Police collected DNA and found out!Seeing all over the 2nd floor of my home

Live 50 days,

It happened in Donghu District, Nanchang, Jiangxi

"Half of Pear" high -altitude parabolic incident

Recently, the water has finally come out!

A 6 -year -old boy’s move

Aspiing to passersby,

Please be considered to be precepts,

Correct the harm of high -altitude parabolic!

The incident happened at 19:00 on May 9th,

Zhang Mou, a resident of Dongwanyi Lane, Donghu District

Travel to the junction of Xiangshan North Road and Yangming Road,

Half of the pears from the sky hit the head,

To minor injuries.

After receiving the police station in Baihuazhou Police Station,

Investigate the surrounding situation around the incident,

After judging,

Pear may be thrown by the people in the high -rise building next to it.

There are 15 floors in the building,

There are many personnel in the building and the structure of personnel is complicated.

Police through visiting investigations,

No witnesses,

There is no process of monitoring the "high -altitude parabolic" process.

The police then put these half of the pears immediately

Submit to the Criminal Science Office of the Nanchang Public Security Bureau.

The police have extracted the inspection by multiple times,

On the bite marks of pear

Extracted a female DNA sample.

The police immediately paired in the building where the incident happened

Women conduct investigations,

Discovering resident Ms. Qiu

It is closely related to DNA samples.

Subsequently, the police came to the female relative of Ms. Qiu’s house

DNA was made up,

Through inspection and inquiry,

Finally revealed the truth:

On the same day, Ms. Qiu’s daughter

Place half of the left left pears on the table,

Turn around to do housework,

Ms. Qiu’s 6 -year -old nephew

Throw the pear from upstairs,

I happened to hit the pedestrian Zhang.

June 29th,

Ms. Qiu apologized to Zhang on behalf of the "bear child",

And compensate for related losses,

The promise must be strictly adopted, no longer parabolic,

Zhang expressed his understanding.

Police to Ms. Qiu

Performing law education,

Inform the harm and punishment of high -altitude parabolic,

At the same time educate children,

We must not commit it in the future.

How harmful is the high -altitude parabolic?

According to professional experimental calculations,

A 30 grams of eggs

From the 18th floor, throwing the skull that can break people,

And throw it from the 25th floor,

The impact is enough to cause death!

What kind of legal responsibility should be assumed at the high -altitude parabolic?

Article 291 of the Criminal Law: [High -altitude parabolic crime] Throw items from buildings or other high -altitude. If the circumstances are serious, they will be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of less than one year, and shall be punished or single.

At the same time, at the same time, if other crimes are constituted, conviction and punishment shall be determined in accordance with the heavy punishment.

"Civil Code" Article 1,20054:

It is forbidden to throw items from buildings.Throwing items from the building or the items falling from the building cause damage to others, the infringer shall bear the liability for infringement according to law; if it is difficult to determine the specific infringer after investigationBuilding users give compensation.After compensation for the useful buildings that may be harmed, they have the right to recover from the infringer.

Building managers such as property service enterprises shall take the necessary safety guarantee measures to prevent the situation stipulated in the preceding paragraph; if the necessary safety guarantee measures are not taken, they shall bear the infringement liability for infringement that fails to fulfill the obligations of security guarantee in accordance with the law.

If the situation stipulated in the first paragraph of this article, the public security and other organs shall investigate in a timely manner in accordance with the law to find out the responsible person.

Small objects may cause big disasters

Don’t be lucky!

Please also ask parents

You must emphasize to your children

Don’t throw anything downstairs!

The "top of the head" is related to life!

You need to start with you and me!

Comprehensive Nanchang Donghu Public Security, Jiangxi Public Security, Qilu Evening News

Source: Chinese Women’s Daily

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