My wife gave me a big fat son, because of taking a name, my wife and my mother were overwhelming

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My wife and I disagreed on both sides when they got married. My mother hoped that I would find a quiet girl. I was a dominant position at home, and my wife was the opposite.She has her own career, her income earns more than me, and people are also vibrant.My parents felt that a man had no right to speak at home and had no right to speak, and he always persuaded me to change one.My wife and I had a relationship with each other. I would marry her. In the end, my family couldn’t help me and agreed with the marriage.

I am afraid that they have contradictions. I have never planned to live together. The house I bought is far from my parents’ house. One is in the west of the city.It is rare to meet the second year, and there is no contradiction. The relationship in the past two years is very harmonious.Last year, my wife was pregnant. I asked my parents to come to the house for help two months before the production. After all, I did not wait for it at this time.I also repeatedly told my parents that everything must be based on my wife. From pregnancy to having a child, I have seen it in my eyes.

Although the living habits of the two generations are not the same. If both parents and wives are tolerant of each other, there will be no contradictions.My wife gave birth to our son, and my parents said that they were as good as having boys and women, but the joy of the joy was more like a grandson.A family of three of us serves his wife. My dad is responsible for buying tasks every day. My mother is responsible for taking care of the children and his wife’s diet. I am responsible for regulating my wife’s psychology and helping to look at the children.

A few days after we were discharged, we began to discuss the child’s name. Wife wanted to name Yang Haochen for his son, and his parents wanted to name Yang Zhuoyu on their son, saying that they would bring Yu Zi.I think the child’s name should be taken by his wife. She insisted on taking Yang Haochen. I also supported her. This was a matter of nailing on the board. I did not expect accidents.When my mother cleaned up the house, she found an old laptop, which was brought by his wife when he got married.When her wife was in college, she was a talented woman. She had a habit that she liked to record life in words. She had seen it for me. It was nothing more than some diary in the past. I didn’t mind, but my mother didn’t think so.

When she was curious to open her book and see one of the wives recorded in one of the pages, she immediately exploded, not only told my dad, but also started a rich association.I was so crying and laughing. I explained to her that she was all old. She was angry and deliberately said at home that she couldn’t take the name with Hao.His wife learned that her mother peeked at her diary, crying angrily, her mood became sensitive, and she argued with my mother on the spot.

The consequences of the two people on their heads can be imagined, they are talking and saying that the scene is difficult to control for a time.As I comfort my wife, I also have to take care of the parents who intend to come to take care of our parents.My parents knew that I was not easy. I compromised first, saying that they were not involved in the name of the name. With us, my wife insisted that I drove my parents away and said that I didn’t want to see them.

I thought about it. Even if my heart was ruthless, I drove my parents away. My wife, who was in a bad mood, took care of the child and said that it was not good to collapse. I still had to go back to work for a while.It is unrealistic to hire a monthly, 10,000 yuan a month, and his father -in -law’s body is not good.I can’t find a perfect solution. Who can help me, what should I do?

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