Netizens’ pro -test: Making these fetuses may indicate that you are pregnant with girls

For fetal dreams, many people are doubtful.In fact, we do n’t have to worry about whether this matter is accurate. Do it in spare time to make an entertainment. Is it a very interesting thing to guess not to play?

The following contents are tested by netizens, and finally prove that they are pregnant with their daughters.

Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe it is the inductance. There are too many things we don’t know in the underworld, but these dreams are also cute?

Netizen A


When I was pregnant for more than 3 months, I dreamed that I had a daughter, very beautiful and beautiful, with a single eyelid.Born is really a daughter. Now it is a month and a half. It looks like the dream ~ I and my children and my dad are both double eyelids ~

Netizen B

global tour

When I was pregnant, I dreamed of giving birth to a baby daughter. Except for a bigger mouth, everything else was pretty!This is really the case!

Netizen C

Seventy -seven

One day before pregnancy, I dreamed that I returned to my mother’s hometown in Inner Mongolia, grassland, Mongolian bag, and then a wolf appeared, the eyes were clear and bright, the hair color was bright and bright, and a particularly beautiful little wolf stood in front of me and looked at me quietly.I’m scared. Others came out when I heard that there were wolves coming, and I was afraid and distressed and said to the little wolf: You can run, don’t let them catch you.But it came over to me, and I was crying in my dream.Everyone said that it was a dream of fetal, and I didn’t care. After ten days, I found that I was pregnant. Dreaming of snakes during pregnancy.It turned out to be a daughter, her eyes were clear and bright. Now seven months, the longer and more beautiful, I love my daughter the most!

Netizen D

Light rain

Once I dreamed of the magnolia, the Magnolia Cairo was white and beautiful. I reached out and took off one. I found that I was pregnant in a few days. I always thought it was a daughter, and it was true.

Netizen E

Purple Moma Lan Mei

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I always dreamed of the beautiful rose of the rose. In the sixth month, I dreamed that a little snake seemed to have no skin. I held her in my arms.After giving birth to a daughter, very beautiful. When he was born, all the doctors of the obstetrics were watching, saying that the child was so beautiful.EssenceEssence

Netizen f

Little girl

I also dreamed when I was pregnant with my daughter!Dreaming that there was a girl followed me twice!Where I go, she followed, and then she was really a daughter.

Which dreams indicate that you might be a girl?


Dreaming of carp means that in the future, she will have a superb, beautiful, and wise daughter in the future; dreaming of Ao Shrimp, the possibility of having a daughter; dreaming of eggs, the chance of having a daughter in the future; dreaming of butterflies or butterflies dance, Expressing a daughter.

Dreaming of a pigeon will give birth to a daughter in the future; dreaming that sparrows enter the house or fall into the embrace, most of which imply give birth to ordinary daughters; dreaming that she hints that she will have a beautiful daughter.Dreaming of the dragon tail or touching the dragon tail is the sign of giving birth to a beautiful daughter; holding the dream of the dragon body is the sign of giving birth to a beautiful daughter.It means a smart daughter in the future.Dreaming of a cow or a docile cow hint to have a daughter; after dreaming that the calf followed, it indicated that she would have a clever daughter; the dream of running a white horse, implying that she was going to have a daughter.plant

Accepting the dream of flowers implies the beautiful daughter; getting a cherry in the dream is a sign of the beautiful daughter in the future; dreaming of touching the willow tree, will have a daughter;Give birth to a beautiful and lovely daughter; dreaming of plum blossoms, implying that she gave birth to her daughter.

Strawberries imply a daughter; apples suggest beautiful daughters; tomatoes suggest having a daughter.Cabbage implies a daughter; if you dreamed of a small and long -sized person, the chance of having a daughter is very high.Celestial body

The moon enters the arms, indicating that she is going to have a daughter; dreaming of a big and round moon, indicating that there will be a versatile daughter in the future; dreaming of Shuangcai Xia, suggesting that she will have a double -looking and blessed daughter in the future;

Generally speaking, the moon implies her daughter; when she dreams of the sun, it is the moon, indicating that she wants to have a daughter.


Dreaming of the unwilling lakes, rivers, reservoirs, or the sea implied that the daughter was produced; dreaming of the vast fields or flat ground, implying that her daughter would dream of praying at the sea, suggesting that she was going to have a daughter.

Gold and silver jewelry

Get gold or gold ring in the dream, indicating that a beautiful daughter is to have a beautiful daughter; getting cosmetics in the dream, indicating that a good daughter is to have a good -looking daughter; dreaming of gems or holding a double gem in her hand, implying that her daughter is born.

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