Only after pregnancy did you start to replenish folic acid?The wife is too late!Folic acid must be eaten like this to be effective

Each pair of parents want to have a healthy baby, but according to statistics, the ratio of defects in my country in recent years is getting higher and higher, so how to do a standardized problem to prevent birth defects?Let’s hear what the experts say together.

For birth defects, we often say that there are third -level prevention measures, so simply how to prevent the first level of prevention that does not cause it; second -level prevention is the birth of serious deaths or disabled children; then the third level prevention is a child.After being born, after screening, it is used to add appropriate drugs to children, or after appropriate training to treat congenital diseases, so that such children can grow and develop like normal children.

The first -level prevention is a pre -pregnancy series before pregnancy, mainly due to reproductive systems, infectious factors, and whether there is anemia. This situation can be corrected.Another thing that everyone has generally accepted is to supplement folic acid. When many female friends around us basically have intended to be pregnant, they have begun to supplement folic acid in time. What is the role of folic acid?Because the food habits of our country like to stir -fry, stir -frying will destroy folic acid in food, so it is necessary to replenish folic acid in time.

In fact, folic acid was anemia caused by anemia caused by folic acid in the past. However, folic acid that treats liquid anemia is five mg each. The folic acid supplemented by pregnancy and pregnancy is 0.4 mg per tablet, which is a small dose of folic acid.Then from the perspective of supplementing folic acid, began to use at least three months before pregnancy, and then continue to three months after pregnancy.Now we can even do genetic testing, that is, after the genetic types of these pregnant women are generated, according to the results of different testing, we can specifically guide whether each pregnant mother uses 0.4 mg folic acid or 0.8 mg folic acid. It is used to use it.Three or six months after pregnancy, you can give individual guidance based on the situation of our inspection.Adhering to scientific taking folic acid can greatly reduce the problem of birth defects of neural tube.

The average folic acid tablets are 0.4 mg, which is also the regular dose of everyone.There are also some composite preparations.General folic acid tablets are drug -based drugs. They have been used with very regular clinical and clinical trials, and they are more assured.So for composite preparations, we see if we need to need to prevent neural tube malformation or congenital heart disease, we just take folic acid so much.And taking folic acid in a small dose will not cause harm to the body, you can use it with confidence.

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