Novel: Daughter -in -law pregnancy

According to common sense, who is the child in the belly of the daughter -in -law?The most clear person should be his son.

But in the face of a daughter -in -law who had suddenly become pregnant, his son stated that the child was not his!

What’s even more strange is that after the son said this, her mother -in -law not only did not blame her daughter -in -law, but forced her son to recognize the child!

What is this?Why should my mother -in -law do this?

Who is this child?

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In the recent time, Wang Xiaoran always felt that he had no appetite. He always vomited a little bit, and always pantromic acid in his stomach.There was no way this morning, and Wang Xiaoran asked for leave at home.

After sleeping for a while, Wang Xiaoran began to vomit again. Looking at the slightly bulging belly in the mirror, Wang Xiaoran suddenly guess that he would be pregnant?

As soon as I had this idea, Wang Xiaoran quickly ordered the takeaway and bought the test strip back.

In this test, the two red bars are on the paper, and Wang Xiaoran is pregnant.

However, Wang Xiaoran didn’t seem to be very happy about this heavenly gift, and even sitting on the toilet and thinking about how to explain this matter with her husband Jiang Xiaobai at night.

"Okay, Wang Xiaoran, do you even do such a thing? Where do you let my face go?"

After Wang Xiaoran expected, after the husband Jiang Xiaobai came back at night and heard about it, the Thunder was angry.The fingers holding the test strip are trembling slightly.

"No, you listen to me, this child is yours. Although I don’t know why there is, I can determine that this child must be yours, after all, I only have been with you."

Wang Xiaoran explained a little embarrassed, but Jiang Xiaobai waved Wang Xiaoran’s hand and scolded: "In the end I am a fool, or you are deceiving, we know it. Neither of us are like this.The idea, so all you should do, how can there be children? "

Jiang Xiaobai became more excited, and even rushed back to the bedroom, throwing all Wang Xiaoran’s suitcases and a cabinet’s clothes, letting Wang Xiaoran get out.

Wang Xiaoran cried and said to Jiang Xiaobai that she checked in the afternoon. In that kind of thing, it was possible that accidents occurred. Maybe it was an accident this time?

However, Jiang Xiaobai was unwilling to believe that Jiang Xiaobai was a doctor and was very clear about women’s safety period.The last time he had his wife was not only a safe period, but also other guarantees.

After finishing the matter, I still ate Yuting. If I can still get pregnant in this case, it is really a strange thing.

The two could not argue at home, and his wife Wang Xiaoran insisted that the child was Jiang Xiaobai.However, Jiang Xiaobai said that the child could not be his own.

Just when the two were stalemate, the mother -in -law just danced back from the square and danced back. When they saw the two people blowing their beard at home, they asked what was going on.

"Can you do anything," Jiang Xiaobai told his mother at the beginning and end of it.

"What?" As soon as her mother -in -law heard this, her brain was buzzing. She looked at Wang Xiaoran and asked: "Xiao Ran, our family is not thin to you!"

"Mom, it’s not what you think. I haven’t done anything sorry for the old Jiang family." Wang Xiaoran wiped his tears grievancely and stuffed the test strip into the mother -in -law’s hand.

"I and her Wang Xiaoran is possible, but it is impossible to conceive the child? So if she is in An An, what is the child?" What? "What?"

Mother -in -law looked at the two red bars and laughed? A slap fan turned on his son’s face, and he looked at him with a white eyes: "What are you shy, quickly kneel down and apologize to your daughter -in -law.your!"


Why did my mother -in -law say that?

How did she determine that the child was Jiang Xiaobai?

Under the layer protection, how did children come to the two?

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