Precautions for eyebrows, you must know these points, 3 taboos need to avoid

As the saying goes, the eyebrows of the eyebrows can be seen, and the importance of eyebrows can be seen. Sometimes the eyebrows look good or not can greatly affect the temperament of people.However, there are still a few people who are born with eyebrows. Most of the beauty lovers are more or less troubled by their unsatisfactory eyebrow shapes. Some people have even practiced a good book with one hand.And if you do n’t have such a cleverness or want to do it once and for all, your eyebrows will become a good solution.Although the eyebrows seem simple, there are many doors. Let me talk about the precautions for eyebrows.

Before making eyebrows, the first thing that needs to be clear is that eyebrows are a kind of medical beauty behavior. It should be carried out in a regular medical beauty institution. If you choose to be in a beauty shop or nail shop, you may be able to have a beauty person.Risks such as postoperative infection.

Secondly, if a woman seeking eyebrows wants eyebrows, they need to avoid three special incidents.There is a large amount of bleeding. At this time, the eyebrows will be more likely to be bleeding and osmotic and bring skin redness, which will affect the effect. Because the eyebrows need to be used, in order to avoid adverse effects on the fetus or baby, pregnancy and breastfeedingIt is not recommended for eyebrows. "

As for the process of eyebrows, it is roughly divided into 5 steps: "The first step is to clean the eyebrows of the eyebrows, and the eyebrow shape design after disinfection; the second step is to apply 20-30 minutes of hemp medicine; the third step doctor is a doctor.It will make color adjustment according to the hair color and skin of the beauty seeker; the fourth step is to use hand -made pen or machine eyebrow operation; finally apply the essence at the eyebrow after the operation to promote repair. "

If you want to harvest the ideal eyebrow effect, not only the eyebrow design is very important, but the color of the eyebrows is also very important. One point looks abrupt and hard, and one point cannot see the obvious effect.If the color of the eyebrows is just right, Chen Jing pointed out that the need for doctors or technicians to control it, and the beauty seekers also need to make up the color at the right time.

"Beauty can choose to make appropriate color replenishment around 28 days after surgery, but the best color replenishment time is actually three months after the operation, because the pigment is more stable at this time, and it can also gain more ideal results."

In real life, many beauty seekers will find that the color of the eyebrows after the eyebrows is too darker or too light. Chen Jing believes that beauty seekers can remedy according to different situations.For treatment, you can consider the second color replenishment; if you feel that the color is too darker, you can carry the laser eyebrows for about 3 months after the operation. If you feel that the color is too dark after the eyebrow washing, maybe you need to make the second eyebrow wash.operate."

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