Photo of the fairy belly!Hong Kong’s "Popular Goddess" is obviously upgraded, boasting husband is a good helper

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Hong Kong artist Yu Qiao and Luo Liwei have been actively creating people since they got married in 2018. The two also reported the news of pregnancy from time to time after marriage, but they were denied by the two.The news of successful people is the news of official announcements this time.

Today, Yuqiao has been pregnant for seven months. Yesterday, she shared a group of pregnancy photos on social platforms. The picture was very beautiful. For the life of pregnancy, Yu Qiao revealed that during the media interview, it was revealed that during the pregnancy, Yu Qiao revealed that during the pregnancyHer husband Luo Liwei took care of both in life and business, and the business was very good in career. Yu Qiao boasted that the other party was "definitely not a pig teammate."

In this set of photo photos shared by Yu Qiao, although only Yu Qiao was alone in the photo, in fact, when taking this group of photos, Luo Liwei accompanied Yu Qiao.

From this group of photos, we can see that Yu Qiao was wearing a white low -cut band tight dress to perfectly show Yu Qiao’s figure.

From the photos, we can see that Yuqiao’s upper circumference has been obviously upgraded, but the limbs are still slender as before pregnancy. It can be said that it is not fat.

For this set of beautiful photos, Yu Qiao said with a text: Seven months, start to feel your weight, your strength, I think you will be a strong baby, sometimes I am tired, sometimes I forget myself.Pregnant women.

In 193 days, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed it all day long or energetic. This is our unique common memory.

In this set of beautiful photos mentioned just now, there was no Luo Liwei in this group of beautiful photos. In an interview with the media, Yu Qiao explained that he did not like to dress up.After setting up another family photo, he took it again.

Therefore, this time the two did not take a photo of the photo. It wasn’t something wrong between them, but it was simply not suitable for Roliwei’s shooting.

During Yu Qiao’s pregnancy, Luo Liwei can be said to be a "twenty -four filial piety and good husband". In life, Luo Liwei has always taken care of Yuqiao, while taking care of business, he has not forgotten to care about Yu Qiao and take care of her feelings.

In this regard, Yu Qiao said: It is a good gratitude, and my husband can help. When he was not very good, he helped me to do things. The business in the store was almost given to him.Eat, so he is really busy and tired, definitely not a "pig teammate".

In addition to the care of her husband’s care during pregnancy, it is also very interested in maintaining her figure. Because Yu Qiao’s body looks completely bloated, everyone is also curious how she maintains it.

However, Yu Qiao said that she did not deliberately maintain it. She said: It can only be said that in different stages of pregnancy, the status will be different. I basically do n’t have a special jealousy except for cold things.Eat some.

In addition, Yuqiao also revealed that during his pregnancy, friends also sent themselves a lot of nourishing products, such as bird’s nest, flower glue, etc., but these things were only eaten occasionally because Yu Qiao was afraid that it was too nutritious to be too nutritious.The baby will grow too much, which will be a bit difficult for future delivery.

Nowadays, there are about 3 months to reach the due date. During this time, the two have also begun to prepare some preparations for the baby. The baby’s room and daily necessities are already ready, so at this timeHow to take care of the baby, I have to say, I still look forward to seeing the baby of the two!

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