Novel: When she learned that she was pregnant, she was sad: I don’t want to let the president take away my baby

Wentian Lang was still in thought after hanging up the phone.

Qi Hang did not have the child’s information, only Sangshu’s personal information and work experience.

If the two children said that the two children are really mulberry, they can be counted as age.That night they did not take any measures, and she was also possible to win.

What would that woman look like?

I don’t know why, he had faint expectations.

Thinking, he stood up and took the car key out of the door.

Sang Shu didn’t know how she walked out of the hospital, and she kept thinking about the call of Li Zimu in her mind.She dare to be sure that the side of the phone was the demon -like man.

What should we do now?He already knows the existence of the baby. After the parent -child identification is determined to be his child, will he snatch them away?

She was in a huge panic that was about to lose her children, and Qiao Yu even asked her to respond a few times.

"Sang Sang, don’t worry too much." Gu Wanyue thought she was worried about being cautious and took her shoulders softly. "I know that doctor, although people look a little bit of being dazed, butMedical skills are absolutely okay, otherwise you can’t become the director of the heart surgery of the central hospital and the heart of the heart of the city of the central hospital. Since he says it’s okay, don’t be too nervous. "

Sang Shu returned to God and looked at Gu Wanyue blankly.

This is her best friend, but her understanding of her is limited to her study, work, and personality. She does not know what kind of family she grows up, and she is not clear about her circle of friends outside herself.Although I know she is really good to herself, but …

When she knew that she knew Wen Tianlang and Li Zimu, and the relationship seemed to be good, she was as uncomfortable as blocking stone.

Gu Wanyue saw Sang Shu’s words without saying a word, but just looked at himself in a daze, and had doubts and panic he had never seen before.

"What happened to Sang Sang? Don’t scare me!" Gu Wanyue shook her vigorously and wanted to wake her up.

"How long have you been knowing Wen Tianlang and Dr. Li?" She finally asked.

Why did you suddenly ask Tian Lange?Although he was puzzled, Gu Wanyue still said the truth: "We grew up together when we were young."

She never told Sang Shu about her growth experience and her family, because she felt that it was not important for their friendship.

"Sang Sang, you can tell you what you want to know." Gu Wanyue was also afraid, fearing that Sang Shu was intentionally concealed because of this misunderstanding.

Sang Shu looked at the anxiety and sincerity in her eyes, and suddenly relieved.Don’t you know what kind of person she is?Why do you doubt that she will deceive herself and betray herself?

Holding her hand, Sang Shu smiled and gave her a firm look.

In Gu Wanyue’s opinion, this look is more useful than a hundred sentences, because she knows what it means.They still tacitly tacitly like five years ago, and they knew what the other person was thinking about one look and one action.

This problem no longer plagues mulberry, and another more severe problem has to find a way to face it.

Wen Tianlang opened the place where Sangshu lived according to the address found by Qi Airlines. He couldn’t wait to see two little guys, although he was not sure that they had parental relationships.

The place where the mulberry live is a high -end community -Lishui Jiayuan, which is coincidentally Wen Tianlang also has a property here.

He soon found Block D of Sangshu. When he got off the car, he suddenly saw a black Mercedes -Benz slowly from the rear mirror, and the person sitting in the driver’s seat was Qiao Yu.

Thinking of his relationship with Sang Shuna’s obviously surpassing superiors, and he came here at this point, Wen Tianlang intuitive Sangshu was in his car.

Thinking of this, he retracted the hand that was about to drive.

Black Mercedes -Benz stopped behind his car.Sure enough, after Qiao Yu came down, he came out of an elegant middle -aged woman, and Gu Wanyue led two similar little boys, and finally came out of the slightly tired mulberry tree.

His gaze was suddenly on that pair of pink -carved villains, and the childish face that resembled the narrow version was shocked for a while.

At this point they were hugged by Qiao Yu, and one was held by a mulberry tree.The two children have the same mushroom head, and they are the same children’s clothing with the same color.It’s just a pale face with the child holding the child, probably the sick one.

Suddenly, the child hugged seemed to find Wen Tianlang looking at him, smiling at him, and his mouth together, as if he was saying "uncle,".

Seeing cautiously look back, I laughed and said dumb, and Sangshu was curious: "Be careful, what are you looking at?"

Shouldn’t reach out and pointed out: "In that car, I saw the handsome uncle we met at the airport last time!"

Everyone turned around, but did not see anyone in the car.

"Well, be cautious, where is anyone?" Sang Shu turned back in doubt and moved forward. "Let’s go home, you have to rest well!"

