Pet consultation | What happened to the dog suddenly vomit yellow water?

Regarding the problem of "dogs suddenly vomit yellow water", there is a case of consultation on our mushroom pet medical platform. I want to share it with you.The condition is probably due to the acute gastroenteritis caused by the improper diet of the dog, which leads to vomiting. It needs to be brought to a pet hospital for disease screening in time.

* The following content is selected from the public consultation of pet owners and pet doctors on the mushroom pet doctor platform.In order to protect the privacy of affected pets, avoid drug propaganda, and consider the smooth and smoothness of articles, we have briefly handled the content and expression on the basis of the original content.

Hello doctor, my dog suddenly vomited yellow water this morning.Feed it for not eating, and there is no diarrhea.There is no vaccine at present, and the dog does not cough or sneeze.

* For privacy protection, there are no photos of affected pets here.

Hello, the pet owner, based on the symptoms you described and the information provided by you, the preliminary diagnosis of vomiting of dogs is acute gastroenteritis, which may be caused by gastrointestinal inflammation caused by what should not be eaten, which causes vomiting.

Of course, when the dog vaccine is not vaccinated, it is necessary to consider that dogs may have infectious diseases, such as small and crown.At the same time, it is also necessary to suspect that it may be caused by the problem of eating foreign bodies.

It is recommended to take a dog to the pet hospital for examination of infectious diseases, and the blood routine and C reflect the protein check whether the dog is inflamed.In addition, you can take a dog to take X -rays to check whether there is a foreign body.If it is not caused by infectious diseases or foreign objects, it may be caused by gastroenteritis.

In response to this situation, it is best to perform infusion treatment.Because dogs may increase vomiting when there is vomiting, and dogs are more likely to lack and dehydrate without eating vomiting for a long time.

Dogs need to fast for six hours after vomiting. If it does not vomit for six hours, it can be given to the dog.Dogs need to eat less meals after eating normally. Do not feed too much at a time.Usually young animals are not recommended to go out, bath, and change the environment before the vaccine immunity, because it is easy to infect infectious diseases.In the end, young animals must be vaccinated when they are healthy, including three -pin infectious disease vaccine and one -shot rabies, which can effectively prevent infectious diseases.

If you have similar symptoms to pet diseases in the text, it is recommended not to copy the treatment method, especially do not blindly use prescription drugs, it is best to go to a regular pet hospital for examination and diagnosis as soon as possible, so as to get more targeted suggestions.

Although the dog spit yellow water is relatively cumbersome, intervention and treatment in early stage can play a better control effect.If the pet owner is still worried about the digestive tract of pets, you may wish to ask the pet doctor now.

If you feel that running the hospital is too troublesome or the cost of examination is high, you can first try the consultation service of the mushroom pet medical platform. Outstanding pet doctors from all over the country, some doctors’ consultation costs are even lower than the usual outpatient clinicsRegistered costs, the price is very affordable.

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