My wife vomits during pregnancy, good husbands do this

"Freud said: ‘The reason why pregnant women are nausea and vomiting are because of their hostility and disgust to her husband in the subconscious, I hope to spit out that …’", and I haven’t waited for me to finish this text.He rushed into the bathroom again.

Since I am pregnant with my baby, I am a foodie, now I can only hold my mobile phone, turn over the food picture every day and tell me that this does not want to eat, that’s the best dish you like to eat, even your favorite food -sweet and sourYou have rejected it, and when you vomit, you throw it away when you are severe, and he is bigger than I drink.

Seeing that you look like this every day, it is really distressed and anxious. Thinking of the cousin’s pregnancy before it seems that you are not like this. I plan to get the scriptures with my cousin. I didn’t expect:

It’s time to ask, I still ask the buddies who studied medicine, after all, it is a doctor, professional!

I only learned from my buddies that pregnancy vomiting is a symptom in the early pregnancy reaction. Most pregnant women will appear at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, and will slowly reduce it at 14-16 weeks of pregnancy.

Before asking the buddies, I thought you were pregnant because I was tired of eating my meals. I was pregnant and hated the old (I would have no status before the baby came out?)After spraying a meal, you can understand that the changes in various hormones in your body and your more sensitive smell will directly lead to nausea and vomiting.

Since then, I look forward to it every day, looking forward to, one day after three months, you suddenly don’t vomit, not because I am afraid of trouble, but I don’t want to see you so uncomfortable, but I can’t help.

After 10 weeks of pregnancy, I lost two or three pounds without gaining weight. Your grinding little fairy is very happy about it. It really made me feel distressed and I couldn’t help it.

In order not to let you continue to lose weight again, I store a lot of fruits and snacks at home so that you can eat it immediately when you want to eat, otherwise I can’t guess when you can eat it.

In addition, I also recorded the high incidence of your daily pregnancy, hoping that I can slowly think about the laws of your pregnancy, so that I can take you out to turn around, watch movies, eat a meal, eat someoneBig meals or something, maybe you can eat more if you are in a good mood?

The buddy said that he had been diagnosed with a pregnant woman before, and his teeth were sour and bile vomited. He hung water in the hospital every day to protect his tires. Fortunately, you are not a pregnancy drama.

This will be asleep while you are honest. I call you stewed chicken soup and continue to get the scriptures: "Hey, I said, my daughter -in -law vomited me …", before I finished speaking, I was being said.He educated again.

The buddy said, "There is nothing to bring to his siblings to romantic, change the meal environment to stimulate appetite."

The buddy said, "When he is good, take it out to take a walk to the sun. Don’t stay at home for a day, you are not a doll."

The buddy said, "It really doesn’t work, I will open some vitamin B6 here, so do you use it?"?

The brothers said, "Knowing that you are upset, and you know that your siblings are in a bad mood, but you must be patient with each other, otherwise you have a worse mood.

Hey, this rough man can’t play with tenderness, training me like the grandson!But, I do n’t want to admit that I have to admit it, what they say, it ’s reasonable!

I have also learned a lot about pregnancy for such a long time. In fact, everyone’s length and degree of pregnancy are different. Some people may not spit in a day.At the stage, as a husband, I can’t feel uncomfortable for you, but I hope my efforts and sincerity can share it for you even a little bit of pain, so that you can rely on the shoulders when you are sad. This is what I am in this period in this period.Your greatest love.

October Morphology

For early pregnancy reactions, it is indeed a stage where most pregnant mothers will experience. Many people do not understand why there is such an anti -human thing. In fact, if you think about it, the early pregnancy response is not so anti -human.

In the process of human metabolism every day, synthetic metabolism and decomposition metabolism are in a balanced state.If the human body is fasting for a long time, hypoglycemia will first appear. Under the stimulation of hypoglycemia, the protein is then decomposed to the human body to provide energy. Only in the end is the decomposition of fat to provide energy.

When pregnant mothers cannot eat because of early pregnancy reactions, their "positive nitrogen balance" will be broken, and the body will be transformed from the balance between synthesis and decomposition to metabolism that is mainly decomposed.

Therefore, the physiological significance of the existence of early pregnancy reactions is to break the "nitrogen balance" of the mother’s body, so as to mobilize the mother’s protein reserves in the short term, and provide a large amount of protein for the development of the baby.However, a large amount of protein required at this time is impossible to rely on the diet absorption of pregnant mothers to complete a sufficient amount of supply.In order to ensure the development of the fetus, the natural world has chosen a way to retreat -sacrifice the mother.

On the other hand, the main organs of the baby’s main organs have been completed after 12 weeks of pregnancy, and a large amount of protein is required as raw materials, or the body of the pregnant mother at this time is in the process of decomposing it as the leading metabolic process, so the early pregnancy response will be the meeting.Gradually, until disappearing, everything returned to normal.

Therefore, pregnant mothers do not need to take early pregnancy and other early pregnancy reactions as "enemies". Perhaps it is just "evil", but thinking that early pregnancy reactions are actually ensuring the normal growth and development of the fetus, it is not so annoying.Pregnant mothers only need to face up to this extremely normal physiological phenomenon. Different countermeasures are adopted according to different situations, such as changing the dining environment and strengthening their own exercise. If the pregnancy is extremely serious, you must go to the hospital to infuse the nutrient solution in time!

When the early pregnancy reaction is over, it will be announced that the main organs of the fetus have been developed. Do pregnant mothers think that the baby is one step closer?

PS: Let’s talk to the bacteria what kind of early pregnancy reaction during pregnancy?How to deal with it!After all, the Ma Ma here is full of pregnancy and vomiting!

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