October in pregnant is a magical journey. This process came one day, and it was connected by a small and small thing.For pregnant women, all aspects of life will affect the fetus in the abdomen. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to every small link in life, and patiently respond to make the life during pregnancy easily and pleasant.In order to welcome new lives in the best state, parents in the future must be prepared for details before pregnancy.During pregnancy, the body and mind of pregnant women will change greatly. As a pregnant woman, we must face up to these details. We must know what can be done and what cannot be done.Life starts with fertilized egg cells. A cell is divided, differentiated, developed as normal fetal and childbirth. It requires the coordination of the mother and fetus.In this process, whether the mother and the fetus appear abnormal, it may affect the normal progress of pregnancy.In short, pregnancy is a happy and worrying physiological process. The prospective mother’s healthy mentality to care for themselves is to care for their children.

Pay attention

The tissue structure and nutritional structure of the skin in the early stages of pregnancy will change greatly. The fertility will have a great impact on the skin of the pregnant mother, and the aging speed of the postpartum skin will accelerate rapidly.The skin care medical community believes that skin care during pregnancy and postpartum is the most important stage of skin care in women’s life.

During pregnancy, due to increasing estrogen and lutein secretion, the energy of skin self -protection and repair is not enough to cope with increasingly increased melanin, which will cause increased melanin and deepen the skin pigment. At this time, the skin is most afraid of ultraviolet rays and radiation.They will quickly defeat the skin’s defense ability, so that the skin energy drops sharply, and the pregnancy spots will settle on the face at any time. At the same time, the attenuated skin energy cannot fight against, Which leads to a series of skin problems such as water shortage, dryness, oil, acne, acne, sensitivity and even inflammation.So pay special attention to skin care during pregnancy.

Skin care products specially made for women during pregnancy are called pregnant women’s skin care products. The main feature is the safety, professionalism, and effectiveness of the use. The products do not contain heavy metals, alcohol, hormones, mineral oils and pigments.Harmly with the fetus, the safety of maternity skin care products is listed as the first principle of skin care during pregnancy.


Many women have engaged in some behaviors that cause future regrets without knowing that they are pregnant.Therefore, the precautions in the early stages of pregnancy are extremely important, and it is an indispensable knowledge for women who plan to get pregnant.

Pregnancy test

Generally, the accuracy of the pregnancy test will marked the accuracy, such as 95%, 98%, etc. If there is no label, it does not mean 100%accuracy, because some factors will cause the gestational pen to fail.

The pregnancy test may be invalid

The two types of pregnancy test failure can be represented by two types: 1. Pregnancy, but the test shows that there is no pregnancy, that is, the pregnancy test pen is not sensitive enough: the possible reasons include the expiration of the pregnancy test, the pharmaceutical agent has failed; the other reason is that the manufacturer uses it.There is a problem with the agent.2. Not pregnancy, but the test shows that there is pregnancy, that is, the pregnancy test reagent is too sensitive: the velvet glandular hormone in the body during pregnancy will increase, which can be detected by the urine.EssenceBut the velvet hormone exists in each human body (including men), but the amount is small.Some reagents are too sensitive, and even if the amount is small, it may be positive, which makes users mistakenly think that they are pregnant.

The inspection time is incorrect, too early and too late, and the test results may be incorrect.Some people are tested 2 to 3 days after the house, and often cannot verify the correct results.Some people are only verified after a period of pregnancy. However, because the value of the villosal hormone will increase with the number of pregnancy weeks, for example, after 10 weeks, the value may reach more than 100,000, and the general pregnancy test pen is more than a certain amount of more than a certain amount of certainty.It will not be verified after the value.

How to correct pregnancy If you are doubtful for the results of the pregnancy test pen, it is best to use the two brands of the pregnancy test pen.In addition, you can go to the obstetrics and gynecology examination. When the obstetrician and gynecologists feel doubtful, they will use different reagents or dilute urine to test. If necessary, you can also draw blood examination.In addition, after about 6 weeks of pregnancy (from the first day of the last menstruation), you can use an ultrasonic to see if the embryo is located in the uterus.Although the accuracy of the pregnancy test pen is extremely high, it is not 100 %. It needs to be confirmed carefully to avoid using the pregnancy test pen to be negative but pregnant. If you take drugs and do radioactive examinations, you later know that after pregnancy, you know that after pregnancy, Caused a regret of disturbing all day.

Use drugs with caution

Pregnancy drug classification

(As of 2013) Drugs that have been confirmed to have an impact on embryos, including antiepileptic drugs, some psychiatric drugs, some special types of antibiotics, etc. These drugs have proven to directly affect the embryo.Not obvious, but still use it with caution.Generally, doctors have the "Drug Manual", which records the classification of various medications and the impact on the fetus. The classification is as follows (the following time is the final time of the final draft of the specific drug manual).

Class A: Clinical experiments have confirmed harmless to the fetus.

Class B: Animal experiments have confirmed that there is no death or bad response to the fetus, and human experiments have no report.

Class C: Animal experiments have confirmed a bad response to the fetus. There is no report on human experiments, but it is available if necessary.

Class D: Clinical experiments have confirmed a bad impact on the fetus, but it can be used in endangering the life of the mother.

Grade X: Clinical experiments have confirmed that it has a bad impact on the fetus and is absolutely prohibited.

Because the early pregnancy is in the period of fetal brain, neural tube, organs, it is more cautious about the use of drugs.Generally, the medication of obstetrics and gynecology can be trusted (such as a drug prescribed by a cold and gynecologist); if other subjects are genuine doctors, inform them that they are pregnant, the medication given should be trusted;The doctor of the license or some medicines given by some pharmacies, even if it is harmless to the fetus, cannot be heard.

