Orange Evening News / Ishihara Rimi pregnancy; Li Dongxu’s kiss scene can I watch it for free?

Okura Zhongyi and Hirose Alice’s relationship exposure

Oh?Whose CP is true

According to Japanese media reports, the two met in the Japanese drama "The Wife I knew",

Because I like drinking, I was attracted to each other during drinking and meals.

Until last summer, I had been dating for half a year.

Okura is the drummer of the group of Jennis Office of Japan.Representative works include "ROMES", Dr. DMat, "100 times crying" and so on.

Hirose Alice has entered the performing arts industry as a child star, and has appeared in film and television dramas such as "Has the Light of Tomorrow", "Deliner Girlfriend" and "Detective Fastest".

Although the two are 10 years old,

But friends around thought they were so good.

In addition, the Japanese media also contacted both parties,

None of the news of the two associated.

So … you can look forward to their public sugar!Intersection

FIAT Feifei confirmed the new crown

Is it going to fall?Intersection

Orange first introduced FIAT Feifei for the UUs:

GMM TV Artist, Thai actor and singer,

Once starring in the Thai drama "One Year Life 2" ↓

I hope Fia can recover soon

Wake up like a quarrel with his girlfriend’s car and was captured

On the 10th, some media took a picture of awakening with his girlfriend,

Called its state of madness, and his temper gradually irritable ▼

In the video, wake up and go to the mall to go shopping with his girlfriend,

After walking halfway, I woke up and sat in the car and waited for my girlfriend.

After girlfriend came back after shopping,

Standing outside the car window and waking up for a long time before getting on the car,

It seemed that it had already started to quarrel.

Subsequently, the awakened emotions gradually excited, spoke loudly, and kept scratching their hands.

According to the media, the woman in the video is Liao Yichen,

She played the role of Magic Magic Emperor Tang Xiaotang in "The Night".

The two were exposed to hidden marriage and having children some time ago,

And take a pushing a stroller to go shopping in the mall,

But awakening did not respond to this.

In addition, awakening and irritability are well -known news,

In his early years, he kicked the TV because of emotion, and I got a lot of hot search.

I wonder if it will make a response this time?Intersection

Wang Yiren will return to China due to academic relationship

According to the convention, Orange first brought UUs to understand Wang Yiren ↓

Earlier, because of the "Chinese people can’t do a great gift", they have gained the favor of many Chinese netizens.

But due to the cultural differences between the two countries,

This behavior has been attacked by many malicious attacks on …

Soon after the "kneeling worship" storm,

Lehua Entertainment said that Wang Yiren is about to return to China due to academic relationships.

During this period, Everglow’s activities in Korean will be carried out in 5 people.

Anyway, orange congratulations to PLMM can finally return home!Intersection

Ishihara Mimi Pregnancy

Congratulations to Wuli 10 yuan to get pregnant!Intersection

The due date is in the spring of this year ▼

Ishihara Mimi announced the marriage good news in October 2020.

And mentioned in a public handwriting letter that the husband is an outsider.

Ishihara, who is known as the "Japanese Drama Male God Harvest Machine", is a popular actress of Japan.

Many domestic and foreign fans have been harvested by film and television dramas such as "5 nights 9", "H2", and "Non -Natural Death".

Congratulations to the upgrade of Shiyuan as a mother!Intersection

Hope the baby grows up healthy, as beautiful as the mother!

Immersive experience INTO1 signing meeting


Orange does not allow anyone to miss the immersive signing experience of INTO1!

Even if some UUs failed to go to the signing meeting,

But the heart dynamic from the video from the video is not reduced!Intersection

Who doesn’t boast after reading: This wave is on the atmosphere?Intersection

Film and television drama comprehensive information

Watch "Faste 3" experience immersed in the sea ▼

After watching the new issue of "Flavor Earth 3. Big Seas and Little Seas" sigh, sigh,

It turns out that the real catching sea is like this …

Knowing that you need to catch the freshest seafood in the right season,

I really make oranges feel like a cloud travel,

Experience a pure fisherman’s life across the screen!

"Five Kha" Luhan understood the effect ▼

Luhan is somewhat comedian DNA!

In the snowy ball game of "Five Kha",

Luhan preferred caterpillars as mounts,

But I didn’t expect to turn over as soon as I went up,

It must be relieved after standing up, so that it can be better,

It was also cared for by the "God of Variety".

It’s really skiing for three seconds, wounding for three minutes kkkk!Intersection

Li Dongxu Han Zhien’s "Evil and Crazy" kiss scene ▼

Oh my god!Is this orange free to watch?Intersection

This is too foul!IntersectionIntersection

This kiss scene is so exciting!Okay!

Save … I really can’t stand it!Intersection

When can I have such a kiss scene?Intersection

Chen Yanan exposes the coat voice

I thought it was after the divorce of Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Yanan,

After the woman returned all the colorful gifts,

Their story should be over.

However, he did not expect that in the recent media interviews, Chen Yaman pushed the two sides to the forefront.

In the video, Chen Yanan exposed the recording that the coat was unwilling to donate to Henan.

After this recording was exposed, many netizens accused the coat of "people set up collapse",

However, the style of painting in the comment area changed,

Calling Chen Yaman’s behavior belongs to "a knife behind him".

And this is not the first time Chen Yanan has exposed the black material,

Earlier, I also revealed that there are two mobile phones alone,

Calling him is not a farmer who only uses old people’s machines in his eyes.

This really hit Brother’s face,

After all, this was admitted in person in the interview a few years ago.

SRDS, there are two mobile phones that are not strange now, right?Intersection

Therefore, the public opinion at the time did not fall to Chen Yanan.

And now there is a divorce, there is no need to come out of the black people.

As for the coat, let’s wait for an official response.

The last sentence

Happy Laba Festival ~

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