Part 2 of Pregnancy Science

1. Dental problem

(1) During pregnancy, dietary habits will find changes and irregularities. Most expectant mothers love desserts and sour foods, but sweet and acidic foods have strong corrosiveness on their teeth.The original tooth decay is worse.

(2) Increased saliva secretion during pregnancy. If the reaction during pregnancy is frequent during pregnancy, the oral cavity will be high, and the calcium of the teeth will be easily dissolved to form a hole.

Dental caries are not treated in a timely manner that affects the health and normal pregnancy life of pregnant women

2. Acute pulpitis

The pulp is acute physical injury, chemical stimulation, and infection, and there will be severe pain, especially spontaneous disadvantaging pain. Especially at night pain can also be reflected in the pain when there is temperature stimulation.

Moothyitis find a professional dentist to deal with it

3. Periodontitis

Pregnancy itself does not cause gingivitis, but because of changes in sex hormone levels during pregnancy, do not pay attention to diet mixing, so that the original chronic gingivitis increases.

During pregnancy, the level of estrogen in the body of gingivitis increases rapidly, resulting in a fierce response of periodontal bacteria. The inflammation spread from the gums to deeply, and the alveolar bone was destroyed to develop periodontitis, causing pain.

Do not pay attention to diet mixing, it is likely to cause periodontitis

4. Ginging inflammation

The level of hormone in the body during pregnancy has changed, leading to changes in the gums of blood and vessels. In addition, external factors such as not paying attention to oral hygiene, deposition of tattoos, incarnation of teeth, or breathing in the mouth are more likely to increase the inflammatory rate of gums.

Generally speaking, gingivitis during pregnancy will increase with the progress of pregnancy, but it will gradually subspeges after giving birth. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy gingivitis. It is necessary to do a thorough oral examination and periodontal basis treatment before pregnancy.

Inflammation of gums affects the health of pregnant women’s life

5. Guan Zhouyan

The inflammation of the soft tissue around the crown is just red and swollen in the early stage.

Symptoms are reflected in local swelling, enlarged lymph nodes and tenderness. For more severe cases, there will be systemic discomfort, fever, headache, etc.

It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible to relieve pain. According to the doctor’s suggestion, apply medicine, clean the mouth, and use the correct brushing method and mouthwash after daily life to maintain oral hygiene.

Guan Zhouyan should find a professional dentist in time to deal with it

6. Periodontitis

The pertine inflammation includes acute and chronic, which is generally limited to the tissue around the root tip.

Symptoms are reflected in: spontaneous pain, persistent pain, and scope limitations.

Early inflammation of the acute root tip has mild pain in the early days. If it is ignored without treatment, the inflammation will continue to develop, which will easily form acute root abscesses and cause continuous jump pain;

The symptoms of chronic root inflammation are:

Chronic Periodism

7, dental sensitivity

Symptoms are reflected in: when there is no dental caries in the teeth, when eating cold food or sour food, there is pain, which is likely to be caused by dental sensitivity.

It is recommended to use desensitized toothpaste and be careful not to stimulate the teeth alternately. Generally, it will improve.After delivery, desensitization can also be performed to completely get rid of this situation.(A desensitization therapy will not affect pregnant women)

Cold and cold are uncomfortable, tooth health is important

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