Popularization of pregnancy knowledge: Week 6 of pregnancy

Growth of baby

After entering the 6th week of pregnancy, in your uterus, the embryo is growing rapidly. Now he probably has the size of small lentils (4-5 mm long).The baby’s heart has begun to divide the ventricle and conduct regular beating and starting blood supply.This week’s cells are still split rapidly. The main organs include the prototype of the kidney and the heart, and the nerve tube has begun to connect the brain and spinal cord, and the original intestine begins to develop.

The upper and bottom of the embryo began to grow young buds of limbs. This is the baby’s arm and leg in the future.In the future, the lower part of the mouth of the mouth will have some small wrinkles, which will eventually develop into a neck and jaw.The basic organs of the face have begun to form, and they can clearly see the nostrils, and the prototype of the eyes has already possessed … at the beginning of life, it is amazing.

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Two months of pregnancy fetus diagram (week 6)

The change of pregnant mothers

Due to the stimulation of estrogen and progesterone, your chest will feel painful, the breasts will become softer, the areola has a protruding nodule, you will often be fatigue, sleepy, and frequent urination.You will feel disgusting like most women this week. Sometimes not only in the morning, you will vomit at any time all day.

Now your emotional fluctuations are a little big, and sometimes it is irritable, but you need to know that in 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy is the critical period of embryo development. If the emotional uneasy is too uneasy, it will affect the development of the embryo.

Nutritional guidance

It is recommended that you try to maintain a pleasant mentality as much as possible, change your diet to a small number of meals, you don’t need to barely eat when you don’t want to eat, and it will naturally improve after a while.

If you have symptoms of morning vomiting, you can prepare a glass of water or a small piece of fruit in the morning, such as asparagus, avocado, beet root, black beans, cantaloupe, etc., they will help you suppress strong nausea.

The liquid and semi -liquid diet is also conducive to controlling vomiting. Rock sugar mung bean soup, lotus leaf rice porridge, purple rice porridge, etc. are rich in nutrition, simple and easy to do.Essence

Daily life

It is a common phenomenon to see redness in the early pregnancy (finding a small amount of blood on underwear or toilet paper).After pregnancy, although menstruation is not available, in the menstrual cycle, a small amount of vaginal bleeding can still be seen. This situation mostly occurs in the first menstrual cycle after pregnancy, which is less than normal menstrual flow and shorter time.

But sometimes this may be a precursor to miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.If you have symptoms of vaginal bleeding and accompanied by severe abdominal pain, go to the hospital immediately.

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