My wife eats supper every day after pregnancy, I can’t bear to propose a divorce

My wife and I have been married for two years, and we have a good relationship after marriage.But since her wife was pregnant, she was like a person, and she had to eat supper at 11 o’clock every night. I couldn’t stand it.

After graduating from my wife in college, I joined my company, and it was just allocated to my men.Although she is always careless at work, I think she is cute.

After a few months of getting along, we chose to be together.Later, we naturally entered the palace of marriage.

After getting married, my wife said that I was in the same company with me, for fear of affecting me, so she took the initiative to leave.I was very moved in my heart. I am an ordinary working class. How can I marry such a thoughtful wife?

After my wife left, I paid the salary card as soon as possible and gave her all the financial power at home to take care of her.

Soon after, his wife became pregnant.I knew that I was happy and melancholy.

We have a mortgage every month. Since the marriage, my wife has not been to work, and now she is pregnant again.The expenses at home are getting bigger and bigger, and economic pressure is pressed on me.

Anyway, with a child, it is a happy thing.In order to better take care of my wife, I received my mother who lived alone in the countryside to live in the city.

But later, the situation became more and more wrong.

My wife was a princess before pregnancy. I spoiled her and hurt her.After pregnancy, his wife was the queen. She said at home. She said where I hit.

But after such a long time, his wife became more and more presumptuous.

In order to reduce the economic pressure at home, I worked overtime every day. After returning home at ten in the evening, my wife either had to eat durian or cherry.I understand my wife’s hard work and satisfy her, and I try to satisfy it.Often at 11 o’clock in the evening, I ran to the fruit shop downstairs to buy durian.

I thought my wife would also be considerate of my hard work, but who knows, as my wife’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, her requirements are increasing.

After I got off work yesterday, I kept going to the fruit shop to buy my wife’s favorite cherry.

After I got home, my wife had a great temper, and she said she wanted to eat Boston lobster.But now it is ten o’clock, the seafood market is closed, I have no place to buy it.And for a day of working, I was exhausted.

But his wife was unwilling, and even smashed the bedside lamp, saying that if she didn’t eat Boston lobster tonight, she would go to the hospital to kill the child tomorrow.

I have no way, I can only find someone to buy Boston lobster everywhere.Fortunately, in the community owner’s group, some people bought Boston lobster today and have not eaten yet.I had to buy it at a high price.

I thought my wife would be moved to see me for this family, but who knows that she said the next day she said she wanted to eat emperor crabs.She said that she saw in the circle of friends today. If she has never eaten emperor crabs in this life, she is not worthy of being a woman.

I am struggling, so late, where can I buy emperor crabs?No matter how much my mother and I advise, my wife is not loose.She even threatened me with a child, saying that she would take the child to jump off the building.

I can’t help it until four in the morning. After the seafood market has opened, I bought the emperor crab.After his wife eats the emperor crab, he will sleep satisfied.

Wife is pregnant, we should really be considerate.But now my wife is becoming more and more arrogant, and the requirements are increasingly excessive. I feel that it is not a way to go on, so when she wants to wait for her to be in a good mood, I will talk to her.

I went to work with exhaustion, and before I got off work, I received a call from my mother.

I was so angry that my wife said that it was delicious to see others eating plane meals on TV today.Let me bring her a plane meal back from get off work.

I’m really helpless, I don’t take a plane, where can I get a plane meal?And the rice on the plane is not as delicious as the shop.

I have no way, I can only ask my father -in -law and mother -in -law.After I got home, my wife stood at the door and greeted me with joy.But when she saw her father -in -law and mother -in -law, she was unhappy instantly.

She had a big temper, scolded me in front of her father -in -law and mother -in -law, and knew that she was dark, scolding me is not a man, and said that I didn’t love her at all.

The father -in -law and mother -in -law also said that his wife was coquettish in the palm of his palm, and asked me to be modest and obedient.

But during this time, the mother took care of her clothing, food, and transportation at home.She reached out and opened her mouth.I have done my best to love her, but the desire of the gully always fills.

After watching my mother coming to the city, there were more and more white hair.I was really ashamed, and proposed to divorce after giving birth to a child in front of my father -in -law and mother -in -law.

My wife cried and made trouble, and she couldn’t leave.My father -in -law and mother -in -law have been advising my wife to converge a little temper and let me give her another chance.

I don’t know what to do.

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After reading, do you think I should forgive my wife?

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