Novel: "Blood!", There was a pain in the lower abdomen, so she realized that she might be pregnant

The time was half a month.

The night enters the curtain.

Qin Ya turned on the computer and sent two photos to a strange mailbox. She found another card number and hit 20,000 yuan.

Soon, there was a message over there.

"The money has been received, three days later at 10 o’clock in the morning, the mailbox at the door."

Like the underground party, Qin Ya deleted all the records. After turning off the computer, she was lying in bed uneasily.

She found an intermediary company on the Internet to help getting a passport.

If you really want to take your daughter away, you must not be in China, otherwise Gunancheng’s power will be found sooner or later.

This is also her helpless move.

She was aggrieved by herself, but she did not want to watch her daughter shrink in a small room with the bird turtle with broken wings.

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, Qin Ya turned over and slept.

Good night dream.

In the early morning of the next day, Gu Nancheng knocked on the door of Qinya’s bedroom earlier.

Today, he looks good, and it seems that there is something happy, his eyes are shiny.

Qin Ya sat up from the bed and thought of what happened last night.

Gu Nancheng put the breakfast on the table, went straight to Qin Ya, hugged her tightly, so excited that he was shaking.

Qin Ya finally noticed that something was wrong, "What’s wrong?"

She earned a few times and did not break his arms.

"It’s done."

Gu Nancheng’s voice was excited. "I use employees within the Lu family to allow them to sell a lot of stocks. As long as I support today, I can completely control the Lu family!"

Qin Ya was happy for him, even thinking about it ——

The Lu family fell, would he also divorce Lu Yuran?I and the point of myself finally came out?

The next moment, I heard Gu Nancheng a little blame and said, "But Lu Yuran is still a bit troublesome. Only she knows the position of the jadeite.She won’t be able to support it for a long time. "

Qin Ya’s just warmed heart was extremely cold.

Lu Yuran did not divorce Gu Nancheng a day, she was the third of the day.

The last time the check was found, it was Lu Yuran’s hands and feet behind her … but even so, Gu Nancheng had to be patient with her.

Qin Ya’s thoughts floated on the day she was a maid in Gu’s family.

What dreams do you do.

Qin Ya’s aura was darkened suddenly. How could Gu Nancheng can’t see it?

He coaxed a few words, Qin Ya was still cold, Gu Nancheng helplessly, so he had to say, "Today I saw a cake shop on the side of the road, smelling a good taste, or take you to customize some cakes?"

Qin Ya did not refuse.

First, she hasn’t gone out for a long time, but she also wants to inquire about the nearby environment. Then to see if Gu Nancheng arranged for other people to supervise her and point except for those two nanny.

After Qin Ya changed his clothes, he went downstairs with Gu Nancheng.

The male and female pretty, look like a pair of beauty from the back.

The two walked to the cake room. The cake room was located on a lively street. People came and went. Qin Ya customized a mousse cake. He drank two cups of coffee in the pastry shop and Gu Nancheng, and ate some snacks.Nympho

One hour later, the cakes handed the cake to Qin Ya.

"You go slowly."

He said respect.

Qin Ya said thanked, raised his feet to go out, and found a familiar figure walking around the road–

It turned out to be her.

Why did you encounter it again!You can hit every time you go out!

Qin Ya hurriedly looked at Gu Nancheng around him.

Sure enough, Gu Nancheng’s face was not very good -looking.

Gu Nancheng brought Qin Ya back to his original seat.

He saw Qin Yemo’s face, clenched her hand, promised, "Wait, Xiaoya, I will never let you be wronged again."

His expression was too sincere and sincere, Qin Ya could understand his embarrassment and struggle.

The only relative and grandfather died, and he had amnesia for several years. In order to revenge, he did not have the means. In order not to expose his true lover, he banned her in a small room and did not let her appear in front of people.


The wrong thing was her, stirring with a ignorant daughter.

Qin Ya smiled and didn’t speak. He thought about going back at night and fixed the air ticket.

This day is enough.

Gu Nancheng’s phone bell suddenly rang.

As soon as he looked at the number, his face changed.

"The company’s affairs." Gu Nancheng patted Qin Ya’s shoulder and pointed at the bathroom. "I’ll answer the phone."

"Okay." Qin Ya smiled tenderly.

After he walked, Qin Ya hadn’t stopped breathing, and saw Lu Yuran break into the bakery. He also followed the ladies who were shopping together and wore gold and silver.

Qin Ya’s eyes jumped slightly, and she wanted to block her face subconsciously, but Lu Yuran had rushed over and pointed at her nose and scolded–

"Sure enough, it is you! Is Acheng just with you? Miss Qin! Why are you so shameless! Hook up with other people’s husband!"

唰 唰

Everyone’s doubt, founding, and accusations looked over, and Qin Yatang now had nowhere to hide.

She defended stiffly, "Ms. Lu, you might read it wrong, I …"

"I! You are the fox! You are also you in the test room last time? You have a face to buy cakes like a junior three?!" Speaking was Xiao Yu, who met in the mall last time.

The young lady circle hates those shameless primary three.

Without waiting for Lu Yuran to order, she rushed across Lu Yuran, grabbed Qin Ya’s hair, and dragged her to the ground.

"If you grow up like this, you will be a junior! You can’t live without hooking up with a man, right?!"

Qin Ya’s belly was kicked.

Qin Ya just stuck out.

She covered her belly, and suddenly remembered something–

Her menstruation seemed to haven’t come for several months.

There was something down to fall down her lower abdomen. Qin Ya forgot to return his hand in the fight of Lu Yuran, but just looking at her pants …

Yin Hong’s blood flowing down his thighs, the small belly, tearing pain.



Someone screamed in the crowd.

Lu Yuran and Xiao Yu were also startled, looked at each other, and were ready to leave.

They only planned to teach Qin Ya, but they did not intend to kill Qin Ya!

"What are you doing!"

—— A angry male voice came from behind. Gu Nancheng squeezed the crowd and saw Qin Ya, who was lying on the ground and covered his belly curled up in pain.


He exclaimed, hurriedly hugged Qin Ya, but his hands encountered sticky blood …

Blood flowing along the ground.

The expression on his face ranged from shock, to stun, to panic!


This sound, hoarse throat, seemed to be confirming something incredible.

Qin Ya was hooked by his voice out of the pain in the bottom of his heart. Tears rolled out. She passed her head on the side, and her pale lips trembled and said, "I should have children."

Now, the child must be gone.

Gu Nancheng was split by lightning.

His hands tremblingly hugged Qin Ya, his pale and numb eyes turned around, and Lu Yuran fell in front of him.

The bottom of the eyes shot hatred.

"You play. Isn’t it?"

He fists tightly, squeaking of the bones, and his eyes were indifference and resentment that Lu Yuran had never seen before.

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