Patronous patients insist on doing these five things, and natural pregnancy is no longer difficult

I believe that every woman with polycystic will have great trouble.

Not only does the polycapus make yourself obese, but also irregular menstruation, it will prevent you from realizing your dream. With this disease, you will become unlike a woman.There are even black spiny skin.

Polycystic ovary syndrome commonly known as: endocrine disorders

Its main characteristics are acne, dark skin, hairy hair, menstruation, or very messy menstruation, obese (some patients are thin and diverse), infertility, etc.

We generally recommend that patients with obesity and polycystic at the same time need scientific weight loss while standardizing treatment.

Science weight loss generally includes:

Balanced nutritional diet -Many people are not fat because they usually eat more, but they eat wrong, and they are uneven. They can refer to the following polycystic weight loss recipes.


1. Milk/soy milk/tofu brain/yogurt/choose one

2. One egg

3. Miscellaneous bean porridge/corn/sweet potato/oats choose one to eat

4. Cucumber/tomato/green vegetables/choose one

5, fruit


1. One staple food, which is equivalent to large hand fist

2. The lean meat is equivalent to the palm of the palm

3. One serving of vegetables


1. One of the choice of pork protein/lean meat

2. Tofu brain/soymilk is appointed

3. One serving of vegetables

4. A bag of nuts


1. Vegetable+fruits, take half of the volume of a meal.

2. Light breaks every Monday to Two days (the diluting is performed after 1 month of execution of the recipe))

3. Drink plenty of water to help metabolism, drink 1,500 ml of water every day

4. Cooking pays attention to less oil and less salt.

Appropriate exercise-exercise can increase energy consumption. It is recommended to raise dumbbells for 15-20 minutes a day, and then walk for 30-40 minutes quickly, 4-5 times a week.

Maintain sufficient sleep -avoid staying up late, staying up late affects the effects and quality of weight loss. Studies have found that dysfunction, staying up late, and sleep disorders can affect the rhythm of the level and leptin.It is recommended to go to bed before 10:30, get up early and get up early, and the rules of schedule are very good for health.

Maintaining good emotions -Girls should not worry too much when facing the diagnosis of polycystic. This disease is not difficult to cure. If there is too much pressure, it will aggravate obesity. At the same time, it is necessary to actively face life andThe pressure at work, relieving anxiety, maintaining a good mood will help restore ovulation.It is recommended to expose the sun and take more deep breath.

Patronous patients still need to pay attention during the weight loss process:

Patience and persistence

Most of the polycystic patients are young people, and young people are easy to lose weight. They want to reduce 20 pounds a month, and then use some extreme weight loss methods. This extreme weight loss method will increase the symptoms of polycystic.Therefore, polycystic patients need more patience and persistence, and the weight of the monthly reduction is controlled by 4%-5%.

Pay attention to contraception

Generally, it is recommended that patients with polycystic to lose weight before preparing for pregnancy, and pregnancy is not recommended before success.The polycystic can cause irregular ovulation, or not ovulation at all, resulting in a little chance of natural pregnancy.However, there are also patients who are pregnant in the process of losing weight and conditioning, but their fertilized egg bed rate and abortion rate after bed are relatively high. At this time, pregnancy is not the most ideal state for mothers and children.Therefore, it is recommended to prepare for pregnancy after losing weight, so that it is good for yourself and your children.

Adhere to traditional Chinese medicine conditioning

This is very important. Simple weight loss cannot be cured. The symptoms of polycystic are not only obesity, but also problems such as menstrual disorders and ovulation.

Weight loss only plays an auxiliary role, and treatment can restore the disease faster.

The treatment of Chinese medicine for polycystic ovary syndrome is mostly nourishing kidney and nourishing the kidneys or nourishing the kidneys, nourishing yin, nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen.

Preliminary treatment should be guided by the situation, focusing on the dispersion of menstruation, so that menstruation is more comfortable; in the later period, the kidney yin is nourished and recuperated;Fangzhong adds warmth to the kidney yang.Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning requires a process. I hope everyone will be patient with enough patience.

At this time, the patient was puzzled. Why is it that the traditional Chinese medicine condition is not treated?Western medicine can also be treated, but the method of western medicine treatment is generally taking hormone or surgery. The treatment method is monotonous, and the treatment effect is not satisfactory, and the damage to the human body is relatively large.

To sum up, the five sentences of conditioning polycystic:

Losses to lose weight


To take Chinese medicine

Be full sleep

Make a good mood

Patience and persistence are painful, but it will bring us unexpected benefits!

Reference materials: good doctor online -healthy weight loss recipe for polycystic patients

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