;

Third, the bathing time should not be too long, 10-15 minutes, so as not to cause hypoxia caused by the high temperature of the bathroom, accidents, etc.

Fourth, pay attention to non -slip, which is very important. It is best to put anti -slip pads in the bathroom. Specific mothers’ slippers must also have a good anti -slip function.

In fact, in general, expectant mothers can ensure the warmth of winter from the following aspects:

First, add clothes in time. When you are cold, wear a set of warm underwear for yourself. Do n’t give yourself a problem for beauty;

Secondly, although it has not heated, it can be used by air conditioners. Just like I now, when I go to bed every night, the air conditioning of the bedroom will be opened and the temperature will be controlled at 24 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the night night is just right.In order to avoid the dryness of the air, the nose bleeding and the dry skin can be opened at the same time and the air humidifier can be adjusted at the same time; the air humidity can be adjusted;

Third, when going out, put on a thin down jacket or coat, which will not add too much weight to the body, but also achieve the effect of keeping warm.

Dear mothers, how do you keep warm now?You can share it!

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