Pay attention to some taboos after pregnancy

Women’s pregnancy is a very important thing. There are many things to pay attention to during pregnancy. Many small actions that usually like to do should not be done after their pregnancy, otherwise it will hurt the fetus in their belly.

First, pregnant women should not sit still for a long time.

Everyone knows that women’s weight will increase a lot after pregnancy, especially on the stomach. Many people feel back pain when they feel that they will feel back pain. If they walk a big belly, they will be very tired.Without moving, many people were unwilling to stand up for a few hours.

If pregnant women sit there for a long time, they will make their constipation more serious, because the fetus grows up a day in the stomach of the pregnant mother, they will cause the pregnant mother’s intestines to be oppressed.The intestinal space will shrink more, so the intestinal peristalsis will be worse, the constipation will become more and more serious, and even hemorrhoids will occur.

If pregnant women do not move there for a long time, the fetus may also have hypoxia and suffocation, because the oxygen in the amniotic fluid is mainly provided by the pregnant woman itself. This supply mainly comes from the blood. The pregnant woman is sitting there.The blood circulation will be blocked. After a long time, the oxygen supply of the fetus in the stomach will be insufficient, and the fetal oxygen will be insufficient, so their development will also have an impact, especially their own metabolism. Many toxins will accumulate in the fetus.

Second, pregnant women should not do strenuous exercise.

Normal people may not be able to bear severe exercise, let alone pregnant women, such as running and jumping, are not suitable for pregnant women to participate.The exercise they do every day should not be excessive, and the appropriate amount of exercise is the best for them.

Swimming or yoga can not only use the emotions of pregnant women to be soothing, but also benefit from training the fetal heart and lung breathing ability. He will absorb more oxygen, which is also very good for their brain development.

Third, pregnant women should not lead Erlang’s legs.

Many people in their lives like to lead Erlang’s legs. Even if they do not want to lead, they will unconsciously lift Erlang.

But after pregnancy, these actions must be learned, because if one leg is placed on the other leg, the knee joint of one leg will carry more weight, which will make the pregnant mother’s leg muscles unconsciously tightly tightly tightStretching, which will shrink their blood vessels and blood circulation will be affected.

If this action is maintained for a long time, premature conditions may occur, and Qiao Erlang’s legs will not balance the pressure of his spine, which will affect the fetus in the stomach.Many people will have symptoms such as back pain and spasm, and even affect the fetal position of the fetus, and the maternal will be greatly affected when giving birth.

Fourth, pregnant women should not suddenly bend over to pick up things.

Many people think that pregnancy does not need to be so amazing, and pregnant women are not so fragile.But this action also needs to be noted, because the pregnant woman’s sudden bending may make her focus unstable, and the possibility of falling is very high.

If the pregnant mother falls, there is a lot of accidents, and there will even be a premature situation. If the posture of the pregnant woman’s squatting goes down is relatively long, it may feel dizzy when it is suddenly up, and the bending will make the fetus still make the fetus.Squeezing is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.

After women are pregnant, they must pay attention to these small details in life for the fetus in their belly.In addition to paying attention to these aspects, you also need to ensure adequate sleep. Only when you sleep well can you have a good mood and it is also good for the growth and development of the fetus.The healthy growth of the fetus requires the guardian of pregnant women little by little, otherwise it will easily hurt the baby in the stomach.

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