My pregnancy experience (2)

After the last incident, we went to a professional medical examination institution to do a pre -pregnancy medical examination. As a result, both of us had no problems, and I was relieved.After four months of abortion, I was pregnant again. To be honest, that time was a bit suddenly, I should be a pregnancy -prone constitution, and it was easy to conceive.

I remember my husband’s response at that time. I asked me to go to the hospital for blood test. On the day of the result, I bought a train ticket to send me back to my hometown. Maybe he felt that he would rest assured as long as he stayed with my mother.

I was a little red for more than a month, and I was nervous again. My mother was even more nervous. There was no big hospital in the town. My mother found a very experienced mother -in -law. My brother and I were born.Survive.I still have a relationship with my family. I care about her aunt.This aunt asked me to start bed in bed. Every day she would come over to give me a fetal needle. After nine days, I started to be pregnant. I couldn’t eat anything. I wanted to vomit everything, but compared with this timeIt’s so much.At that time, I didn’t want to read the book. I was worried about radiation in my mobile phone. My mother would not let me always hold my phone.I didn’t get an injection after nine days, I lay like this for about three months.

In those months, my god, I am like a tool of pregnancy. I lie on the bed most of the day, watching the ceiling, and I don’t know what to think. Like a fool, my mother will make the rice well.Give me it, I haven’t even stepped down, and the neighbors on the street don’t know that I am at home.Hey, it’s really painful to think about it, but at that time I could afford to live in this pain. I always felt that her arrival was the angel sent from heaven to save my soul.Four months later, I started to walk downstairs and walked in our town.My husband also ran back to the three -day vacation, no matter what the holiday was at that time, and both nights were on the train.

I did four B -ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy, plus that time, because the hospital in the town was only the B -ultrasound, and I didn’t even have blood tests. I often thought about it.Within no, I had a lot of white hair, but there was no one before.

It’s almost the due date, my mother is a bit anxious, because our rules cannot be produced in my mother’s house, okay, there are more than ten days, I will ask my husband to take leave.I lived to his house, and his house was in the countryside, and we would have no cars. I was particularly worried that if it was launched in the middle of the night, I did n’t even have a car. I went to the county hospital for two days at the beginning of the period.It was launched in four days.

That production process, hey, it is also thrilling. I am going to give birth. I feel like dying. After two days and one night, I ca n’t eat anything. When I really want to give birth, I have no strength when I really want to give birth.The doctor is not professional. It really goes away from the ghost door. Fortunately, she gave birth to a beautiful girl, and everything before she disappeared.

At that time, my mother and my mother -in -law were there, and a few relatives came. After that, my mother told me something. Since then, she said that she also completely recognized the son -in -law.It was said that I hadn’t moved in it for a long time, and I kept yelling. Occasionally, I couldn’t see anything when I opened my eyes. My husband secretly shed tears in the corner., I have been taking care of me.I know him very much, very emotional, and tears because I was moved or worried. I didn’t seem to be very small now, so I would marry him so unreasonably, but finally disappointed me when facing my mother -in -law.It does not affect our quarrel at all.

Because my previous experience made me dare not move this time, basically, I was lying at home except to pick up children.Fortunately, I won’t be so boring. Look at my mobile phone, listen to music, write articles, chat with friends, and my daughter -in -law will chat with me when I go home from school.It is basically stable, I hope that this time, everything goes well.

My daughter -in -law took a hundred days, I took it myself, good -looking, is everything worth it?

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