One day, my boyfriend is pregnant

In the history of human development, the biggest bug is: from ancient times to the present, only women can get pregnant.

The incident of having a child is equivalent to all the N -ways that are added together in my dictionary, and it is best not to happen.

Although many people advocate that the continuation of life is a very meaningful thing, it cannot offset the negative impact of its life: Imagine that it is not allowed to smoke and drink, not allowed to make makeup and step on high heels. Then imagine October in OctoberThe process of load and postpartum recovery.

It is not that a two -sentence mother can be auspicious and continue to be happy.

This year, many of the younger sisters around them opened the life of their wives and mothers. The consensus reached was that most people lived into single mothers.

It is said that technology creates life, and I sincerely hope that in the matter of pregnancy, I can also innovate, so that men can support a sky, for example, in October, get pregnant!

Honestly, I have been in my brain countless times, and I will come and talk today:

In 2035, scientists finally developed a technology that can give birth to life by men.

In the long years, this is the first time that men have undertaken human mission to reproduce humanity. Everyone is curious and wants to be the first batch of scientific and technological achievements. My boyfriend is no exception.

After the technology is reached, the speed of pregnancy is faster than expected, so my boyfriend has become a pregnant husband, and it automatically adapted to all changes brought about by identity conversion:

After pregnancy, he seemed to be re -installed with a happy and evil system, and he did not play games after get off work. Instead, he watched the soap opera at home, and the taste was strange.

In the past, the palace drama that had been talked about countless times, now I watched it with taste, and automatically brought the journey of the protagonist’s heart. From the white lotus all the way to become fine, I shouted at home every day to kill the queen and those concubines.The first person to be the harem;

The brainless variety show, which was very contempt, has now become a weapon for passing time. Improper small machine spirit ghosts are obviously script, but a "flower branch trembling" holding the PAD in bed alone,Like a two fool;

In addition, watching an idol drama, he didn’t pay attention to him for a while, the paper towels were spread out, and the tears were hung on his face. What the heroine was wronged again.I do n’t know who said that idol dramas were very mentally mentally handicapped.

Oh man …

It is said that people’s emotions have changed a lot when they are pregnant, and men are no exception. It is comparable to ten "female" sets of unreasonable trouble.

There are countless things every day to become a reason for his explosion. From a wake -up, I found that the quilt was pulled away by half until dinner and did not prepare his favorite rib soup.Essence

Experts say that release emotions are good for pregnant husbands, but experts do not tell us how to accompany a living volcano that erupted at any time.

Of course, girls who have talked about "blindly worried about weight" symptoms also happened to men.

In the past, he said that he was the most lovely who was fat. After pregnancy, he had to carefully lift his toes every day after pregnancy that in order to deceive himself, he had a different weight and extra weight.

It is said that they are afraid of what to come. After pregnancy, the weight is naturally soaring a day.

He was very gravity to him, and began to say this: "I look a bit fatter" "I have a stomach, I can’t put on my shirt anymore" "How can I have a face to see someone so fat?"" ".

I have to swear again again and again that if I have a child, I will be able to restore my figure to give up.

The most important thing is that pregnancy seems to have changed his brain circuit. In the past, I asked, "You don’t love me anymore", he will scold me for neurosis, and now he asks himself more diligent than anyone else.

Probably pregnancy stimulated female hormones in the body, making him lack of security.

The above -mentioned scenes are well -founded. Thinking about it in my mind, I feel that I can climax intracranial.

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