"Okay!" Shen Shen did not justify, because when he pointed at the uncle just now, he made a gesture of him.

When Wen Tianlang straightened his waist, they were about to walk into the building.

The reason why he did not let Sang Shu see that she didn’t want her to know that she had known the existence of her child.This woman often does not play cards according to common sense, but he doesn’t want to have extraordinary branches.Also, he has some things that are not sure, and he has to take further action when he has to wait for everything.

The hugged little guy saw him raised his head, spitting his eyes with a small tongue and blinking his eyes, and he stretched out his small hand to be ok.

Wen Tianlang continued to rise by the corner of the lips by the little guy, and his eyebrows were stained with a smile. Even he didn’t know how gentle his eyes were at this time.

Although the adults did not pay attention, Guoguo saw a series of movements of cautiousness, and suddenly turned to look at the car he said just now, and saw a handsome man who seemed to be laughing at Shen Shen.

That man did met at the airport when they came back, but how could he appear here?

Leng Buding was watched by another little guy with a thoughtful look. Wen Tianlang’s smile had a momentary stiffness, but he had to recover as usual.

The slightly frowning eyebrows, sharp little eyes, and cool little expression, really exactly the same as when I was a kid!

Although he just saw his sons secretly, Wen Tianlang’s mood was already very good!Even the Qi who had previously suffered from the mulberry was dispersed by the two little guys.

Seeing that they went in, Wen Tianlang no longer stopped.

Sangshu passed like a roller coaster on this day, and it was high and low.At this moment, I finally returned home, and the tight nerves were relaxed.

Qiao Yu and Gu Wanyue saw that she was tired and stayed for a long time. After sitting for a while, she left.The mother fell asleep carefully, and Guoguo himself didn’t know what he drumped in front of the computer.

Saying with the mother who was cooking in the kitchen, Sang Shu entered his room.

Throwing herself to the bed, she lay without an image.The head was like a pot of porridge, rubbing irritatingly, or a pot of porridge, he closed his eyes simply.

so tired!Why do things come together?How to solve it?

That Wen Tianlang was just a devil. How could he provoke him?

Now he threatens Qiao Yu’s career to help him eliminate the so -called psychological shadow. In her opinion, it is completely nonsense. Who would be spit out because of his dirty things at that time?

What kind of women do you want?

No!It should be that those women are all so good at him, and every night he washed himself to his bed, and he may still pick fat and thin.

It was an exception, not only did not follow him, but did against him everywhere.This may make him feel fresh, so he thinks that he will conquer himself.What to help him eliminate psychological shadows is just an excuse.

I was thinking about it once, and I used to enjoy the service of the free cowboy by himself, and then I could get rid of him.

But he was so dead, he knew the existence of Guoguo and cautiously now.

Why is that damn Li Zimu, why is it a friend with him?He even secretly helped him do parent -child identification!

Dr. Muzi, who was driving, suddenly sneezed.

What should I do now?If he was sure that the child was him, he would definitely go?With his financial resources and power, he is no different from him!

Sang Shu wanted to get a head two, and fell asleep.

In the confused, she saw Wen Tianlang looked at herself high, and spit out her words that made her fear: "The child is mine, I want to take it away!"Go.

No!Can’t take her child away!

She shook her head sharply, and fell beside his feet when her legs were soft, hugging his legs with both hands, raising his head and begging him: "Please take them away! They are my child, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, youCan’t take them away! "

He was indifferent, and still looked at her like the kind of king of cowardly, and the corner of his mouth raised a cruel smile.Then as soon as she lifted her legs, she kicked her to the ground, and she went away with the two children crying.

"No! Guoguo! Be careful! Don’t take them away! Don’t …"

Sang Shu suddenly woke up, and patted his heart with his heart, it turned out to be a dream!

When I touched it, I found that the forehead was cold, and the face was full of tears.

I got up and went to the bathroom to wash her face, and the mother greeted her to eat outside the door.

Because of something in her heart, she had no appetite. After taking a few mouthfuls, she put down the chopsticks: "Mom, I am not very comfortable, you can eat with Guoguo, cautiously, I want to rest first."

"Guoguo, cautious, you have to listen to your grandmother, eat well!" Told the two sons, she stood up and walked towards the bedroom.

Only when I walked halfway, the doorbell rang.

Fold back to open the door, because of the uncomfortable still lowering his head, and before it seemed who seemed to be, he heard a mellow male voice rang from the top of his head: "Hello! I am a new neighbor next door, please …" care … take care …Mowing

What a familiar voice!Sang tree looks up …

"why you?"

"why you?"

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