Obviously ovulation, but why is it always not pregnant?

Ovarian ovulation usually occurs around 14 days before the next menstruation, not the 14th day of this menstruation.Therefore, the symptoms of women’s ovulation periods can probably calculate their own ovulation date based on the number of days of menstrual cycle.For example, women who have been menstruation once in 28 days will ovulation around 14 days; if 45 days of menstruation, ovulation is about one month after menstruation.The symptoms of women’s ovulation occasionally that women have not cleaned menstruation, or they are not in the ovulation period. They are pregnant once in the same room. This may be caused by sexual excitement stimulating the cerebral cortex, causing ovarian ovulation or additional ovulation in advance.

The mature ovarian is excreted from the surface of the ovary to break through a layer of filter foam on the surface of the eggs.When the eggs are discharged, a small amount of liquid in the foam flows into the lowest part of the pelvic cavity; the symptoms of female ovulation are sometimes a small amount of bleeding.Therefore, some women in female ovulation will feel the mild feeling of the anus, and at the same time, they can also feel that the lower abdomen is painful.If you pay close attention, the symptoms of the same female ovulation next month will appear on the lower abdomen on the other side. These pain female ovulation symptoms will disappear after a few hours.

Because the ovaries have not only have ovulation function, but also the secretion of female endocrine hormones, due to the fluctuation of estrogen secretion in the body before ovulation, it can cause a small amount of uterine bleeding, which is called ovulation bleeding.This is another signs of ovulation, and some women will mistakenly believe that it is irregular menstruation.

Although it is said that women will increase the chance of pregnancy in the same room during ovulation, but they can not be pregnant.Even if there is no pregnancy in the same room or several times at this time, it is normal, but if there are many times without pregnancy, other reasons may cause infertility.

First of all, women who want to get pregnant at this time need to check whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed, the egg can develop mature, whether the ovulation can be normal, whether the women’s uterine environment is suitable for fetal growth, and men also need to check the quality of sperm.Is there antibodies, etc.

If there is a normal sex life, no contraceptive measures have not been pregnant for more than a year, you can consider infertility. Please don’t be too nervous. If you are too nervous, your energy will have a certain impact on pregnancy. Please relax.There are many reasons for infertility. There are male factors and female factors. If you want to get pregnant as soon as possible, you need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination in time to treat symptomatic treatment according to the results of the inspection.

Many women have a misunderstanding of pregnancy and ovulation. They think that as long as they grasp the ovulation period, they will be able to conceal. In fact, the same room during ovulation is only higher than usual, not 100 % successful, so it is not successful in conception. ThereforeThere is no example of the same room during ovulation during ovulation.There is also an opportunity problem of sperm eggs, which has a certain relationship with the frequency of sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse and ovulation, and the strength of each person’s fertility.Sperm and eggs can survive for 48 hours after excretion, so couples who want to get pregnant should arrange sexual life a few days before and after ovulation. Don’t discouravate, and try again in the next few times.

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