No pregnancy, but I haven’t come for 3 months!After the test, it turned out to be polycystic ovarian disease

No pregnancy, but I haven’t come for 3 months!After the test, it turned out to be polycystic ovarian disease

The menstruation that should be came has not come, the hair is sparse, how can you not lose weight if you want to lose weight, there are more and more acne, and there is no ovulation infertility.Do you take medicine?However, the medicine is also easy to accompany more or less slight side effects. Is there any other way? There are no medical backgrounds here. After reading a lotI couldn’t understand the solution clearly. Today, Dr. Zhao shared 2 techniques from a more authentic polycystic weight loss case to help everyone simply and healthy improvement of PCOS in life.

Drink control polycystic students

Before the beginning, let’s talk about: What is a versatile?

Patients suffering from PCOS will secrete high amounts of male hormones in their body, which will cause the ovarian structure to be polycystic. It is also because of endocrine changes.

Life conditioning reverses polycystic

Let’s take a look at the basic situation of the polycystic trainee in the drink control class. One of her friends recommended is a catering worker, 31 years old, female, 170 height, weighing 77kg, the menstrual cycle is not stable, the goal is to go the goal isThe weight loss to 60kg has been maintained. The problems encountered currently have memory loss. It is easy to tired after eating. The abdominal fat accumulates, the blood pressure is low, the low pressure is around 55, and the history of the polycystic warm field is 7-8 years.After eating three meals, I tried to lose weight just more hard, the more frustrated, the more fatter, the more I did not confidence, and I simply gave up, and the exercise was very few.It is easy to become hungry, and at the same time, there are hypoglycemia, that is, if you do n’t eat, you will shake, panic, pale, always want to lose your temper., Metabolic damage performance,

Hypoglycemia after meals

With so many problems, there are not only physiological problems such as: metabolic damage, but also psychological.It is difficult to lose weight. I was born as fat, and I could n’t lose weight for a lifetime.

What I heard behind this is a kind of concern, that is, I worked hard to lose weight, but the result still did not improve, so do you have to admit yourself, it is really bad, so let’s see people who have a thin physique around me.It becomes a kind of natural quality, and I will not be so stressful. This kind of wanting to learn and is afraid of injury, I can experience it, so

Finding the problem, the more frustration, the more frustration is, it is important., We need to use the real cause after finding these surface problems. Let’s take a look at the student’s test form.

Insulin resistance

Let’s talk about the physiological level first. Let’s look at a very new study in 2015 and point out that overweight women (BMI> 25), as long as the three prongs from diet, exercise, and psychology are only in less than three months.That is, the problem of skin and acne has been greatly improved, and the continuous follow -up of this health plan for half a year, most of the symptoms related to PCOS have been significantly improved.Maybe you think it is difficult to achieve?In fact, it’s really simple!

Pull back to our body, look at the student’s test form, blood sugar, and the glycation index are normal, a bit surprising, but after seeing the insulin secretion test of OGTT, insulin and C peptide secrete it74.5 Normal weight friends are generally near 35, which is doubled. This is not scary. The insulin of meals 2 reaches 1000pmol. Normal people are nearly 200 times, which is 5 times higher.Insulin resistance caused by very typical high insulinmia. In the end, 22 Ng of his vitamin D dish indicates that the insufficient vitamin D can also cause inflammation of the body and the brain, and the memory decreases.From a physiological analysis, his weight loss has fallen into a reincarnation that is harder and more frustrated. The most important diet lies in this high insulin ledmia caused by insufficient nutrition. Breaking this dead cycle, it is necessary to slowly repair the slow repair.The metabolism began.

” At this time, you must be curious about those people will be a good crowd?

Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome are in their age, especially half of women in their 10s to 20 years, especially in half of patients, all of which are in the physical condition of BMI overweight or obese.

Obesity and polycysts can be said to be a vicious cycle formed by each other, because obesity often leads to hormonal abnormalities. Generally, the male hormonal concentration of male hormones in general girls will increase the male hormone hormone.Insulin impedance makes it difficult for organs to use and store glucose. The blood sugar is easy to be high, fat begins to accumulate, and it becomes fatter.

Pulling back to physiological problems, high insulin ledis polycylei cause metabolic damage and cannot effectively burn fat. While increasing trace nutrition, he also formulated a set of elastic low -carbon diet plans to help him reduce high insulin ledmia.

As a result, it has a lot of obsession and fear of weight loss, and it is not good to maintain a good state. I can’t reduce fat, and then be restricted. How can I end this bad psychology and diet and start a new elastic diet plan at the same time.Simple is to establish a sense of control from action and psychology,

Learn 1. Self -affirmation, practice mindfulness and meditation every day, and convert pressure into power

2. Learn to solve problems, such as learning a simple exercise skills to solve inlet resistance every day

3. Learn to set goals. One day a small goal that can be controlled, such as which high sugar drinks are replaced with a good drink according to my 6 -stage diet. After having a sense of control, the cycle gradually achieves its own goals.

As if the mountain weight is not moving, it has finally begun to decline, from 77kg to 75.2kg,

Is it very simple?As long as you record the diet and Dr. Zhao’s assistance, let Dr. Zhao help you pick out good food and encourage you to exercise, and then lose weight to the goal healthy, you can leave the trouble brought by the syndrome of polycystic ovarian!

In the end, there is a sentence very cruel and realistic

That is, if you do not choose for your own life, others will make a decision for you

, So I encourage you to think about it, do you really have to give obese control in your life, and in the face of life that is kidnapped by food and eating time, you really want to spend three years, five years, ten yearsThe time, do you continue to live like this?

90 -day drink control trainee to lose weight successful picture

In the end, specially said:

If you want to stop there is a new change, the simplest first step is to learn to end first, so that you will have the beginning you want, and find the sense of control of life. What you needClarify the real cause behind obesity and find a method that suits you. The study of this part is that in the practical experience of many years, Teacher accompanied many people to face the frustration of life and see the opportunity of her change.Deeply discovered, that is, only if a person is there, he feels that he has a sense of control in front of him, so that he can enter a healthy and thin state and make choices for himself again.You take back the sense of control and start to approach the important entrance to deep thinking. If you want to learn more, I encourage you to join now, live out the changes you want, look forward to your addition, I hope I can follow you online with youGo ahead together, then I will talk to you today

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