Ninth Weekly Pregnancy

How to give birth to a healthy baby?It is the most concerned issue for every young couple.Based on the physiological characteristics of pregnancy and the order of fetal development, this article has introduced the preparation of pre -pregnancy physiology and psychological preparations, and related knowledge such as nutrition, health care, prenatal education, and preparation before and after childbirth.And for the expectant mothers, I set up a template for writing a pregnancy diary to record the hardships and sweetness of the conceived birth in October. When the baby grows up, he recalls the happy time with him.Most importantly, pregnancy diary allows you to communicate with doctors better during pregnancy.

three.The third month of pregnancy

Entering the third month is a critical period. At the beginning of 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus is still small, but the nutrition required is not the amount of nutrition, but the quality of quality. In particular, there are more protein, sugar and vitamins.After 11 weeks of pregnancy, due to the rapid growth and development of the fetus, nutrition is increasing.From this period, not only the quality of food is high, but the amount has gradually increased.Avoid spicy, salty, and cold foods, mainly light and nutritious foods.

The focus of this month: maintain a good mentality, prohibit sexual life, and listen to happy music or nursery rhymes.This time is the most susceptible time. It should stop intense sports, physical labor, travel, etc., avoid excessive labor in daily life, pay attention to quietness.

9 weeks of pregnancy

Knowledge zone


From now on, your embryo can be called "fetus" or "baby".In order to accept new residents, your uterus swells very much. Now the size of the fetus is about 2.5 cm and weighs 2 grams.And many positions in the fetus have changed, such as the small tail of the embryo period is gone.All organs, muscles, and nerves are now working.Hands bending slightly from the wrist, and his feet began to get rid of the shaped appearance.Eyes began to cover your eyes.

2.Pregnancy physiology

Vaginal secretions during pregnancy increase, pay attention to keeping perineal cleaning.Wash the vulva with water every day.Because the vaginal secretion increases after pregnancy, sometimes it feels itchy, so be sure to wash it every day.Try not to wash the doses, avoid taking a bath, or rinse the vagina, otherwise it will affect the normal pH environment of the vagina and cause infection.After washing, you can put on a loose gown or skirt, wait for the pussy air to dry, and then put on underwear, which can effectively prevent the pussy and itching!In addition, it is best to clean the anus after the stool.When cleaning, pay special attention to the vulva first, and then wash the anus.What examinations do I have to do in the early stages of pregnancy?

In about 3 months of the fetus, doctors will use gynecological peepwers to investigate your vagina and cervix to see if the development of reproductive organs is normal; observe whether the vaginal mucosa is congested, the color and amount of vaginal secretions are normal, and whether there is odor.If there is a bleeding phenomenon during early pregnancy, do not keep confidential of the doctor. At this time, you need to carefully check the cause of the bleeding, whether it is related to vaginal and cervical erosion or threatened abortion, which provides a basis for treatment.In addition, leucorrhea can help understand whether there are trichomoniasis and mold in the vagina. If necessary, the chlamydia, mycoplasma, and gonococci are performed.In order to prevent these infections from affecting embryonic development and inducing abortion.

4.What diseases are susceptible during pregnancy?

The hemoglobin of healthy adult women is less than 110 g/L can be diagnosed as anemia, and for pregnant mummy, the blood will be relatively diluted due to the increased blood capacity of pregnancy. ThereforeEssenceAt this time, the pregnant woman not only stood up and dizzy, her eyes were dark, her eyes were rigid, and her blood had a decreased blood and oxygen capacity, which affected the fetal nutrition absorption.In general, newborns are not anemia, but the iron reserves in the body will be less than normal newborn. After three or four months of birth, babies who drink breast milk may be anemia. The immunity is reduced.

5.Nutritional supplement

Because the baby’s blood needs to be manufactured from the mother’s blood, protein and other raw materials, the consumption of iron during pregnancy is increased compared to non -pregnancy.At the same time, the problem of blood dilution during pregnancy is more likely to cause hemoglobin.If the hemoglobin continues to decline, it will cause the body’s immunity decrease, susceptible to infection, malnutrition of fetus, and slow development.Severe anemia can even cause life -threatening the consequences of life -threatening dysfunction and severe bleeding during childbirth.

It is recommended that you eat some iron -rich foods during pregnancy: such as the liver and heart of animals, eat 1-2 times a week for about 2 or two.Red lean meat and animal blood can be eaten frequently.These are rich in iron in hemoglobin and muscle red protein, and the human body is easy to absorb and utilize.Sesame, red dates, red beans, purple glutinous rice, black fungus, etc. are indeed high in plant -based foods, but the absorption of plant -based food is far lower than animal food.Food blood supplementation is better than anti -anemia, because most antowed drugs can cause nausea, vomiting or stomach pain in pregnant women.

6.Weekly prenatalism

Pregnant education is actually a benign irritation of the fetus. It mainly develops the vision of the fetus through the irritation of the sensation, which is conducive to the cultivation of future observation; the development of fetal hearing is conducive to the sensitivity to the future reaction to things; the movement of the development of the fetusIt is conducive to the coordination of children in the future, agile response, and cleverness.Therefore, in addition to listening to music, pregnant women should also contact Qinqi, painting and painting, and arrange for pregnant women to watch more paintings, flower exhibitions, science and technology exhibitions, and read more easily, optimistic and beautiful literary works, and learn flower arrangement, photography and embroideryWait for knowledge and operation, cultivate your own sentiments, and communicate with the fetus with the fetus.


Now you need to drink a lot of fluoride water, so that you will get enough fluoride, calcium and phosphorus will ensure the development of your fetus’s teeth and bones.

When drinking water every day, you should pay attention to drinking a large glass of cold water before breakfast, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, facilitate defecation, and prevent hemorrhoids.

Recording area

Nian, month, day -day weather

1.Mom’s condition

Diet situation · Sleep situation · Weight situation · waist circumference · exercise situation, mental state


Name · Startup Time · Treatment Situation


Drug name · Dose · Time · What are the reflection

4.Whether to contact X -ray or other radioactive substances

Date · Times · Location

5.Others: (including changes in work, traveling, trauma and major mental trauma, etc.)

6.Mom’s mood:

7.Dad’s mood:

It should be noted that because the fetal development has individual differences, the doctor must be diagnosed as the diagnosis, and do not move hard.If you think the above content is helpful to you, please like and follow!

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