One -point maternal child · one hour consultation | Can I eat Ejiao during pregnancy?Is breast milk used for Chinese medicine tubes?

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian Reporter Qin Congcong Intern Zhou Wenjia

On the occasion of the March 8th International Women’s Day, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiyi and Jinan Maternal and Child Health Hospital specially launched "one -point maternal and child, multi -disciplinary expert live broadcast+consultation with women’s festival".From March 4th to March 8th, 15 experts were launched for 5 consecutive days. From health science to questioning to answer questions, a healthy feast was given to the majority of female friends.

At 4 pm on March 6, Zhang Ruilei, the director of the Chinese Medicine Department of Jinan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, went online to launch the Qilu Yiyi Intelligence Station to conduct "one -hour consultation" on related issues such as Chinese medicine health care and postpartum Chinese medicine rehabilitation during pregnancy.

Question: I have anemia before pregnancy. I often eat Ejiao in the past two years. Now I am pregnant. Can I eat Ejiao during this period?

Answer: Hello, did you go to the hospital for examination?Is it anemia?You should go to the hospital for an examination first, if the doctor will give you a method of treating anemia.Do you eat Ejiao, is it ordinary Ejiao or compound Ejiao?Pregnant women can eat Ejiao, but do not eat too much, and do not eat compound, eat under the guidance of a doctor

Question: 25 weeks of pregnancy, I often have back pain and leg pain. Is there any good way for the doctor?

Answer: Hello, did you have back pain and leg pain before?If you have back pain and leg pain after pregnancy, go to the hospital for check -in at the hospital to check to eliminate threatened abortion.If it is caused by cold, you can apply it properly. If the effect of the hot compresses is not ideal, please go to the hospital for a doctor for treatment.

Q: Hello doctor!My daughter -in -law was sitting in confinement. When I heard the old man said that he was sweating when confinement, but the daughter -in -law said that it was the old one, doctor, what should we do?

Answer: Hello, not everyone must sweat for confinement. If you get cold after giving birth, you can sweat appropriately under the guidance of a doctor. If there are no other discomfort, you do n’t have to sweat.

Question: Director, three months after giving birth, there is insufficient breast milk. Some friends say that drinking Chinese medicine can urge milk. Does our hospital have such a recipe?

Answer: Hello, the lack of breast milk for three months after giving birth can be treated with Chinese medicine. You can go to our hospital for treatment.

Question: The child is almost one year old, but I have always felt helpless since I was born, and I did n’t find any disease in the examination. I still want to continue breastfeeding. Can I take Chinese medicine for conditioning now?

Answer: Hello, postpartum breastfeeding, if you have no energy on your body, you can eat traditional Chinese medicine conditioning. The effect is still good and does not affect breastfeeding.

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