Once you are pregnant automatically?Female employees say the situation is true, lawyer: suspected gender discrimination

On August 28, a promise uploaded by a woman on a social platform caused heated discussions, which asked for a female employee to leave voluntarily once she was pregnant and gave up the company’s relevant responsibility.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the parties and prepared to ask her more details, but the woman involved only informed the reporter that the situation in the commitment was indeed true. As for other situations, because I had not left the job, it was not convenient to disclose more information.

Although this incident cannot have a deeper investigation at present, from the perspective of the content of the promise itself, it is indeed easy to cause female dislike.So is such a promise, does it have legal effect?

In this regard, the reporter also consulted Lawyer Nie Weichang, according to the lawyer, the employer was suspected of gender discrimination.Relevant laws and regulations pointed out in detail: female employees enjoy 98 days of maternity leave, and they can take 15 days before childbirth.Not only that, the law also clearly stipulates the employer, and it is not allowed to reduce salary and dismissal to employees during this period.

Therefore, the employer’s request for female employees to sign such a commitment is actually infringing her fertility.Lawyer Nie Weichang told reporters that the unit involved was suspected of gender discrimination. As long as the female employees are willing, they can stand up to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

The lawyer said that the reason why the female employees involved did not dare to stand up and explain in detail the situation, in fact, because the so -called promise letter caused her psychological deterrence.In real life, in fact, many people are shocked by some employers because they do not understand the Fa.

However, if the pregnant female employee is coerced or signed by the case of keeping work, then such a commitment is invalid, and they can completely retain relevant evidence and report this situation to the relevant departments.

In fact, in real life, female employees have been adjusted because of their pregnancy reasons, which have been commonly used. Some female employees have often occurred after their maternity leave.

But as Jimu News said: The whole society should create a loose environment for women, so that they can enjoy fertility welfare treatment, but also choose whether to give birth according to their wishes.You know, the most basic respect and corresponding treatment guarantee for pregnant female employees is also the bottom line that employers should always adhere to.

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