One Wonderful Fang added three -flavored medicinal materials to break the tubal clogging, helping a white -collar worker successful pregnancy

It was logical to have a child in the past. Few people couldn’t get pregnant or have a cesarean section.Nowadays, infertility and caesarean section have become a popularity, which must have the cause of the times.

Now the pace of life is increasingly accelerated, people’s lives are upside down day and night, their diets are irregular, and their work is seriously overdrawn.That’s why the body is not good, the qi and blood loss, the meridian is blocked, the phlegm turbidity and blood stasis are blocked, and it is difficult to have children.

A 26 -year -old woman, she was still in the process of struggling and entrepreneurship during pregnancy, she went to artificial abortion surgery.When he was preparing for a child at the age of 28, he was severely blocked because of the tubal tube, and he had not conceived his child at the age of 30.

She started to be anxious, often suffering from abdominal pain, hard, irritable in her heart, and pain.I went to the hospital for examination and found that the blocked fallopian tube was one of the major reasons for women infertility.Therefore, the hospital recommends the treatment of the liquid, and the pipeline is opened with external means.However, during the period of time, if you could not conceive your child, the pipeline will be blocked again soon, so the liquid is also a cure for its standard, and it is difficult to play a fundamental role.

Patients have pelvic inflammation, the fallopian tubes are quickly and adhered to, and abdominal pain worsened. They cannot conceive their children, and there are blood clots when menstruation comes.The double -level ruler is thin and firm, and it can be seen that the abdomen is blocked.

So I gave the party:

Cumin, dried ginger, Yanhu, no medicine, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Guan Gui, Chi Zhi, raw Puhuang, Wulingzhi, red vine, sauce grass, saponed thorns.

Fangzi is made of three -flavored medicinal materials in "Yinlin’s Wrong". The saponed thorns, with thorns are good at breaking, can open the road in the mountains, meet the water to the water, and drill the plants."Pangolic armor" in it.Sometimes it ’s not enough for the saponic thorns, and there are two needles, so that the power of breaking the defeat is stronger.For chronic abdominal inflammation cysts, it can be broken. With red vine and sauce grass, the body can be discharged and discharged.

During menstruation, a large amount of blood accumulation and dark color were diverse. Even for two months, and in conjunction with health exercise, he soon became pregnant.

This young stasis soup not only helped her clean up the inflammation of young abdominal stasis, but also discharged the body along menstruation due to the situation, and at the same time helped her to open the fallopian tube.Traditional Chinese medicine is called stasis, and it will not be born.

When the blood stasis is not completely cleaned, it is difficult to cause fresh qi and blood, because the body has blood stasis and stasis.At the same time, blood stasis is not clean, and it is difficult to sow, and it is difficult to give birth to new life.

Just like farming, we must cut off weeds, flip the soil, and soft land. In this way, the crops are sowing, so that it will easily thrive.

Sometimes helping the patient to condition her body, she still does not know care, and then she is messy and messy.Just like the child did not know how to play toys correctly, it was broken.Adults repaired the toy, and the child was tossed later. This is not a matter of repairing the level, but whether the child has the skills to use toys.

Here I remind everyone to go to bed early and get up early and get better, exercise and exercise medicines.The light diet is full of seven minutes, and the body and mind are comfortable and less ill.Because of his own habits, his body became a sinful lamb.

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