Polard, wine brews, sweet wine … Where is the "rice wine" in China the best?

It’s cold, dry this bowl

Polynate/wine brew/sweet wine!

As soon as the osmanthus opened, the autumn in the south came.The colder the weather, the more people living in the Jiangnan area remembered a bowl of hot osmanthus wine.That unique sweet fragrance is more from the taste of wine.

Osmanthus wine is a must -have, a must -have for winter in Jiangnan.Photo/Visual China

This kind of food fermented by steamed glutinous rice with wine is "logged in" in different regions, and because of frequent replacement of "vests", it interferes with people’s cognition.In fact, in the western region, its more well -known name is bad.

In many places, gale is more well -known.Figure/Figure Worm · Creative

Regardless of the wine or greenery, it is the rice wine invented by the Chinese and has passed on for thousands of years. It once claimed to be "醴";

Today, it still conquer most of China.With a trace of acid, it is more sweet and slightly glutinous scent, which has become a touch of romance in the autumn and winter of the Chinese.With the childhood memory of many people, it can always easily evoke nostalgia.After eating rice wine in various places, the most missing is the one made by the mother at home.

1. Polygonum, wine brews, sweet wine …

No kind of wine name

Like rice wine, dazzling

When it comes to rice wine, it generally refers to the wine made by glutinous rice.Many places have the customs of brewed rice wine, but because of the different cultures of various places, its names are different. When it comes to sour wine, sweet rice wine, volt -juice wine, paste wine, wine, sweet wine, gadgets …It’s all things.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese people knew how to make wine with rice: steam the soaked glutinous rice, mix it with the wine song after cooling, place it in a warm place, and wait for the magic of time.The temperature, bacteria, and hydraulic force are worse, and the fragrance of the altar is brewed.

The brewing process of rice wine.Figure/Figure Worm · Creative

Although the practice of various places is generally unified, but the products and climate are different, the meticulous differences of rice wine in various places have been opened, which causes the situation of "one place, one place".For example, northern rice wine is mostly made of glutinous rice, which is more sweet than the rice wine made of long glutinous rice from the south.The difference between the seasonal and drinking season brings the biggest difference between rice wine between the region.

There are too many names of rice wine.Figures/Jiuyang

Winter solstice does not drink winter brewing, and will not be anti -winter in the coming year.Suzhou people believe that the winter brewed made by rice wine is a "winter artifact". In the winter solstice as large as year, drinking winter brews has become a ritual of thunder in the winter of Suzhou people.The same brewing with osmanthus has achieved the golden color and sweet taste of Suzhou winter.

It’s cold, winter wine is drinking!Picture/network

Compared with the scarcity of only once a year in Suzhou winter brewing, many places in the south have entered the lunar month after the winter, especially in the air.There are five dirty temples."Mo Xiao’s farmers’ muddy wine", after drinking a drink, he immediately warmed up.In the long winter, I do n’t feel so difficult when I think of wine brewing.

However, when he arrived in Hubei, the rice wine changed his body, but it became a "anti -heat artifact"!Therefore, there is another name with the characteristics of Hubei -Fu Jujiu.Sanfu Tianli is unbearable. Because of the days, geographical interests and people and brewed rice wine in Hubei, it has the effect of preventing heatstrokes, thereby continuing the customs of Hubei people’s summer winemaking.

Honeycomb wine with historical heritage is as famous as Hubei rice wine.Photo/Visual China

Under the humid and heat effect above 30 ° C, the rice wine made by Hubei people grows a layer of white fluffy fluff on the entire rice grains, like a thin layer of white towels, which are called in some places in Hubei."Worker", because the sound of "” juice "is similar to the rhyme, Hubei people call rice wine as a" vibrant wine ".

The sauce wine with a faint wine, eat a bite, cold and sweet, and a little dizzy when eating too much.With the wine in his hometown, the childhood of Hubei people suddenly became fresh in front of him.

Cold rice wine.Photo/Visual China

Therefore, every name for rice wine contains time related to memory.Listening to the name is enough to evoke full memories and warmth.

Second, wine brewing vs lax gay:

Where is the best rice wine?

The accuracy of rice wine is very low, but the sweetness is very high, so there is different understanding and emphasis on whether it is wine or dessert.

The wine is round, the faint wine is mixed with a faint sweetness.Photo/Visual China

Jiangnan+Two Lakes | Sweet in wine

Jiangnan has always been known for its love, and even the tomato scrambled eggs are sweet, and they can’t even get the dessert.The wine is the Jiangnan dessert that can’t be around anyway.The wine is heated, the wine is volatilized after the volatilization of the wine, highlighting the faint sweetness, and then cook a small glutinous rice ball in it, mix with the soft and waxy fragrance, a bowl of belly, enough to solve it!

In the wet winter, such a bowl of hot desserts make people warm from the stomach.The sweetness of wine is the kind of warmth in the heart, so it is not easy to quit, just like the gentle Jiangnan.

