Popularization during pregnancy | One, two and three you need to know during pregnancy

“” The first time I am pregnant as a mother, there are many things to learn to understand. The first is to understand the knowledge during pregnancy. Both the prospective dad or the expectant mother should learn, let the pregnant mother spend a happy mood in October in OctoberEssence

The simplest knowledge of pregnancy, such as the monthly calculation of the pregnancy, is based on the week, 4 weeks and 1 month, a total of 10 months, that is, 280 days.Calculation method of due date: The month is 3 or 9 in the last month (the month is greater than 3, and 9 is less than 3). The date is the date of the first day of the last menstruation plus 7.

Today, I have to share with you a few little knowledge during pregnancy. Novice parents can learn about it:

1. First of all, when you are pregnant until three months, you can hear the baby’s fetal heart when the pregnant mother’s abdomen wall is. You also need to do fetal heart examination when you go to the hospital for examination. By around 18-20 weeks, the pregnant mother can feel the baby.The fetal movement, like feathers, brushed the belly, let you deeply feel the feeling of your baby in your belly.Of course, according to the individual differences between each pregnant mother and the fetus, the fetal movement time is different. Some people are relatively late, as long as the baby’s health is not a big problem.

2. Secondly, most pregnant mothers will have nausea, loss of appetite, drowsiness, and even pregnancy vomiting in the first three months of pregnancy.Unwilling, for example, eat less and eat, and do not want to eat forced to eat, eat whatever you can eat, and avoid greasy food.You can do more outdoor exercise in the second trimester. Pregnant mothers who want to give birth should also be maintained in the third trimester. It is convenient for delivery. It is also necessary to keep her mood comfortably. Moms maintain a good mood, and they are also a good prenatal education for the baby.

3. In the end of the pregnancy, some pregnant mothers appetite much more delicious, and some pregnant mothers generally have less appetite, but no matter what kind of situation, they must pay attention to nutritional balance to ensure that the fetal nutritional intake and grow normally.Among them, in the later stages, you must pay special attention to calcium supplementation. The best source of calcium is milk and dairy products, soybean, soy products, green leafy vegetables, sesame sauce and shrimp skin. Use at least 300 ml of calcium daily. You can drink a cup of hot milk before going to bedIt helps to improve sleep quality.

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