Pineapple "mouth" and don’t soak it with salt water!You can try this →

Every time I eat pineapple, my mouth always feels astringent, and it still hurts. Why is this?Today, I will take everyone to learn about it.

01 The reasons for the pineapple "mouth"

Pineapple contains protease and calcium oxalate.When we eat pineapple, the rich protein enzymes in pineapple will decompose the fiber protein on the oral mucosa, causing the mucosa damage and causing us to tingle.After the calcium oxalicate enters the oral cavity, it will also pierce our oral mucosa, tongue, throat and other tissues, causing damage and feeling of tugging.

02 Soak pineapple with salt water, don’t you tie it?

Let’s talk about the results first.Use salt water to soak pineapple, which can only have a little effect of suppressing tie, but the effect is not great, and it is more for us to give us a little "psychological comfort".

Calcium oxalicate in pineapple will dissolve in salt water, which will indeed reduce the content of some calcium oxalic acid needle crystals in this regard.The activity suppression of pineapple protease needs to be affected by temperature and metal ion concentration. Simple saline cannot be completely solved.

Studies have found that salt can cause enzymes to lose activity.However, low concentration of salt water soaked pineapple, and the time of soaking is relatively short, which cannot effectively cause protease to lose its activity, and can only suppress its activity.

If you really hate the feeling of "tag", it is better to try to cook pineapple than salt water.Heating can cause protease to lose activity and truly achieve the effect of "not tag".So, is there any way to make pineapple no longer tapped?The method is also very simple, that is, eating "pineapple"!

03 Why don’t you talk about "Pineapple"?

Many people ask, isn’t pineapple and pineapple the same species?That’s right, from the perspective of classification, pineapple and pineapple are indeed the same plant species, both belong to the pineapple family pineapple.

There are four main categories for edible pineapple, which are 4 major categories: Kain, Spain, Queen, and hybridization, including hundreds of varieties.Some are called pineapple and some are called pineapples. They are different in shape, shape, and size. Sometimes according to the publicity of the merchants, it is easy for us to mistake them as different fruits.

So why do you eat "pineapple" and eat "pineapple"?This is because the content of protease in some varieties of "pineapple" is low, so it will not have a clear taste when eating.For example, the popular "golden diamond pineapple", "perfume pineapple" and so on in the market.

The salt water soaked pineapple is "not tag", this statement is not rigorous!If you really hate this situation of pineapple, if you want to eat pineapple or not, you can also consider cooking pineapple after cooking, or not eating pineapple, just eat "pineapple".

Pay attention to people with allergies, pineapple may cause oral allergic syndrome (OAS).If you have symptoms such as rash, itchy and swollen body, and dyspnea after pineapple, you may have allergies. At this time, you need to treat it as depending on the situation.

Edit: Zhang Tianyi

Data: Science Popularization China

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