Nine Chinese medicines that pregnant women cannot eat are easy to miscarriage

[Introduction] It is said that it is not possible to take medicine during pregnancy, which will affect the baby’s development.In addition to western medicine, some traditional Chinese medicine pregnant women cannot eat it.Eating will cause miscarriage.To give birth to the baby smoothly.Let’s take a look at the traditional Chinese medicine that pregnant women cannot eat.Let’s take a look together.

Chinese medicine that pregnant women cannot eat:

1. Clear heat

Chinese medicines with the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, diarrhea, and dampness, such as Liushen Wan, can cause fetal malformations in early pregnancy; take the consequences of low mental intelligence in children in the later stages of pregnancy.Chinese patent medicines containing beef and yellow, because of its strong power to attack and diarrhea, it is easy to cause abortion of pregnant women and not to take it, such as Niuhuang detoxifying pills, padozi, rhinoelical pills, defeated poison cream, anti -inflammatory detoxification pills, etc.

2, diarrhea

Basou, glory, peach kernel, etc. and other Chinese medicines that have the effects of guiding stools, eliminating stomach stagnation, attacking water drinking, and intestinal laxative effects, such as Shizao Wan, Zhoucar Wan, Ma Ren Wan, Runwan Pill, etc.Because of the strong attack, it has tire gas.

Nine Chinese medicines that pregnant women cannot eat are easy to miscarriage

3. Conditioning category

That is, there is a type of Chinese medicines that have the effects of eliminating food, stagnation, and accumulation, such as betel nut Sifang Pills, Qingwei and Zhong Pills, Nine -made rhubarb pills, Xiangsha Yangbu Pills, Dalohaw Pills, etc.The following effect is easy to cause miscarriage.

4. Bloody

There are Chinese medicines with blood circulation and stasis, stasis removal, qi, and hemostatic and analgesic, such as Qili San, Xiaojin Dan, Tiger Staff Tablets, Cerebral Throma, Yunnan Baiyao, Sanqi Tablets, etc., due to their strong blood removal and blood circulation, it is easy to cause abortionEssence

5. Quickness and humidity

The main effects of the main effects of removing wind, cold, dehumidification, and analgesic, such as tiger bone and wooden melon pills, in which the blood -promoting cattle knee has damaged the fetus.Similar proprietary Chinese medicines, as well as Dahuoluo Pills, Gastrodia Pills, Hua Tong Zian Pills, Wet Wet and Pain Pain, etc.The anti -thrombus reinforcement pills are disabled by pregnant women because of the big yellow attack and the bloody spy of the leeches.

6. Dedication

It has the function of deworming, anti -inflammatory, and analgesic, which can remove intestinal parasites. It is a toxic product for attacking, which is easy to cause abortion of pregnant women, fetal malformations, etc.

7. Governance

Chinese medicines with a smooth gas machine and reducing qi and qi, such as Mu Xiang Shunqi Pills, Shixiang Pain Anti -Pills, Qi Stagnant and Stomach Pain Bargers, etc., because they are mostly qi and qi, and they are listed.Taboo drugs for pregnant women.

8, sore agent

Chinese patent medicines with detoxifying and swelling and purulent muscles, such as removing rotten muscles, sore paste, losing drug paste and other Chinese medicines including rhubarb, safflower, angelica, etc., which is the product of activating blood circulation.It should not be used; and Bailing Ointment and Bailu Dan are not good for pregnant women because they contain toxic ingredients.

Nine Chinese medicines that pregnant women cannot eat are easy to miscarriage

9. Remove dampness

All Chinese medicines that treat edema, diarrhea, phlegm drinks, jaundice, turbidity, wet diarrhea, etc., such as biliary stone tablets, gallstone, etc., all have the effects of moisture and water, pass through diarrhea, so pregnant women should not take it.Essence

Not only these Chinese medicines, you can’t eat it during pregnancy.Pregnant women also need to pay attention to the details of taking Chinese medicine during pregnancy.

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