Be careful before pregnancy is not determined

The problems often encountered in obstetrics and gynecology are that expectant mothers have taken cold medicine before pregnancy.Generally, doctors do not think that because of the three -day cold medicine, the fetus must be disappeared, but in the future prenatal examination, it must be done in more detail to see the necessary disposal on the influence of the fetus.Regardless of whether the physical fitness is good before pregnancy, after pregnancy, the baby must start to raise the body for the baby in the abdomen, and it is a trend of weight loss in modern society, but there are many drugs used by various hospital clinics.Weight loss medicines have produced great controversy. Some drugs are used on normal people and still cause damage, not to mention it for pregnant women.Many cases have shown that because pregnant women do not know that they are pregnant, they use diet pills, causing fetal malformations and severe sequelae such as brainless shells.Female friends must confirm that before taking weight loss pills, they must confirm that they are not pregnant and pay attention to the legality of medical behavior, so as not to cause physical damage.

Taking Chinese medicine during pregnancy must be cautious

In addition, the use of traditional Chinese medicine should be particularly careful, because Chinese medicine is a compound drug, and the impact on the fetus is not easy to detect.And many people still have the concept of Chinese medicine when pregnancy. If you can use the pharmacy to catch medicine casually, it may have a bad effect on the fetus; for example, a pregnant woman listened to the letter, and the Chinese medicine practitioner was whitening and traditional Chinese medicine.As a result, the regret of exposing the fetus.The Chinese Medicine Fanglin in the workshop, before using Chinese herbal medicine, should still be diagnosed with a Chinese medicine practitioner to avoid unnecessary damage.

Stay away from rays

During pregnancy, radioactive examination should be avoided. As of 2013, there is no correct statistics. How many X -rays will cause teratogenic tires, but what can be imagined is that the more the number of photos, the greater the impact.Especially the relatively high dose of radiation, such as nuclear medical examination and computer tomography, should be avoided after being known.However, if you take a X -rays because of the unknown pregnancy, you do n’t have to flow away the fetus as the aforementioned taking a cold medicine.If pregnant women know that pregnancy should avoid the damage of drugs and radiation, but if you have contact because of unknown pregnancy, do not continue to blame themselves.Decide to flow or retain the fetus.

Pay attention to bleeding

Do not underestimate blood.The causes of early pregnancy bleeding are as follows:

1. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy means that the embryo sac is not in the uterus in the uterus, and it is bed outside the uterus.The pregnant body in the outer bed of the uterine cavity cannot develop normally, and the proportion of female and progesterone in the body changes, causing alterings to separate and cause irregular vaginal bleeding.Ectopic pregnancy should be treated quickly, otherwise the embryo will become more and more dangerous, and it will even be killed because of the rupture of ectopic pregnancy.Therefore, if you are pregnant and have bleeding, you must go to the obstetrics and gynecology examination to determine whether it is an ectopic pregnancy or other problems.

2. Abortion

Once there is abortion such as bleeding in early pregnancy, drugs will be prescribed to help the fetus after determining the internal tires.The fetal drugs given in the early days are lutein, which can help placenta in bed to avoid abortion.In addition, inflammation can also lead to abortion. When the vaginal secretions increase, the vagina itching, the smell of evil, and the color of the color is yellow, it is already inflamed.Regardless of whether it is not pregnant or in the early stages of pregnancy, if there is inflammation, medical treatment must be cured, otherwise it may cause premature or even abortion in the future.About half of the abortion is derived from chromosomal abnormalities. The human body has exclusion phenomena to discharge abnormal chromosomes. This is naturally eliminated and should be seen by usual.

3. The bed is not appropriate

Although some embryos are in the uterus in the uterus, they are in the cervix or uterine horn, called atomic pregnancy, and often cannot grow and develop normally.

4. The placenta bed is too low

Normal placenta is attached to the bottom, back wall, front wall, or side wall of the uterine body; if the placenta is attached to the lower section of the uterine, and even the edge of the placenta reaches or covers the inner mouth of the cervix, the seat is lower than the fetal first exposure, which is called low.Placenta or front placenta, the former will naturally pull up the placenta in the future with the increase of the pregnancy month, which has little effect on childbirth; the latter will have painless vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, and the diagnosis is required before childbirth.

5. Pregnant women are too tired

If pregnant women are too tired and work pressure, each time a small amount of bleeding occurs, as long as they rest in bed, they can improve their symptoms.Although bed rest is the best way to settle, it is best to ask the doctor to distinguish the symptoms when it is found that there is bleeding for the first time, so as not to miss the timing of treatment.

Multi -medical warfare

When you are pregnant, you should abide by the principles of medicine, multiple, and war, that is, regularly see a doctor, rest in bed, and defeat your own bad habits.In addition, pay attention to daily life:

1. Keep in a happy mood.

2. Do not maintain the same posture for a long time, so as not to smooth blood flow, stimulate the uterus and shrink and cause miscarriage.

3. Avoid increasing abdominal pressure.

4. Avoid slipping.

5. Avoid boat cars.

6. Leisure life and sex life must be mild and safe.

7. Avoid drugs or tobacco and alcohol.

8. Do not be exposed to radiation or high -voltage radio waves.

Pregnant women’s nutritional attention

In the early pregnancy (within 12 weeks), the folic acid was supplemented in the early pregnancy to prevent neural tube deformed, and folic acid was supplemented throughout the pregnancy to prevent pregnancy hyperlipidemia.The experiment found that folic acid in folic acid supplements is easier to absorb than folic acid in foods. Therefore, it is recommended to start replenishing 400 grams of folic acid daily at least 3 months before pregnancy and continue until the entire pregnancy.

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