Novel: Girlfriend is pregnant, but he is just a worker, no car and no house, she: I don’t care

According to my mother, my birthday is September 22 of the lunar calendar.

After two months, I was twenty years old.

At this age, I heard the news of Meng Xin’s pregnancy. In fact, I didn’t feel much surprised.

Because at that time, I didn’t understand what the three words "father -in -law" meant, and there was no legal awareness.

Moreover, I grew up in the mountain village, and I have seen too many peers who have become dads at the age of eighteen or nine years old, and even think that it is a matter of course.

But even so, my heart was somewhat nervous.

Because I don’t know how Meng Xin gave birth to the child, how should I raise the child.

Take the child to continue to live with Meng Xin on the coast?

Or is it resident in Qin Province?

To put it plainly, Meng Xin and I can do it, but I know that once our children are born, we cannot come from temperament.

I was silent.

Think of his biological parents again.

In other words, even if I have suffered a lot of hardships, I am still naive at the age of 20. Although this innocence is very different from childhood, it is really different with my biological parents and no biological parents.Feel.

When you encounter difficulties, you can’t help thinking of them.

Now Meng Xin may be pregnant, and it is a relatively difficult choice for me.

Before my biological parents did not find me, what I thought was to change my current situation with Meng Xin with both hands.

After my biological parents found me, although I said it was just back to Qin Province, I couldn’t deny the sound from my heart.

Because I think involuntarily.

What exactly does my biological parents look like?

What kind of environment I grew down to two years and three months.

Will I live with my biological parents in the future?

Will the biological parents be responsible for me?

I know that biological parents have been tortured by time for seventeen years in order to find me, but can they really accept me now?

Can I really accept Meng Xin?

Most importantly, can they accept Meng Xin’s pregnancy?

When Meng Xin saw that I didn’t speak, he asked softly, "Obviously, do you not like children?"

I don’t want to say, "I like it, but … there is no psychological preparation."

Meng Xin laughed, "Fool, do you think I am mentally prepared?"

I asked, "Really pregnant?"

Meng Xin said frustrated, "It’s been a week since it’s not here."

I said, "Then, I think the child will be more motivated after the child is born."

Meng Xin paused, and suddenly asked, "Obviously, you tell me the truth, do you want to stay with your parents, or do you continue to go back to the coast with me?"

I said, "Listen to you, where do you like? Where are I?"

Meng Xin leaned into my arms, silent for a while, sobbing and said, "Qin Province is far from my grandma."

I feel uncomfortable.

I can appreciate Meng Xin’s mood at this time.

She is making a choice for me, she is giving up freedom for me …

And I do n’t want me to love Meng Xin because of my affairs.

Of course, this is the first time she made me realize that she was choosing.

I stroked her hair and asked, "Are you scared?"

Meng Xin said, "If you are around you, what’s so scared?"

I kissed her forehead hard and said, "Don’t worry, even if you arrive in Qin Province, I will rely on my own efforts to raise you and children. I will definitely find a job.Your grandma picks it up. "

Meng Xin hugged me tightly, crying and saying, "Why are you so good?"

I hugged Meng Xin tightly and said, "Actually, I’m afraid, I’m afraid they are too good to me, and I’m afraid they are not good to me."

Meng Xin said, "I think your parents are all kinds of good and good people, they are all good."

I didn’t speak.

I don’t know how to express my parents’ feelings.

For me, they are still two strangers.

Perhaps it is because my mind has never been in memory of them.

This feeling makes people feel at a loss, it is the feeling that you can’t catch anything in a white space.

Time passed one minute and one second …

I was lying on the train, I couldn’t sleep, my mind was full of messy thoughts.

Repeat the previous concerns and recall the pain of the past.

The two people in the mountains who have given me despair and pain have already known my biological parents to find me?

What is their mood now?

My hukou was still holding in their hands, like an invisible dog rope!

The way to "go home" is long.

When I arrived in Qin Province · Anshi, it was already midnight the next day.

It was a black Mercedes -Benz who came to pick us up.

I haven’t even seen it, I only know the logo.

The driver is a youth, who is very sophisticated, wears a pair of frameless glasses, and is very successful.

After getting out of the car, he locked his eyes on my body, and his eyes were sharp.

For a while I felt that I was in front of him, and my heart seemed to be red.

He is like a behemoth.

And I like the ant in the gap.

My dad said to me with a smile, "Winter, this is the cousin of your uncle’s house, called Li Feng."

I looked at Li Feng in restraint, and called him with the voice that I could only hear, "Cousin."

In front of Li Feng, I was inferior and nervous.

The self -confidence on his body seems to be able to learn it forever.

He was still looking at me with sharp eyes, and asked strongly, "What are you just calling me? I didn’t hear it, you call it again."

My forehead was suddenly covered with sweat.

My mother suddenly pushed Li Feng, and laughed and scolded.

Li Feng’s serious expression suddenly smiled, "Er Ao, I just teased him." Then I looked at Meng Xin next to me and asked my mother, "Who is this little girl?"

My mother can’t help it, "Winter Winter Girlfriend."

Li Feng smiled and looked at me up and down, saying, "It’s not delayed!"

I was ashamed and could only hold Meng Xin’s hand tightly.

My dad said Li Feng’s sentence, "Oh, how much nonsense your kid, get on the car, go home."

Sitting in the car, I didn’t dare to say anything with me and Meng Xin.

Like two fools, watching the neon light outside the window.


Give me and Meng Xin an unprecedented strangeness.

My mother kept holding my hand and introduced me to the relatives at home.

Grandma has passed away, and Grandpa is seriously ill.

I have a uncle, four uncle, and three aunts.

Among my peers, I am ranked third.

Li Feng is my elder brother.

The second brother has not returned in foreign countries.

Under me, there are a lot of cousins and cousin cousin.

In addition to these relatives, my mother also introduced me to my family background.

The Li family used to mine oil. Later, the state did not let private oil wells, so they handed all the oil wells, and then made a coal mine.

In Qin Province, the Li family also does steel and real estate business.

I never dreamed that my family was so rich and huge!

Is it true?

If it is true, is this my luck?

At least in the subconsciousness, this is my luck.

I can’t help but feel surging!

Because I have become accustomed to poor life, I am fantasizing, what does the rich people look like?

What kind of house do they live?

Is it the kind of big villa?

When I get home, what I see is indeed a big villa, and the entire family lives in a villa area.

At a glance, it is the old house that can only be seen in the TV series.

However, born in such a large family, returning to such a big family is not my luck, but another unfortunate start of my misfortune.

Because when I returned to the Li family who was like a heaven, the first thing I was facing was my grandfather who had never met, a sudden brain hemorrhage!

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