People who love to laugh will not be too bad, and the chest will not hurt too much

"People who love to laugh will not be too bad."

"People with poor luck can’t laugh at all."

People who love to laugh will not be too bad.

The first time I saw this sentence was in Gu Long’s "New Moon Legend";

At that time, I was still a 18 -year -old beautiful man, and he was young and mad.

At that time, I heard my friends say that the house of Shandong people referred to as the Lu Fang, who had to blush for a long time;

Now, I can already talk about the physiological structure of the breast with patients without changing the face.

The only unchanged is that I am still the beautiful man with a thick hair.

As a doctor’s ancient dragon and Chu Liuxiang of TCM, I want to change this sentence:

People who love to laugh will not be too painful.

Because I have seen a woman with too many chest pain, their common features are:

Think too much; can’t laugh.

As a beautiful man in Bogu Tong today, I seriously doubt:

Xi Shi’s heart was because of the beauty of Xie Shi, like me, like me.

Over time, the thoughts are too much, and the liver qi is stagnant, causing chest pain before menstruation.

But you can’t tell others that the old mother’s milk hurts;

It can only be said that the country is broken and the slave family is heartache.

There are not many beautiful people like Xi Shi, and there are many people who have chest pain before menstruation.

Even many people treat chest pain as a normal phenomenon, as a signal before menstruation.

Chest pain, but feel at ease -wouldn’t it be much more troublesome than chest pain in case of January?

Of course, too painful pain is not a way. After all, it will not be a cup.

If you have any problems, you still have to solve it.

In terms of solution, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine are too much worse.

I have a patient who has long -term menstrual pain. It is more than ten days of pain and it is uncomfortable.

Then I ran to the hospital for examination, and the doctor told her:

Breast nodules, nothing happens, go home; regular review, it is too painful to take some painkillers.

She was very angry, and she was more angry than others said that her clothes were not lipstick.

Then I came to the church to find me and asked me if I could regulate Chinese medicine.

I told her:

Your situation is very typical and commonly common to liver stagnation and qi stagnation; it is estimated that you usually worry too much, or unhappy, or too much pressure, too much thought, qi stagnation, and pain.

Take some Chinese medicine to adjust it, it should be effective.

I prescribed her medicine twice and retracted online last week and said:

The beautiful man who returned to spring, I am too happy.

This time I came to menstruation, the chest pain time was shortened from 10 days to 1 day; the menstruation was coming, and I had not started chest pain. I thought I was pregnant with my boyfriend and scared me.

I said:

You see, you must be calm, you must laugh more and worry less.

Afraid of pregnancy, you can solve the pregnancy test stick. Why bother you, worry about it for several days?

You must know that the physiological structure of women and men and hormone secretion are different.

Men are generally rough and big leaves. They eat dry, sleep, and wake up before eating. They are "big pig hoofs".

Women are relatively fine, and in terms of social division of labor, they also bear more trivial jobs. Family/work/children/children/husband/clothes matching/skin care products, etc., need too much things to worry about.

Therefore, nine women in ten women are too common.

She asked me again,

Beautiful man, I always feel that my mouth is dry, check my mouth, it’s okay.

I said that this is the difference in thinking of Chinese medicine and western medicine.

Western medicine thinks that mouth suffering may be the problem of oral or digestive tract.

In fact, combining your situation, dry mouth pain as your chest pain is two different symptoms of the same problem.

Chest pain is caused by incompatibility caused by liver stagnation and qi stagnation;

Dry mouth is a liver fire caused by liver stagnation and qi stagnation.

As long as you insist on medication and regulate your emotions, these symptoms will be improved.

She said, how long does it take to take medicine like this?

I said that from the perspective of cure, as long as your symptoms have improved significantly, you can stop the medicine.

Then continue to use health tea for long -term conditioning.After all, health tea is much better than Chinese medicine, and it is very convenient. It is enough to cook.

The most classic tea recipe for liver stagnation is Ganmai jujube tea.

If you still have the performance of bitterness and acne, it means that the fire is strong, just add some chrysanthemums to soak together.

It is convenient, delicious, and insisting on drinking for three months and half a year or even a long time, there is no problem.

After all, women’s liver qi stagnation is not gone.

That’s right, I’m such a beautiful man who understands a woman ~

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