Pick up the pregnancy golden retriever home, but it didn’t take long for the baby to give birth to a bit unacceptable

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Dogs are particularly loyal to humans. Many people just see the advantages of dogs to raise dogs, but after raising, people will find that dogs will have odor and will be dismantled.At this time, many irresponsible people will discard the dog.Recently, when I went home, I saw the property administrator driving away a fat golden retriever, because I was curious about me in the past. The property told me that because of the management of the community, stray dogs could not enter and exit the community at will, and this dog was dirty.At first glance, no one was raised, so he would drive it out.

This big golden wool looked pitiful and quite big, looking very fragile, and I took it home for a while.The administrator is also a dog -loving person. He instructed to take the dog home to take care of it, and I immediately agreed.Golden Mao may know that I have adopted it, so I performed very well along the way. When I got home, I didn’t naughty. Let it stay where it stayed, and it didn’t run around at all.

Because the dog was pregnant, I didn’t dare to take a bath, so I took a temporary residence on the balcony.Unexpectedly, in the middle of the night a few days later, Golden Mao suddenly performed very anxious, and kept pacing back and forth, tossing for a long time.I quickly got up and found that the dog was going to be born. Fortunately, I made up for the knowledge about the dog’s life a few days ago, and I could barely cope with it.When the puppy was born, I was a little dumbfounded and it was difficult to accept, because the pure golden retriever was golden yellow, but the babies born of this dog were mixed with each other.Go up like a soil dog.

After seeing these dogs skewers, I feel helpless, because many people now like breed dogs, but this golden retriever has so many hybrid dogs. I don’t know if there will be good people who are willing to adopt dogs!

Science of pets

If you do not do sterilization for your pets, dogs will inevitably be estrus, but some owners are reluctant to let them get birth. So how to prevent them from getting pregnant?

The best way to prevent pregnancy is to sterilize dogs so that they will not be estrus, let alone getting pregnant.The second method is to reduce out of the dog’s estrus period. It is best not to go out and cut off contact with other dogs.If a dog must go out and go to the toilet, it is best to put it on special physiological pants. In particular, you must not let go of the traction rope, otherwise it is likely to run away because of smelling the breath of other dogs.It is too late to wait for the owner to arrive!

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