My wife is pregnant in 3 minutes, and the child is born in 8 minutes. This speed is too exciting and comedy movie

The man was just married yesterday. As soon as he woke up today, his wife became pregnant.In a blink of an eye, the child was older.I don’t know if I should be happy or crying after this life experience.

At a party a few years ago, Tiezhu kissed his girlfriend under the firework, and after kissing, he was dumbfounded.It turned out that Shu Fen hit his shirt with his genuine girlfriend, and even hairstyle was the same.The worst thing is that Shufen was eating peanuts at the time, and iron pillars were allergic to peanuts, which was even more unclear.On the spot of the wrong person, his girlfriend left in anger, and Tiezhu fell in love with Shufen.After a few years of love long -distance running, he successfully entered the palace of marriage.

On the wedding night, they did not rest for a while.I woke up the next day, oops, when did this sheets change, the furniture is not the same as last night.It seems that his wife is very diligent. Last night, she was not idle.Seeing Shufen Benfen, he was dumbfounded on the spot. How could his wife’s belly grow up overnight.Whose child is for the time being, the key is that this is too fast.

The iron pillar was a bit slow. I felt the brain seeds were buzzing, so I wanted to lie down and calm down for a while.With a close eye, the surrounding scene changed again. He walked out of the bedroom and hit Shufen. He quickly saw whether he hurt his child.As a result, what about your belly, my child, really dreaming.Unexpectedly, the next second, the child’s cry came from the house. It was not that his wife was not pregnant, but that their child was one year old.

Although this is unscientific, Tiezhu still explained to Shufen that he may cross time and space, and a whole year is a whole year.My wife didn’t believe it at all, and felt that this was his excuse to buy a wedding anniversary gift.It turned out that every time he crossed, he was on the day of the wedding anniversary.

In order to prevent gifts for his wife next time, Tiezhu called his buddies and let him prepare a gift for himself today.In order to test whether he could really cross, he put an orange in the flower pot.

As soon as the man put the oranges into the flower pot, the surrounding scene changed instantly.The orange that returned to the water just now became potted fertilizers in a blink of an eye.Yes, he passed through, and he spent a year for a few seconds.

At this time, the friend also came outside the door to fulfill his promise a year ago.Although in the eyes of the iron pillar, it was only a few seconds, and the two dogs gave him the gift of the iron pillar, which was actually a plush toy.It turned out that the second dog would be wrong, thinking that he was going to give his daughter a birthday gift.There is no way to use it first, but it is obvious that Shufen, 30, does not like toys of a three -year -old child.The abnormal behaviors of iron pillars have made her no longer believe in love and decided to divorce.

Before leaving, she took the anniversary gift, which was a wallet specially bought for Tiezhu.At this time, Tie Zhu’s heart was suffering, and you said he was wrong.I got married yesterday, and the child was three years old today.If he did nothing, his wife would divorce him.It was a blink of an eye. The wallet in his hand was full of money, and he crossed it again.This time my wife was gone, the child was gone, and his wife’s luggage was cleaned up. Only two dogs arrived on time.Because his mobile phone setting anniversary reminder, this is no doubt that true love is.

In his mouth, Tiezhu learned that he had separated from his wife for a year.Seeing Tiezhu so abnormal, Ergou thought he wanted his wife to crazy. He wanted to borrow wine to dispel sorrow, but he just opened the refrigerator without being controlled by control.He walked out of the kitchen and saw a woman’s back. He thought that Shufen was back and kissed him directly.But wait for him to see clearly, isn’t this ex -girlfriend?

After a man traveled to a year, his family actually shocked his ex -girlfriend, and he was always incompatible with him.It turned out that in the year when Tiezhu crossed, his relationship with Shufen completely ruptured, and he didn’t know what he hooked up with his ex -girlfriend again.But he has no memory at all, how he thought about saving Shufen in his heart.He drove his ex -girlfriend out of the house and finally relieved.

But when he turned his head, his ex -girlfriend appeared again.He once again crossed. In this year, not only did he not succeed in clarifying the relationship with his ex -girlfriend, he actually lived further.

He could only go to the two dogs who trusted the most trusted buddies. At this time, he found that not only did the two dogs not bless, but lost a lot.Hurry up and ask for a little trick, but the second dog said that if you have a cancer, it is estimated that you have to be ten pounds thinner than me.Looking at the sparse hair of the two dogs, Tiezhu’s heart was very emotional. How could it not be in the time of a movie, and the good buddies would leave him.

He found Shufen to ask for remarry, but was relentlessly rejected.As soon as I wanted to take a few steps back, I fell into a swimming pool.A man walked out of the room. For a few seconds, he crossed again, and Shu Fen also found a new boyfriend.This rhythm is too fast, and the iron pillar is completely unacceptable.

The wife left, leaving him only one dog.One year when dogs were born, it was equivalent to seven years of human beings. He felt that only dogs could understand him in this world.But as soon as he looked up, the puppy just now became a big dog, and he had a beard.

He picked up a piece of chocolate on the beach and found that containing a peanut that made him fatal, he planned to settle himself.But when I turned around, who had lost this child, Tiezhu quickly asked, how about your dad, how did you throw you this?The little girl looked at him like a fool. You are my dad. It turned out that his daughter was seven years old.

Because of this unlucky cross, he missed love and missed the growth of the child.In a blink of an eye, he crossed again. This time, he was obviously older in himself.He called the two dogs, but he kept prompting the empty number. It turned out that in the year he lost, his friends left forever.

At the end of the movie, Tiezhu finally returned to the beginning of the first morning.Movies can come back, but life cannot be re -come. Please cherish the people who are with you now!

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