Wuhan’s osmanthus paste rice wine.Photo/Visual China

For the two lakes areas with rivers and lakes, the sweetness of rice wine is domesticated to include an inclusiveness, low -key and versatile.

Everyone who leaves Wuhan talks about Jiangcheng’s most nostalgic snacks, and there is always an old -fashioned osmanthus rice wine with old Wuhan temperament.Add water and glutinous rice flour to rice wine, or soy flour, thick, thick, drink a bowl of very fruitful belly, especially matched with the hot noodles of Wuhan. It is also a must for Wuhan people to be premature.If you hit the egg flower, you can rename it "egg wine".In the morning, a bowl is solid, and the spirit of the day is all there!

Hot dry noodles+egg wine, the most Wuhan package.Photo/Visual China

In Hunan, don’t think that the early morning of Changsha people starts from the pink, and the sweet wine is just what the old Changsha breakfast should look like.The stirred egg liquid meets the rolling sweet wine, and the shape of the eggs with different shapes, a golden color, and a sweet and appetite.

How can there be a bowl of sweet wine?Mixing and matching crispy fritters is the classic set of Changsha people.Put the fritters into a paragraph, soak it into the sweet wine, and let the hot sweet wine penetrate into the fritters, and send it into the mouth when the fritters are crispy and tender.Swallow a large mouthful of fritters, and then sip a sip of sweet wine. The fragrance and sweetness dance in their mouths, and there is no more satisfying the Changsha people.

Breakfast of Changsha people.Figure/Figure Worm · Creative

Sichuan -Shaanxi -Gansu | Sweet wine tasting

In contrast, in the western region, it is the gale that has achieved seductive desserts, making the snacks richer.

The Sichuan people call rice wine cordially as "ghosts". For Sichuan people, ghosts are the light of life.When it is cold, you have to eat hot gallium, and you eat ice gangsters when it is hot.

Sichuan’s favorite pink powder.Photo/Visual China

Poor powder is a must -eat dessert in winter.Add water with glutinous rice flour, and make it into a powder, and cook in the gaps.For Sichuan people who love spicy food, a spoonful of brown sugar is added to the gale.In the summer, who cann’t you come to a spoonful of baldies in the ice powder that can be seen everywhere in Chengdu?Although the various small materials such as the ravioli are too eye -catching, the taste can be easily recognized from the faint wine aroma.

Sichuan’s ravioli ice powder must be bad!Photo/Visual China

In Shaanxi, eggs with osmanthus are the most authentic taste in old Shaanxi.When tourists from other places arrive at Xi’an, lamb, meat crickets, and hot rice peels will continue their belly. At this time, no one can refuse a bowl of eggs.

In the gourmet rivers and lakes, Lanzhou, Gansu, is famous in the world, has a reserved food -milk eggs.This kind of desserts mixed with milk and mixed with various nuts as much as possible, which not only shows the rich northwestern products, but also written with a strong Northwest style.

Milk and eggs, the first food in Lanzhou Night Market.Photography/serious

In a sweet way of eating, Lanzhou people boldly rushed into the milk and mixed with milk fragrance to make the original small fresh dessert instantly have a hard core temperament.I have to say that Lanzhou people are really!

Third, it is dessert, and also seasoning

However, don’t forget that rice wine is indeed a wine because of eating desserts.When the attributes of returning wine, the pattern of rice wine can be opened.

For example, the steamed buns made by rice wine instead of yeast have a rare deliciousness.Every spring, wine brewing is a typical representative of Suzhou people’s seasonal gourmet food.Before Qingming, the old Suzhou people made noodles with preserved winter brews, put in stuffing such as roses, bean paste, and mint.Eat a bite of wine cakes, the wine is not intoxicated, but people are drunk.

Wine bread, the taste of Suzhou spring.Figure/Figure Worm · Creative

The wine naturally has the attributes of seasoning. The Sichuan people have a deep understanding and flexibly frying the gray into the bottom of the hot pot. After the mellow fragrance, there is still sweetness and dryness.

Replacement of cooking wine and sugar with grocery juice has long been the basic operation of Sichuan cuisine chefs.After heating, the sagoar juice is even more tricky. The return meat that is made is smoother and delicate.

In Sichuan hot pot bottom, it is usually bleeding.Photo/Visual China

For seafood markets in coastal areas, there are no lack of martial arts in rice wine.A wine steamed crab can make people think of Jiangnan.Jiangsu and Zhejiang people’s understanding of wine brewing has long exceeded the category of "wine brewing".

Wine Pippi Shrimp.Figure/Figure Worm · Creative

However, regardless of whether rice wine is a dessert or an indispensable seasoning, it has already become a taste memory engraved with the genes of Chinese people.This stems from the catering inertia formed for thousands of years, because rice wine quietly tamed everyone’s taste buds in the process of getting along with people.

Eating raw, people are obsessed with its wildness; after boiling, alcohol can be volatile, and it is tamed more quietly.The soft sourness, sweetness of sweetness, and the fragrance left between the lips and teeth are unchanged.

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