On June 26, Cai Xukun was exposed to big melon!He had a relationship with girls and asked him to get fetal after pregnancy!

The melon in the entertainment industry has never been continuous, and every time it can make people eye -catching.No, today (June 26) at noon, a shocking news about the top scholar of the mainland Cai Xukun made countless netizens stunned.It turned out that Cai Xukun had a love with a girl named C with a surname C two years ago (2021), causing the other party to get pregnant unexpectedly, and was finally forced to fall into the moon.Such a private life scandal is incredible.

This breaking news comes from a netizen called "Mr. C, don’t be too brave". He claims to be the insider who claims to be the Cai Xukun incident, and publishes a series of evidence on Weibo, including Ms. C’s hospital medical records, Cai Xukun’s mother and C. CThe chat history of ladies and hospitals, a group photo of Cai Xukun and Ms. C.According to his description, this is the case:

On May 20, 2021, on the day of the Internet Valentine’s Day, Cai Xukun met with friends in a KTV shop in Chaoyang District, Beijing. During the period, he met a girl named C.The relationship between the two fell in love at first sight and had a relationship that night.At that time, the two did not take any measures to avoid Yun, nor did they leave any contact information, just a pure joy.

However, a month later, Ms. C found that she was pregnant.She panicked, found Cai Xukun through a friend, and told him about his situation.After hearing the news, Cai Xukun did not hesitate, and directly asked Ms. C to kill the child and promised to give her a compensation.On July 5th, Ms. C went to the hospital alone to perform painless R flow S technicians.She was 8 weeks pregnant at the time.

I thought the matter was over, and who knew that Cai Xukun’s mother was intervened.She suspected that Ms. C deliberately set up a bureau to frame her son and wanted to extort his money and reputation.

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So she hired a private detective tracking Ms. C, illegally installed a pinhole camera at her door, and repeatedly verified whether Ms. C was really pregnant to the hospital.She also communicated with Ms. C for compensation and agreed to give her 500,000 yuan.

However, these behaviors seriously hurt Ms. C’s mind and dignity.She felt that she was regarded as a play and a liar by Cai Xukun and his mother, and was relentlessly abandoned and insulted by them.She decided to stand up to reveal the truth and let the public know Cai Xukun’s true face.

So she contacted the four inner entertainment pavilions (Yangyang, Zhang Xiaohan, Jiang Xiaoyan, and Knowing Gua), and provided a lot of evidence.The four paparazzi also predicted the "super melon" on the evening of June 25 and promised to announce the identity of the "Master Lord" at noon the next day.

Sure enough, at noon today, they announced the name of Cai Xukun in the live broadcast and released more evidence, including Ms. C’s positive photos, photos of Cai Xukun and Ms. C, Mother Cai Xukun and Ms. C and the hospital’s chat history.Essence

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Xu’s recording exposure

Judging from these evidence, Ms. C is a beautiful woman with a pure and cold -looking, and Cai Xukun’s relationship with her does exist.These evidence also shocked and puzzled netizens, and they were shocked and puzzled.

Cai Xukun has not made any response to this storm.It is reported that Cai Xukun is currently holding a concert in Thailand, and also caused controversy due to the hot dance dance on the red platform of a female network.The two were intimate on the stage and made a lot of ambiguous actions, which made many fans dissatisfied.Now this kind of private life scandal is revealed, I don’t know how Cai Xukun will deal with it.

Cai Xukun’s fans supported idols on Weibo, saying that he would always believe in him and support him.They believe that this was a intentional slandering Cai Xukun and wanted to destroy his career and image.They also said that Cai Xukun was recording the "Run" program at the time and did not have time to go to the KTV store in Beijing.They hope that Cai Xukun can clarify the facts as soon as possible and be innocent.

Is this true or false?What happened between Cai Xukun and Ms. C?We can only wait for the further development of things to see what the truth is.

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